‘The Five’ breaks down impeachment antics after Dems deliver articles

‘The Five’ breaks down impeachment antics after Dems deliver articles

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  1. Why does nobody voice the fact that whether or not Biden is a political rival, the POTUS has the duty and right to ask for help in uncovering corruption in our government? I say it's his duty and right to ask for help because the other end of the corruption he wants looked at happened in the country of the person he's talking to. The FBI can't conduct an investigation in Ukraine FFS! We have to have cooperation.
    This was being pointed out a couple of months ago, but Fox and everyone else seems to have forgotten this simple fact. Just because Joe Biden is seeking the office of President doesn't mean he's immune from investigation.

  2. Supreme Court Ruling: Ohio vs Reiner #532 us 17,20(2001)
    5th amendments basic function is to protect innocent men who otherwise might be ensnared by ambiguous circumstances (innocent witness as well)
    Mr President don't say anything, that's your right. Let the lawyers do there job, by protecting an innocent man. God bless America

  3. they always show pictures of the cloak room when they start one of these. the money's in the jukebox already, dude. rubes?

  4. what kind of coffee do you "5" drink? Just curious.
    she actually answered her own question, if she listens back. in a regular court proceeding involving a regular citizen it would be called "asking for a continuance." Donald Trump actually has the best team of defense lawyers working for him and if they need to ask for something like that in these proceedings or if any of the judges do, then they will no doubt make the legal motion for that.

  5. Just remember the names of the people trying to over through the government, and vote them out. OVERSTAND? we have the internet and the internet never forgets..

  6. The lyrics for a popular Alabama song is;

    “If you're gonna play in Texas,

    You gotta have a fiddle in the band”…

    If you gonna broadcast the news, you gotta have a female blond
    on the team…but is that enough? or must a no gray head male anchor be included
    too? I think so, after all this is show business of the highest order…an ongoing
    inclusive branch of broadcast news…

  7. It's interesting to read all the low IQ comments from Trump supporters.

    It looks like a person would need to collect at least a dozen MAGA-morons in order to find enough grey matter to form a single brain.

    Trump is soooo innocent that his GOP pals in the Senate want to block all witnesses and prevent any evidence from being submitted. Because people who are innocent of the charges against them never want evidence or witnesses.

    In the House, all of Trump's pals kept demanding "witnesses" but only wanted to violate the federal whistle-blower statute. They refused to examine evidence and parroted the nonsense contained in Trump's demented tweets.

    The fact is that more facts connecting this corrupt and incompetent president to the charges against him are being uncovered every day. His supporters are too stupid to understand the law, let alone the evidence against him.

    But that is what Trump loves about the "poorly educated". They are easily manipulated as long as you keep telling them the lies they so desperately need to believe.

    The Fox News Channel is truly where all brain cells go to die.

  8. Fine, you want a senate trial? Let's have a senate trial. Run it just like the house shamvestigation. The majority party picks the witnesses, the majority party decides what questions can be asked of the witnesses, the majority party has a member who goes UC and gives 'whistleblower' testimony (which MUST BE treated as gospel without any examination) and the minority party is on constant reminder thatt their job is to shut up and accept the result of this thoroughly neutral procedure.

  9. Witnesses SO CORRUPT, that it has become impossible, under such incredulous leadership, for a fair verdict to be reached.

  10. Too, it's not 'obstructon', to invoke executive privilege. It's 'obstruction' when the courts decide that the referenced whatever is not protectable by said privilege and the administration refuses anyway. This has happened,,, in the last administration. It has yet to happen in this one.

  11. That was one of Greg's best moments. I don't think I could've expressed it better; those were some of the same things going through my mind! I love when Jesse and Juan get into it. And WHOA, Jesse got married over the holidays?!? Long-time viewer of The Five.

  12. Imagine having a political party and owning virtually all of the media…you couldn't lose!…but they did because they're so corrupt!…America knows how evil the left really is!

  13. What the Hell!! The House has RESTED their case….Now it's time for the JURY ->The Senate<- to render a decision….NO more witnesses….No more cross examinations….JUST a Decision !!!

  14. who the f*ck cares if the President, who is also a Presidential Candidate for the next Presidential election, wanted to get dirt on his opponent, especially a corrupt person? If you own a business, and want to compete and win, wouldn't you want all the info on your main competitors? I seriously don't understand Juan and his type's thinking.

