The First Thing to Do BEFORE Starting a Business

The First Thing to Do BEFORE Starting a Business

The One Thing to Do Before Starting a Business
I went fully into the business world in July 2008. However before this time, I had read from
more than 200 books about entrepreneurship, leadership, human relationship, etc. then,
I thought that I was reading those books to learn how to build a business but now looking
back, I discovered that the most important thing those books did for me was to help me
to do the single most important thing you need to do before starting a business and
that’s what I want to show you in this video. If you’re new here consider subscribing
so that you won’t miss other interesting videos like this. Now let’s get into it. You see, after reading hundreds of books with
the intention to learn how to build a business, I eventually discovered that the single most
important thing those books did to me was to change the way I see the world. In other words, the very first thing you need
to do before starting a business is to change the way you see the world. Let me explain. You see, most people in the world were trained
to be employees. Because of this, the way they are programmed
to see the world isn’t like a problem, solvers. In fact, the world we were trained to see
most at times is a world of security, a world where the government is the reason why things
are bad, a world where we think of someone to give us a job and take care of us for the
rest of our lives. It’s a world where nothing much comes from
us; a world where whatever is wrong is other people’s fault. Now that you want to be an entrepreneur, now
that you’re starting a business, even before you think about the business to start and
how to raise money or build a team for such business, the very first thing you need to
do is to change the way you see the world because until you change the way you see the
world, you cannot change the world and entrepreneurship is about changing the world. So how should you see the world? First, start seeing yourself as a significant
pillar in the world’s affairs. Most of us were conditioned to see our self
as one tiny insignificant part of the big world. the problem with this mindset is that, you
can’t change the world except you can challenge the world and you can’t challenge the world
if you think you’re just one person out of 8 billion people and if you can’t challenge
the world, you cannot build a great company because great companies are built by people
who are crazy enough to think that everyone is wrong. To be a great entrepreneur, you must see yourself
as a significant part of the world, as someone who matters, as someone who can change the
world, as someone whose presence in the world is a blessing to the world. Yes, this sounds like pride but of course,
you need a good dose of pride to build a successful business. Second, stop thinking that our forefathers
are right and always so. In our society today, it’s so easy to believe
that whatever has been in existence for 100 years is good and that’s why everyone likes
it. Well, as Steve Job said, everything you see
around you today got started from an ordinary human being who was probably not as smart
as you are. Again, this sounds like pride but such pride
is highly needed to be a successful entrepreneur. You must be courageous enough to question
the way things are done, even things that have been the way they are before you were
born. Stop thinking that our forefathers were always
right. We can challenge and change many things they
created and that’s how great businesses are born. Third, stop expecting a Messiah. We were all trained to expect a messiah, someone
to give us job, someone to fix our road, economy and life, someone to take care of us when
we are old, etc. well, if you really want to be a successful entrepreneur, you’ll
have to stop expecting someone else to fix your life. You don’t only have to be independent. You have to become a messiah. Watch and pay attention to how successful
entrepreneurs talk about the world. Pay attention to how Elon Musk talks about
electric cars and you’ll see that he believes that he needs to save the world from climate
change. Watch and observe how Jack Ma talks about
E-commerce, it’s obvious that he wants to save the world by helping small businesses
grow. Watch videos of the early days of Microsoft
and Apple and notice how Bill Gate and Steve Job were crazy about making the world a better
place. Today, they have actually made our world a
better place. Mark Zuckerberg is crazy about connecting
the whole world. If you think its money that is driving these
people, just remember that they already have too much of it. What keeps these great entrepreneurs and others
is that they wake up every morning to see themselves as messiahs, someone who doesn’t
need help, instead, someone who is sent to the world to help the world. To be a great entrepreneur, you must stop
expecting someone else to help you. You must start seeing yourself as a helper,
a messiah who is needed in the world. 4. Do the opposite of complaint. Everywhere you look in the world, you’re
going to see everyone complaining about everything. That’s what we’re trained to do because
that’s the easiest thing to do. Who on Earth cannot open his mount and complain
about anything? What most people cannot do is to work towards
a solution because this is a lot of work. Unfortunately, that’s what you have to do. If you truly want to build a great business,
you have to stop complaining about anything that’s wrong. Instead, pay attention to what people complain
about and ask yourself, “how can we solve this problem?’ Again, this makes you feel like a messiah
and that’s fine because until you feel a great responsibility toward the world until
you’re angry about something and you’re willing to spend your whole life changing
it until you think like a messiah, you can’t build a great company. 5. Stop being competitive. Life is competitive. That’s what we were made to believe. You have to compete against everyone in High
School; you have to do the same in the university. You have to compete against everyone to get
a job. It’s the survival of the fittest. But that’s not really the spirit that makes
you build a great company. While in the outside you see great companies
competing against each other, the strength of their competition is cooperation. Think of it as a soccer match. Soccer is one of the most competitive sports
in the world, right? But that competition can only be won by cooperation. The team that wins is always the team that
works together. You see the picture here? While you’re going to have to compete in
the business, your strength of competition will come from your ability to build a great
team, form alliance and partnership with others. Just as a soccer team must pay more attention
to their team than the competition, it’s important that anyone who wants to be successful
in business to know how to build great team, cooperate with others and form alliances. In summary, the first thing to do when starting
a business isn’t to look for the capital or an office building. The very first thing you have to do is to
change your world view. You have to change the way you see yourself
in relation to the way you see the world. You have to stop seeing yourself as a victim. You have to start seeing yourself as a victor,
a messiah, someone who can challenge and change things, someone who the world needs for important
progress and advancements. Yes, this comes with some pride but there’s
no other way to build a successful business other than to think that you can change the
world and there’s no way to believe that you can change the world without some level
of pride. That’s why Steve Jobs said, “Those who
are crazy enough to think they can change the world are those who change the world” Thank you very much for watching our videos. We’ll like to give you another interesting
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  1. We need more entrepreneurs than employees… More leaders than followers…. The future of tomorrow's Society is entrepreneurship….change yourself first and change the world…

