The Four Colors of Business Growth

The Four Colors of Business Growth

The Four Colors book is the culmination of many years of research and teaching on the subject of
innovation and so the book is really based on not only
the extensive research that I’ve done on the subject of innovation and growth, but also what I’ve learned through the
interactions I’ve had with a variety of companies, executive
education participants, students in the Executive MBA and MBA
programs, senior executives and others. I think the the main contribution of the
book is that it’s written for managers and senior
executives. We’re thinking about how to formulate a growth strategy that’s
effective. It talks about four different approaches or four different classes of strategies
that firms could adopt to grow and and that relates to the four quadrants
in the competing values framework the we’ve
developed over the past 20 years. The writing style is deliberately designed to communicate to
practitioners. Every chapter in the book attempts to take the research insights that come
from the body of knowledge in that discipline and then attempt to show managers how they can use these these insights and their own organizations to approach the challenge of innovation. A lot of firms struggle with how to grow organically through innovation and what this book
shows you is: here the principles, here are the best
practices, here are the companies that have done it effectively, but the book goes beyond best practices.
The book really focuses also on what I call next practices, which are best practices that are not
here yet, but which are emerging. And that is based on the body of
research that provides the support for the book.
It’s not very long. It’s fun to read, but it contains most of
the key research ideas and and most to the key consulting insights
that have generated over the past 10 or 15 years.

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