The first 5 steps to start a business

The first 5 steps to start a business

Welcome to Trailblazing Out Of
Corporate Life. Episode 64. Today, I’m going to get real technical with
you and give you your five next steps to build your online business
from scratch, on the side, while you’re working full time. So if you feel like that’s
something that you need, this is a podcast episode for you. And I’m going to be here giving you a
few references of past episodes that we, that I’ve done where you can really
drill into each one of these pieces of advice. So stay tuned for that. But this episode is going to be great
for professionals who have ever said this to anyone before. I want to start my own business. I just don’t know where to start. If you’ve ever said that to anyone. This is the podcast episode for you. So over the past several weeks, the only kind of podcast that
I have created have been… The only podcast episodes I’ve recorded
have been about mindset, because… and you’re going to hear me talk a
little bit about this in this episode. Without the mindset, you’re
dead in the water. Okay? Without the mindset. This
is simply not going to work. So that’s why I really focus
on that on the podcast. And then I realized, you know what?
I haven’t really given practical, like advice that you can actually follow. My last episode was actually really good. It was about how to
come up with your idea. So I’m going to probably be
referencing that in this episode, but I really wanted to come
here and tell you the tactics, the five things that you need to have
in place now so you can get started and replace your salary by next year.
‘Cause I have that as my mission. To get as many people as possible
to replace their salary in 2020. 2020 is our year. Okay? So if that’s you, if
you’re ready for this, and if you got a pen and paper or your
computer or whatever it is to start writing down some notes,
this is it for you. So I should tell you guys that I’m in
Israel right now and you can see the video version of this and any of my podcast
episodes by going to The episode number. I should warn you though that I
recorded this episode with really, really bad internet connection. So I had to forego the video part of
the content that you’re about to hear, but this intro was recorded by video. So I’ll give you this and then the
following part is just going to be audio. So if you’re more of a YouTube
watcher or you just want to go to, you will see. I just actually did a little pan so you
can see I’m on a bus right now and you can see the outside of my window. I’m just going through Jerusalem
right now and it’s amazing. It’s been a great trip. You
can follow it on Instagram. It’s right there at inacoveney. But
you have to spell Coneney right, it ends in ey. And yeah, I’ve just had
the trip of a lifetime. And I want you guys to know
that this is why I do what I do, so that you can enjoy
freedom of time and choice. Some people call it financial freedom.
I call it freedom of time and choice, the freedom to do what I
want, when I want to do it. So coming here to Israel
was a dream of mine, to come with my mother to the Holy Land.
It was a dream that finally came true, because I’m not tied to vacation time. I will never have vacation time
again. I just make decisions, judicious decisions, smart decisions, responsible decisions on what to
do with my time every single year, based on how I want my life to feel like, to look like, to be like. Rather than whether I have
enough vacation days for it. And that’s how I want you to start making
decisions in your life. And for that, we need to get your business started
doing something that you absolutely love, so that you can do whatever you want
with your time and you can take advantage of trips and opportunities
like these everywhere you go. Right now you may be hearing
some background noise, because we’re about to
get to the next stop. I am on a bus right now in
Israel going to the next stop. It’s our last day in Israel and I did
not want to pass up another day without giving you guys some
really, really good advice. So I am going to get going, make sure to go and download my
Salary Replacement O.N.E.Y.E.A.R. Roadmap, because that’s there ready for you and
it’s a great complement to this podcast episode, because there’s a lot of things in there
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You also get added to my mailing list, but nobody is a hostage. Okay?
You can unsubscribe anytime. Everybody’s starting to get rowdy here. So you can unsubscribe anytime. But that guide is actually going to be
an amazing complement to this episode, so go out and get it and the Salary Replacement O.N.E.Y.E.A.R.