  2. Very precise and to the point…thank you very briefly touched upon building great team to compete…any thoughts on how to do so in the initial days when you are short of capital and sales/service income..a video on this would be great…

  3. Your teachings is mind blowing, thank you. And i really want to start a business by promoting Clickbank product.But i don't know how to start, and i would like you to kindly recommend a book i should read before i get started.

  4. Also, when you start a business you have to believe in yourself no matter what and never give up.

  5. I want to put up a bakery will that change the world? Perhaps it will add to my income but i dont think it will change the world…

  6. The secret is don't chase money Chase needs. If you're doing the same thing like everybody else, you going to get the same results.

  7. Who really thinks so negatively? Really? Lol. Thinking most watching these videos aren't who you're downgrading. Know your Audience. We love you….lol sure.

  8. Lol I'm not trying to change the world…im trying to sell these oil burners to these crack and meth heads. Lol I can give a shit about changing the world. Give me the cash.

  9. It is my pleasure to watch this video. I am reminded to do the following:
    1. Start seeing yourself as a pillar in the world's affairs. ( I AM IMPORTANT. AND I HAVE THE ABILITY TO CHANGE THE WORLD.)
    2. Stop thinking that our forefathers are right and always so. (BE COURAGEOUS)
    5. Stop being competitive. Survival of the fittest. (Learn and have the spirit of cooperation. This because cooperation is the strength of competition. Build a great team).

  10. 2 years ago I began a small business with one ute and one trailer. I had $800 in my account. Today I have 22 staff and turn over this financial year will be approx $3, 150, 000… I didn't focus on money I focused on service. Another secret is I don't let anyone dictate to me and I don't tell anyone how much money I have. Jealous people want to bring you down. Trust your gut and distance yourself from negativity.

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    Through Fame TV, We share with you the interesting stories and biographies of some of the most successful people in the world and even some villains.

  12. when de do not have one dollar to move on or really destroyed financially, how can we take action, everything in the world has a price !!

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