‘The Five’ reacts to DOJ overruling Roger Stone’s suggested sentence

‘The Five’ reacts to DOJ overruling Roger Stone’s suggested sentence

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  1. The president has the unfettered ability to pardon anyone for any reason. Period. Has Trump not Tweeted anything then pardoned Stone, would they be investigating yet again?

    And they STILL R NOT OVER THE ELECTION. ————————————————————
    🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸TRUMP2020 TRUMP2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  3. Mainstream media thinks we the people are stupid smfh. Trump says what he thinks and that's why I love his presence. All these other politicians say 1 thing and do another behind closed doors.

  4. China. my friends are psychpaths, this ccp wanna Run The World At any cost to Humanity. see Taiwan for the real scoop on wuhan flu

  5. Wow how quickly they forget the corruption they did funny now they want to point fingers after the boomerang they threw came back to haunt them talk about that


  7. The new Moto for the Dems & Media is "HOW LOW CAN WE GO!!!!! JUAN you are wrong & the rest of the panel is right! You Greg are right & explain things the best way possible!!!! Along with your buddies on the 5!!!!

  8. Interesting how the left leaves out the little detail about Trump commenting about this after the decision was made in the courts.

  9. What about the man that stole a piece of pizza and got 25yrs for it roger deserves every bit of that time if he dies so be it think about all the people who have I guess you republicans are saying oh well to them

  10. Joy you sound like an IDIOT, go Rob a bank you'll get away with it, what the hay is wrong with you ? You need medication badly, there really is something wrong with you !

  11. It is about Russian Collusion. It is no Russian Collusion. How possibly can you criminally lie about non existing crime???

  12. I didn’t think the US had a communist party, seems your corrupt media station is the lead propaganda vehicle promoting it.
    When are you bringing back that slime bag roger ailes to your swamp?

  13. Roger Stone is a professional liar and dirty trickster since the Nixon years. Don't forget he was lying to defend Trump, so this too is a Quid Pro Quo.

  14. The fact is that a so called trial took place and they came to a conclusion if the president stopped the trial taking place that's interfering with the legal;csystem.The President can pardon who he likes so no need to attempt to obtain fairness could Pardon stone forthwith .In terms of the Four prosecutors resigning when it is now revealed the Jury was tainted how much did they know about that .Also these same prosecuters' did not charge Hiliary Cliinton for destroying evidence this is one example amongst many of her purported crimes .It's the professional duty to stand down if you have a conflict of interest, so why did they not do this .

  15. The Republican Party is infested with racist, hypocrites, antiAmrricans a nd especially people of low IQs who are easily manipulated by lies conservative media feeds them.

  16. That was some good spin that young lady said, all that was total BS.
    She wants people to believe that the four prosecutors "secretly" went against what was discussed and then Barr "found out" and stopped it?!!!!

    These idiots are more ignorant that I imagined if they actually believe that.

    Trump belongs in jail with Stone.

  17. I was enjoying the vid until the 1:30 mark… then juan … then delete & skip to anything that ain't got that creep in it.

  18. wow the moronic comments of uninformed idiots who actually believe fox is a news network make me sad for the future of humanity!

  19. Ya gotta love the brain dead trump supporters. Trump interferes in sentencing guidelines and the cult of trumpians blames democrats for being incredulous? Seriously, there is no depth to the idiocy of the trump supporter. If any of this was reversed republcians would be outraged.

  20. The liberal media act like hysterical school kids. They report stuff backwards. They ignore all real information and overtly lie about this Roger Stone thing.

  21. What about evidence? What about truth? Why is Roger Stone convicted? Who produced evidence against him? A lot of questions to be answered.

  22. There is a difference between twitter and a private meeting on a plane. The whole world can see what’s on twitter but there’s no telling what was said on that private jet.

  23. This isn’t the press crying foul. This is Mike Bloomberg crying foul. And what about Jussie Smollet? He committed 17 Felonies, and…. walked? Hello

  24. How is the liberal media still employed? 100% garbage they they report… actually I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt, 99% of their “reporting” is garbage…

  25. We know what you're doing you are all Crooks and being found out you're flipping out. Time to go down down down bye-bye. Oh yeah we vote Trump 20/20.