Roadmap is the first thing you get, is the first email you get. All right, I’m not going to be able
to hear myself very soon. So here’s the podcast more after this. If you’re a corporate trailblazer
with a secret life as an entrepreneur, welcome home. I’m your host, Ina
Coveney and the podcast begins now. Hi everyone! If you guys could
see where I am right now, I am at the pool spot of the
hotel where I’m staying in Israel. Today’s my last day in Israel and I vowed
to record one podcast episode a week and it would get released every Wednesday. This is something that
is extremely important. I tell everyone to do it this
way or to not do it at all. So I’m sticking to my own advice and
actually giving this to you guys once a week. So today we are going to talk about
how do you actually start your business online. I figured, I figure, I feel like I have been talking to you
guys about mindset in this podcast a lot and there’s a reason for that. And that is that I can come here and give
you all the strategy all day long and it’s gonna matter none. It’s
not going to do anything. You’re not gonna move the needle at
all, unless your mindset is there. And I’m going to give you a couple more
examples about how important that is. But today I really wanted to
focus a little bit of on hard, practical strategy. All
right? So I have five things. Your five immediate next steps
to start your side business, so that you can start replacing your
salary so you can do whatever you want. So that 2020 is THE year that
you submit your resignation, effective immediately. I
don’t need this anymore. I’m going to go focus on something that
I want and to start opening up your schedule, to start opening
up your life to many, many more amazing
experiences like this one, like being in Israel with
my mother for 10 days. This is something I would have
never thought that I would be doing, but because I managed to
clean up my schedule and say, I’m not going to work at that job
anymore. I’m going to do my own thing. What happened was all of the sudden
I had all of this flexibility, right? Like opportunities would
just keep coming up. Opportunities that maybe they were
there when I was working full time, but maybe people didn’t feel
like they could ask me about it, because I was working full time, because
my vacation days were numbered. Right? I only had two or three weeks of
vacation that I had to juggle. One week was for December, right?
One week was for the holidays. Another week was to go visit family
in Dominican Republic, in Texas, in Florida, in Chile. Right?
And that’s two weeks were gone, and then the other week was okay, am I going to do something small
with my family, like three days here, two days there. So my vacation
days were already all taken up. So even if opportunities came up
for me to do something different, for me to travel someplace,
I wasn’t going to do it. I didn’t have enough vacation time. It was just completely
unrealistic for me to do that. So once I did away with the job and I
did away with the vacation restrictions, I started to see life in a
completely different way. I started to see my year as what
do I want my year to look like, what do I want to do now
to advance my business? Like go to conferences or go to retreats
to hang out with really cool people. Or to see my sister be pregnant. I did not get to see my sister pregnant
when she was pregnant with her first kid and now that she was pregnant with
her second, she was traveling. She lives in Chile. She
was traveling to Canada, to Toronto for a conference or for a
training, or whatever work thing that was. And I’m like, she is
up in this hemisphere. I need to go see her. So I talked to my
husband and over a long weekend I said, okay, I’m leaving. I’m going,
I’m going to go do this. And because I didn’t have the restriction
of time, I felt like I could do that. Like I wasn’t missing out
on doing something else, because now my time is my own. So that’s what I want for you guys
because I know that you don’t see it right now. I know it feels like
the way that it felt for me, that once you stop working, you know, starting a business takes
a lot of investment. It’s like the money’s not gonna be pouring
in after the first month or the first six months, right? So you’re
going to feel like, well, I’m not going to be taking a lot of
vacation after I start working for myself. But the truth is that if you
have your finances set up right, you can use your business
money for business expenses, so you can actually travel
places for business. Like go to conferences
and things like that. On things that don’t mess
with your personal finances. So things start to open up for you. I felt like I wasn’t gonna be able to
think of vacation in a long time and all of a sudden I’m saying yes
to opportunities to go to
Colombia, to go to Israel, to go to Canada, to go to Chile again
to see my sister’s new baby, right? Baby has been born. Beautiful baby boy Oliver and we’re
going to go see him over Thanksgiving. So what am I, what am I
trying to tell you here? Yes, I’m going to teach a strategy, but I just want you to be
completely aware of this fact. It’s not going to matter even
after listening to this episode, you’re probably not going to take
much action at all. And if you do, is going to be fleeting,
is going to be passing. So I’m going to do my best, my best at giving you the
advice that I need to give you, so that by 2020, by this time 2020, you are looking at resigning from
your job. That’s MY mission for 2020. But it’s gotta be your mission, too.
If it feels like it’s not realistic, then it’s just not gonna happen because
people are not just going to hand this to you on a silver platter. You have to have that vision
and you have to make it happen. It has to be a goal. It
can’t just be a dream. So I’m going to do my best at giving
you stuff that is actionable. Okay? So that’s what we’re going to
talk about today. Five steps. These are your next five immediate steps
on how to start your online business. Are you ready for this?
Okay. Here’s the deal. If you’re starting your side business, I really want you to stop this
and listen to episode 33, okay? Actually you can listen to episode
33 after listening to this. Don’t stop this yet. I got a
really, really good stuff here. Episode 33 of the podcast is an episode
that I created about how to stay legally compliant with your current full time
job while you pursue a side business. Okay? So if that’s a concern of yours that
maybe you are infringing on their intellectual property. That you are working on
something else on company time, that your idea is too close for comfort
to the stuff that you’re currently doing at work. How do you navigate that?
That’s a whole different story. And I want you to listen to episode
33 of the podcast for that. All right? So just go back to that
one to get that covered. I’m not going to cover
that here. So, okay. Step one is not going to surprise you, because this is something that I tell
everybody. Because it’s something that, that’s how it worked for me and that’s
how it worked for countless different people out there. That things
don’t move until this gets done. Okay? So step one, get yourself a coach. Okay. I know this sounds super self-serving,
but I’m going to tell you, it doesn’t have to be me, okay?