  15. If hunter biden has nothing to add then why don't the Democrats just allow it?!? Let the Republicans "waste a witness" on him. 🤔

  16. Juan William's you sit there and spew utter garbage out of your mouth all the leftwing talking points, you're nothing but an echo chamber for the leftwing mainstream media. I really dont know why your even on the show.

  17. Let's impeach Pelosi and those involved for being manipulative liars, for allowing homelessness spread everywhere while living in gated communities in multi-million luxurious houses, for raising money for housing where homelesses can't live because they're mental illnesses, and for unaffordable rent prices, because those apartment buildings with $3,500-$5,000 apartments increased the rent prices all around.

  18. She cant sign real positive bills because she doesn't have the ability to solve real problems so she signs this crumby impeachment

  19. Yeah sure, they're mad that President Trump exposed nasty dirt on a man running for President! Biden is a dirty sleezball and Trump showed the country what he was! I DONT WANT A SLEEZBALL DIRTY POLITICIAN RUNNING THE COUNTRY! WE HAD THAT WITH OBAMA!!!! NO MORE!

  20. The Democrats' funeral march. The 'Pen Ceremony' is ludicrous.
    P.S. Love your do, Jess. You would look great in a pair of tight Levi's jeans with rolled up hems, white socks, black loafers, and a pack of cigarettes rolled up in your T-shirt sleeve.

  21. Takes 20 pens and 2 minutes to sign her signature. That is representative of the waste and stupidity of this whole impeachment process.

  22. When it comes to trials in the court of law and lawsuits you can always counter sue or file an appeal. How come in this case Republicans can’t counter impeach for doing something totally against the law? Why are the Democrats above the law?

  23. She is going to regret this it’s going to be the most humiliating moment in her life ! We pay all this mone while people starve and freeze ! She should suffer the rest of her life ! The media is a total mess ! Thanks to trump we can see right through! Total animals ! She could save thousands but rather pens ! Omg the government is the biggest joke I ever seen ! Who can take her to the psych ward !

  24. The media?you are the media idiot. Lol Democrats, Republicans, Democrats and Republicans are all the same idiots, why are you wasting people's time… With the circle jerk…? Lol

  25. They will all cry till they die ! Looser killing Americans for a fancy pen they loose worse lose for the rest of their life

  26. Hmm … President Trump 2020, Vote out as many no nothing Dems across the nation; get a super majority in the House; THEN use the provision in the Constitution to remove Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler and any other Dem who abused their authority … yes folks it is in the Constitution: Article 1, Section 5. Paragraph 2: "Each House may determine the Rules of its Proceedings, punish its Members for disorderly Behaviour, and, with the Concurrence of two thirds, expel a Member"

  27. Now we make them pay for it pens and all. Who said they could buy special pens with our money. 2 i will never vote for anyone who tries to take my rights constitution or civil away. This is what democrats do. These people are to take care of our country not make it harder for us to live in. Making stupid things illegal just for them to make more revenue for them to spend and put into their pockets when they think we need a raise. Most people get maybe 25ct to $1 an hr. Not 120,000 to 200,000 a yr.

  28. It's so funny to see senior citizens going at it with President Trump. They Just lost credibility. They dugged thier own grave.

  29. WHY is Juan Williams in this show, in this station???? This man is incapable to see truth if smacked him in the face, WOW!!!! Shut him up or send him to CNN

  30. Pelosi is one of the most disillusioned people in the world. (trying to say it as nicely as possible so this won't get deleted)

  31. The Democratic party is actually a Marxist Communist Party of disgraceful, Treasonous corrupt child trafficking Pederastic imposters.

  32. Democraps should shove those pens up their ASSES,. Same effect as the waste of time and money wasted on a hoax

  33. They all know after their Bull Shyt liar ceremony they can all breast feed off Pelosi's udders for curdled sour cream cheese. They look swollen again!

  34. Can we rid ourselves of dems period they are straight garbage. Who wants to live broke and give away everything we make to those who make horrible choices??


  36. "Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other." ~John Adams to Massachusetts Militia – October 11th, 1798

  37. This show wouldn't devolve into yelling if they got rid of Juan. Find someone who isn't focused on dishonest arguments and accusations. Would be much better with a Democrat who can stand on his/her own without lying.

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