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  1. Trump wasn't being profane. Just called bs bs is all. He was pretty reserved actually. I think we the people are more angry about it all then he is.

  2. Dear God in the name of Jesus I pray for the successful candidacy of President Trump. I pray for all the people who do not know you God that you have a savior. For the entire country and the entire world. Thank you for all that. You have given us. In Jesus name amen.

  3. One says quotation marks this guys not like Jesus???? Show me any person who is like Jesus and I’ll show you somebody who’s full of crap. We all sin. We all have our shortcomings. But church is a hospital for centers not a museum for saints.

  4. the problem with impeached presidents. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”

  5. Hahaha Nancy pelosi praying for the country and president is funniest thing I’ve heard come out of the dems mouth. She ain’t praying to God Jesus. I’m sure she’s praying to the enemy.

  6. Juan Williams overdosed on the DNC cool-aid … now he is talking in circles … he sounds like a fool, playing the kings's court jester, just like Pelosi and Trump is playing them like new piano

  7. I think Juan is just there to make dems look bad. No matter what they are talking about Juan has a different "fact" or opinion. If waters says grass is green juan will have a poll that americans say its blue. Its too much to not think its a set up

  8. "We have to get him out to save America."
    "He's a dictator, a bully."
    "He's the worst cult leader there has ever been."
    "Disgusting, dangerous."
    "Liar, cheater, racist."
    But you know what? That is what I call the "transfer of hate and fear" from the fake news. In the next few months, his real accomplishments are going to be what we must weigh against those beautiful tempting promises of socialism and "everything free".

  9. Well, well, well…….she does do sober, on occassion. Listen to her arrogance….."I won't take from anybody…….especially the President of the USA" ; you mean the most powerful person in the world you crazy b!tch?. This egomaniac is dangerous.

  10. You do not pray for SOMEONE and then TRASH talk. At least Trump is saying the truth about whay he's been thru. God bless Trump.

  11. He Is selling off bit by bit “OUR” NOT his , Constitution. If re-elected What’s to stop him from selling off the United States to the highestIt’s American’s White House not his bidder? If he’s not in negotiations to do that already. DUMP the trump (s) & ALL his Puppets. GET HIM OUT! It’s Americas White House not his!!!!

  12. I. Can SEE. IT. NOW
    COMIC Book. T R U T H
    WwWELL. I GAVE you

  13. The Democrats have been pushing everyone towards Trump. They have gained absolutely nothing. Sooo… technically you can say you should thank Pelosi for making America great for another 4 years!

  14. These people are empty inside. They are so cavalier and devoid of any human affection. They are corporate loving white collar media trying to say the understand the average working class American. Well they don’t. I suggest they keep doing what they’re so they young new generation can understand how these far right extreme people are. Then they can be able to make an informed choice to finally put an end to the old west disrespecting style of justice they they all love. I have a conscience I wonder if those clown even know what that is like, or did they just learn about it in their ivory tower education system. Sickening

  15. Rock On President Trump……….. awesome………. Juan, you are so messed up.
    Your blind…… your angry, and you can't understand how it is this man was called in to
    this season in time. Well guess what, GOD owns the White House, and everything else,
    The Lord created all things, you live in a home that came from him, you eat his food, you drive his car, and much much more. your Job, he made that happen for you:
    I advise you to really read the word of GOD & learn, your bucking
    what you know nothing about. study the word & repent…….. your a nice guy Juan but your all eat up with the rest of the left. No worries Juan, the day is coming when a radical left winger
    known as the anti Christ will have authority & power……. Do you know Jesus Christ as your
    personal Redeemer, do you have salvation. if their is a yes, than the next thing, Is to Be a way maker for the LORD. Christ is coming back, & he is going to rule with an Iron Scepter.
    & you Think Trump is what > get a clue Juan.<

  16. Isn't it great that Trump's budget proposal cuts medicare and education? Why do kids need educating anyway? So stupid. Lets just have more tax breaks.

  17. Pelosi is literally slurring her words and chocking on her dentures while calling him sedated smh… They need to just call their party: MALEVOLENT PROJECTION

  18. Only the evangelical MAGGOTS and the conservative ROACHES, coming out of a filthy gutter, would support a GANGSTER like trump !

  19. Pelosi prays and says she is a good Catholic yet supports the killing of babies. How does that jive with the message of the Pope and the Catholic church?

  20. You don't pray for person when you just tore up their presidential speech I highly doubt she's praying for anybody except for her own security safety and what's the other stuff

  21. This two going for each other's throat all the time. I think Pelosi about now should capitulate she has only done things below her. How low will she go. She is not all there and she should be asked to step aside. Defeat after defeat..

  22. Pelosi I believe will have a new president because you’ve been right sooo many times hahaha also the only person that looked completely without a doubt medicated WAS. YOU believe like probably 65 if not more percent of the country!!! You most atleast we me n husband simple blue collar people used to make in 90s. A million a year but modeling even for Venus swimwear model or Hawaiian tropic actually at age 30 was my last shoot n yes in between exciting. Dancing at very. High end yes. Strip clubs where u could not even have a tatoo or earrings unless on ears or diamond like belly piercing or small ring wich I have neither point I had n agent did 1 movie n only a couple commercials

  23. Juan really is a joke, just as the democrats are. WHAT in the hell was he impeached about? all we hear is RUSSIA. AND WHAT ELSE? I would like to know exactly WHAT was he accused of? 1. he talked to Russia before the election and SOMEHOW that made him win? 2. he lied about something? 3. he held back money from the Ukraine? and my understanding was he was making sure of the situation, but then sent the money. The Ukraine said there was no problem on their end, they got the best weapons they ever got from the US. AND WHAT the hell else was it? the impeachment was a total lie and scam. makes me sick to know one side of our government is like this. and the left talks about RUSSIA.. HA.. THEY want to be like Russia. they are all communist wannabees and TRAITORS.

  24. Yes libs… Trump is the man and carries his BAllS proudly, get over the whoopin and focus on actual governing and stop FAKE news !!!! Keeping America great!!!!

  25. Donald Trump is a boss. Donald Trump 2021. 🇺🇸🤓👍💕 (Obama should have been impeached, and put in prison….) 👍🏽

  26. All of you are phoney about prayer and religion and God knows it . You hypocrites can't believe in something you can't see or touch but you go thru with the act to be seen doing it to please those of the same all around you . You rich people hate the bible because of its truthful content . You pretend to be o so rieches in everything that you say and do just because this Country was built on it and you want what it has . I am old weak sick and penniless and I love God and his son Jesus and they know it . And I will be with them shortly . But God has giving me the talent to see right thru you wealthy ones who pretend to know God because you think that it gets you places but in reality you are just digging your hole in hell a little deeper . ~ hard life (MULDEW)

  27. So thankful he doesn't have your values …you ghoul. Her species… their minds are going away ..unfortunately we are the ones having to put up with these mindless things. She prays but to who. She never says.

  28. You guys are dumb for even airing a show with Nancy Pelosi saying anything on it! Nobody wants to look at that old naassstttyy bat!

  29. Nancy tore up all those American people that DT presented at the State of the union ..What a bitter loser she is ! .Vote American-DT2020 !

  30. He consistently attacks at least one segment of the population, the democrats, and has said horrible things about specific people.

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