This has nothing to do with me. This has more to do with
you than with me, okay? If you resonate with a coach,
sign to work with them. Somebody who’s been where you’ve been,
somebody who’s done what you want to do, somebody who has the social media
presence that you want to have. That’s the kind of person you
should be signing up to work with. Because guess what? Starting a business
is hard. You know what’s even harder? Starting it by yourself. It’s really, really difficult to keep yourself
on task, even if you’re a go getter. Even if you’re a type A. I was all of those things and it was years
and years before I actually felt like I was doing something productive and
something consistent with my time. So I don’t want that to be you. I don’t want to talk to you five years
from now and you still listening to this episode and be like, okay, let me go back to Ina’s episode
and see how I can get this done. I want you guys to do
this now. I understand. I know that the mindset comes first, so
if you’re already there, if you’re like, okay, no, I really want to do this and I really
want 2020 to be the year I quit my job, then your first step is to sign to
work with someone who knows what to do. It’s like when you go to college. You go to college to acquire all the
knowledge from people who know it, right? You don’t just go off and read
some books to become an engineer. You pay for that education and
at the end of the education, the college doesn’t guarantee
you a job. You are on your own. That’s how a coach works. A coach is
going to give you all of the information, all of the guidance,
all of the motivation, all of the information that you
need to actually make this happen. But the actions are on you. The
responsibility falls on you. You’re not hiring a consultant who’s
going to do stuff for you and they can guarantee results. YOU are the
only one who can guarantee results. So you sign with someone that you believe
you’re gonna get a lot out of and you treat it like a college education. This is my education on
my starting my business. What do I need to do with social media? What do I need to do in terms of mindset? Who should I be following in terms of
mindset? What do I need to think, feel, believe in order to make
this idea work right? What do I do if I have a small
mindset, a small money mindset? If I’m here thinking, you know what? I just want to do this to
make enough money to survive. I don’t really want to make a lot of
money. That’s a recipe for disaster. Because what happens is
when we set the bar too low, we make it to about halfway there. So when we set it really high and we
make it about halfway there, it’s… We accomplish so much more than our
wildest dreams allowed. Okay? So that’s really an important
part of starting your business, is getting yourself some help.
Is it a coach? Is it a program? Is it an organization? Is it a
coaching certification? Whatever it is, get yourself some education about how to
start your business and especially the motivation and somebody to be able to… I was going to say string you
along, but that’s not what I mean. To pull you forward. Right? I’m making a motion with my
hand like I’m pulling you, like you’re in a wagon and I’m
pulling you forward. Right? That’s what you need when you’re starting.
Okay? You don’t have momentum yet, so you need someone to
give you that momentum. Somebody that you can run
ideas by. Somebody I can
tell you that’s a good idea, or that’s a bad idea. Or
this is what the standard is. Or this is what most successful people do. Somebody who’s going to give you what you
need at that time and keep you moving, so you have enough momentum to keep
going by yourself. So step one, get yourself a coach. If you don’t know
how to get yourself a coach, right? There’s very easy ways to do
this. Like me, on my website, I have a big button that
says schedule a call. My website is just my name,
but you have to spell Coveney right, it ends in ey. Okay? You go there and you can book yourself
on my calendar and we just talk. So how do those conversations
go? We talk about your goals. We talk about what is it
that you actually want to do, what is it that you have already tried? What are the challenges that
you see in front of you? And then we determine
whether I can help you. I actually don’t work with just anyone. I work with people who are actually
ready to get this done and to get this going. So I need to ask you a whole bunch of
questions to qualify you to work with me, because Adam Urbanski
said it best. He said, I don’t just want to put money in my
pocket and try to give you advice. That’s not my job. What I want
to do is create success stories. So I don’t want to just work with anyone. I want to work with
people who are so ready, that by the end of the
time working together, they’re going to be a success story
that I can tell the whole world about. And you will hear me talking
about my clients on the podcast, on my Facebook group. You’ll
see me showcase my clients, because I like it when
they are successful. It makes me look good and it advances
their own life. Win-win situation. So that’s kind of how those calls go. It’s a half an hour and we get
there and we see if I can help you. We see if you are a good
fit to work together, to get you where you want to be in
three months. Those are my packages. My packages are three months long. But
we’re not here to talk about my packages. This is not a sales conversation. I’m
just telling you, get yourself a coach. If you want to see what
the experience is like, what a coach can actually provide. I’m going to give you a secret
that you may not realize. Okay? ‘Cause you may be like me, like consuming all of this information