  26. During the "Russian interference" hoax, people with the Trump campaign and into his presidency were investigated, and a surprising number were indicted.
    The FBI, following up on the recommendations of the special counsel, indicted mist of these people on some sham charges.
    Where infractions become felony charges. Conversations became tampering. Not telling them what they want becomes lying to the FBI. (again a felony)
    As a retired L.E.O. I still don't understand how, if it was proven that the very basis for the investigation was all but fabricated.
    Evidence presented to the court so surveillance of American citizen can occur, was false.
    Which means that the investigation should never have happened. Therefore all charges made resulting from that investigation is automatically overturned. That also leaves the FBI and the special counsel legally vulnerable for false imprisonment charges. Not to mention civil charges.

  27. Roger Stone should be completely FREE. How do you get prosecuted for what you say during an investigation that turned out to be a hoax contrived by the DNC and HRC?

  28. The nonchalantness of every motion every truth to power everything we're told not to see we didn't hear and don't say is a cult.. way of thinking.!

  29. Numbers don't lie; the view has around six highly partisan bleedersbspewing their disonance and monthly cycle as though thevlyre menstrallated maladies to cryvfoul during their spin of care and concern for their own (as it diminished value and honesty) for our glorious experiment in Democracy known more aptly as a constitutional republic. Whoooie is a violent hater and the rest our clearly either traitors or unread wise 'kracker' and with ever 40gram load our tree of liberty deserves to have their Corruption reduced to the fertiliser for the tree of liberty. President for life or until a different canidates comes forward d with policies that ENHANCE our Constitutional Republic or fireing the base or our corrupted leftie infiltrating half wits. I'm cleaning my protection devices and keeping my machete sharp and ready . I love my country I just hate what we the people have allowed. Barry Obailouts is a garbage mind and his wife is right keeleesi must bring dragons while Trump loads planes Aimed for the Coasts. I m going vote democrat because I believe our greatest adaptations come from stresses. The rant is incoherent , so I'll shorten it up 30,000 emails destroyed only to hide the ego and carelessness. Blue donkeys we a product of booze. I am ready for some fertiliser place on our tree of Liberty. The passing of the extension of the Patriot act gives wide use to monitor you, me and our momma's genius.

  30. i find it weird that a nation that has sentence recommendations(a manual for it) and a party found guilty of a bunch of crimes gets a sentence as per the manual says, and suddenly someone with power says "nonono…..let's not do it by the book. because i say so"….
    seems rather autoritarian and against the rule of law.

  31. If this was talked about weeks in advance and the prosecutors made an error why did they resign, the prosecutor should come out and state that.

  32. Well if that doesnt shut those ding bats up nothing will and Raguel will start shutting them up for good. Hes already on his way to Los Angeles to do some hunting for me. I cant say i didnt amply warn them.

  33. Too bad we can never get Jesse Ventura elected president. In a perfect world only and i know this world is more likely doomed than not. Hes a smart guy though and has great ideas. Most of you tv talking heads couldnt say that and i know not many people are saying it about you unless its on tv.

  34. Following the fallout from handling of Roger Stone's case, over 1,100 former Department of Justice officials have signed a letter calling for the resignation of Attorney General William Barr.

    WHY? Well, they have acknowledged that law must not only be just but must be seen to be just.

    The Attorney General has capitulated to the whims and pressure of the Trumpmeister and in so doing diluted the total concept of fair and balanced justice and the rule of law.

    Whether you are a Democrat or Republican when you agree to the president of the day no matter who they are may be able to use his/her power to influence the judiciary then you really deserve the tag of "banana republic".

    I am clearly not a Trump fan, but nor am I just a Democrat supporter. I am a world citizen who has a concern that if American want to be the "World policeman" then the president of the day owes it to the world to respect, and apply the true democratic rule of law which means unbias, fair and balanced justice for all.

  35. ***Repubilicans need to STOP normalizing this president’s bad deeds. No president should get involved with courts decision.

  36. Are they aware Trump has the authority to pardon if he chooses?
    What about Obama injecting himself into investigations? "The police acted stupidly", the Trayvon Martin case?

  37. How do you compare a secret meeting with a briefcase full o cash to a public statement. Juan why are you still on fox. Gtfoh

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