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  2. I was upset when I saw future president Donald Trump posing beside the elephant he had shot. But when I saw he had killed three elephants on their 5000th show I became a fan.

  3. By far, my favorite TV show!
    Thanks to all the people on the show and all behind the scenes. Thank you Juan, for being brave enough to be civil with your political foes.
    FOX, thank you for airing a fun and serious show.

  4. So if I wear a sombrero it's cultural appropriation. Black woman with straight hair, cultural appropriation? Whopping ugly bug with blond hair, cultural appropriation?

  5. The View is "Trash TV". Who cares what Whoopi and Joy think. They are just a couple of washed-up comedians that can't find work anymore.

  6. I have no idea why The View is still on! Who the Hec watches this Commie Show! Whoopee is the iggest Racist on PLANET!!!!!

  7. If that the case then what about Roseanne Barr. Because she is a comedian and everybody slammed her to the ground. And she lost her job over something she said. So why isn't Joy lost her job? Wait why is the view still on it's a sucky show.

  8. Its bad enough I cant stand Katie Pavlich. But today she put fuel to her own fire by hitting rock bottom with those pants she wore today.
    Another one Im adding to the sh*t list is twice-in-a-row-granny-dress-wearing Jedediah Bila. Looks like she is permanently changing her style. Im officially quitting weekend Fox and Friends.

  9. Can't even believe this spin, " I darkened my face"….yea un joy that's what you do when you wear blackface you darkened your face admit it stupid

  10. You’ve forgotten, if you’re a comedian AND a dem, you do absolutely have a special right to say anything, and if you haven’t noticed, they do without any reprimanding.

  11. The Clinton's want to name the next Democrat candidate. Hillary has probably figured it they can make more money from her status as Secretary of State.

  12. What would the world be like if everyone stopped watching the clown news network, fixed news network, view or just stopped watching TV in general? What would the world be like if we parents stopped sending our children to government run laboratories we call pubwick scrooools or uncredited country clubs we call cowweges?? Interesting concepts aren’t they? Too bad the skulls full of mush we call adults are just as dumb as their offspring ?


  14. When the Jussie Smollet case was revealed as a Hoax. Wasn't it Joy Who said they wanted to believe it because they hated Donald Trump so much?

  15. why do the women on the whatever that show is the cackling hens always backpedal when they do go after people but when they're face-to-face they backpedal what the hell why are we even having this show on the air

  16. I don’t know what Joy Behar comment Greg’s referring to here cuz I don’t watch the View (and I don’t speak chicken-clucking fluently) , but — interestingly enough — comedians DO have some “special rights” and exceptions in the U.S. when it comes to freedom of speech under the First Amendment. In fact, it’s even written directly into a federal STATUTE that funny speech by funny people gets certain special protections under our Constitution.

    Weird but true. (Almost like the guys who wrote it knew we were REALLY gonna need to laugh one day …)

  17. The snowblower's name is Erik Ziaramella (name misspelled slightly) in case Y-tube decides to ban his name like F-book just did. This snowblower obviously has some credibility issues. He is more treasonous than he is blowing snow on what someone high up in the government did.

    Notice how I've changed the words of other things because people are getting the boot from these platforms for saying certain things.

  18. I'm dark skinned and I AM ASHAMED OF WHOOPI she does not represent any women I know and tbf no black women RESPECTS her…standard and I'm FROM England and still ashamed of her

  19. That so-called View is such a circus…?????
    Joy needs to be put in detention in kindergarten with a Dunce hat on her head .. You know that big cone that says DUNCE…that's what she needs…!!!

  20. I took a selfie with a string mop on my head one time-no black face, but just to look silly and I guarantee you-I don't look as stupid or silly as the foul-mouthed whoopie cushion with that stupid pathetic mop-head hair do!! MAGA!!

  21. The View started out as a table of smart women from all different walks of life, discussing current and controversial topics with respect to each other.

    Now it is like watching Jerry Springer .

  22. "I think there were points in which he didn't look very strong." How do you know Juan IF you didn't watch it? Sounds like to me he watched it and proves liberals are liars.

  23. Why does Gutfield get a pass on his attire. What is a sweater doing in the middle of everyone else wearing business attire. Come on Gut..step up your game. Or maybe you are a real clown like the one you portray on this and your own show..

  24. Well, not totally 'delighted' as Juan alleges. I'm a conservative and I wasn't enamored by Jr's performance. Why? He held back. These woman on this show deserved to be totally TRASHED. Calling out Behar for the black face issue … let's face it … that's just weak. Whoopi and Behar are the dregs of the cesspool. They are the apogee of pretentiousness. Jr could have nailed them, but apparently decided not to. Basically, he chickened out.

  25. Congrats to Don Jr. Beating up on these women (Most women outside their home duties are loudmouths). However, it is not enough to be the Conservative. Don and others must come to terms with Christianity and stop with all these divorces.

  26. a black woman with blond hair or a blond weave is guilty of cultural appropriation and that is the same thing as wearing black face.
    prove me wrong

  27. So Whoopi please explain to the class. How did Donald Trump, Jr.'s tweet make more popular an already viral story about the identity
    of the whistleblower?

    Also please explain. How can you be concerned for the safety of the whistleblower but not Donald Trump, Jr. and his family?

    And when you're done with those, please explain. How Joy Behar was not using blackface?

    Then please explain. How can you see yourself as "just giving an opinion" about impeachment on the FIVE THOUSANDTH EPISODE OF YOUR SHOW while stating that Donald Trump, Jr's tweets carry more weight due to his popularity?

    We'll wait.

    What a dumbass.

  28. Tulsi is about the only good thing the Democratic party have. I love her vision her integrity her strength her ability to stand up against corrupt liars like Clinton. I'd really like Trump to take her onboard and see her win in 2024

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