for free and thinking to yourself, I don’t really need a coach if I
have all the information for free. I’m gonna give you a secret right now. Me as a coach is very different
from me as a content creator. As a content creator,
yes I’m here teaching, but it’s so not tailored to you that I
can’t give you very specific advice on a podcast. Otherwise I lose
95% of my audience. Right? So when you work with
a coach specifically, you get really specific advice that
you’re not going to hear anywhere else. ‘Cause I don’t feel like it applies to
the first tier of my audience. Right? I don’t feel like it applies to everybody
who’s listening to this podcast. So if you want to get a
taste for what that’s like, I do run personal workshops. They’re one-time sessions and I
run them every couple of months. So if you want to sign up for that and
get some direct advice on your next steps, go to
and sign up for the waitlist. I haven’t decided when I’m going to have
the next one and this podcast is going to be out there forever, so I’m just going to give you that link
and that’s link is where you can sign up. If a workshop is open, you can sign up for the next one
there and if there’s a waitlist, you can sign up for the
waitlist there. So go do that. People have walked out
with mind blown moments, ’cause they didn’t realize that the
advice could be so specific and they walk away with a full brain of things to do. That you would not get just by
listening to this podcast. Okay? Are you guys ready to move on to step
number two? Great. Okay. Step number two. Pick one idea and one idea only. I was talking to someone yesterday on
Messenger who was telling me that she’s been very informally providing the
service for her family and friends, but she has also done some business
marketing, some business planning, some business strategy work. But she doesn’t really know which
one is going to make her money. So she’s kinda just doing both
and seeing which one works. Okay. I’m going to give you a dog whistle
phrase right now that every time I hear it makes me cringe. It throws
alarm bells all over my brain. I’m going to give you what that phrase is, so that if you ever hear
yourself saying this phrase, those alarms should be going
off for you, too. And that is, “I’m going to try this and if fit
works out.” That’s the phrase. “If it works out, then I’ll
put more money, more time, more resources into it.” That’s
a phrase. If this works out, I will blank. I will do X. I will start doing this. You guys, that should throw alarm
bells all over the place. It should light up like a Christmas
tree when somebody says that. If you are saying that, it should
be lighting up as a Christmas tree. That’s a recipe for you actually getting
nothing accomplished because things don’t just quote unquote
work out magically overnight. Or quickly. Things don’t just do that. YOU are the one who will make it do that. I just signed to work
with another coach. Yeah, I have like five coaches that I work with. But each one provides a
different aspect of my business. But there’s this one coach I started
working with who her path was not let me see if this works out and then I’ll
do something else. Her path was, no, this is my vision. This is my goal and I’m not gonna
rest until I accomplish that. So I want you guys to understand
the difference between saying, I’m going to stay the course on
something that doesn’t work and saying, I’m never going to quit. There’s a
big difference between those two. If you have a vision and you’re
not gonna stop until you meet it, that doesn’t mean keep doing
what you’re doing until it works. That means keep doing what
you’re doing to get there, but continue to pivot, continue to evolve, continue to change your mind about things, but never lose sight of the
final goal. Okay? That’s a very, very different thing than saying, Oh, but Ina said I should just keep doing
what I’m doing and eventually it’ll work out. No, that’s not what I’m saying. What I’m saying is don’t quit your vision
after a couple months of something not working. Okay? Hold your vision and your goal in place
and keep doing all the right things, investing on the right programs,
getting advice from the right people. Continue to engage with your audience. Continue to do the things that I’m
going to keep talking about. You know, we still have three more
points to go on this. Continue doing those things and
keep pivoting. Change your product, change your audience, change
things to see what works, but never quit and never stop. So if you ever find yourself saying, I’m
going to try this and see if it works, you got the wrong mindset for
this. You got to switch it to be, I’m going to try this and continue
to evolve until I reach my goal. I’m never going to stop
until I reach my goal. That should be the mentality
here. Okay? So when I tell you, pick one idea and one idea only, that means that this person that I
was talking to yesterday who had two different ideas and actively
working on both of them, I gave her very sweet advice. Dude, pick one. She told me herself, she’s
like, I don’t have time for stuff, right? I don’t have time to do anything. I don’t have time to get
on a phone call with you. I don’t have time to go
on a workshop with you. I don’t have time to do any of this. I’m like, I know.We all have that
problem. We ALL don’t have time, right? So what are you
doing focusing on two ideas? Pick one and run with it wholeheartedly. If it’s not what you really want
to do, pivot and do something else, but never lose sight of your goal. So the best way to do this is to
pick one idea and run with it. If you need a little
bit of help with that, I want you to go back and watch the
episode that came before this one, episode 63. In that one, I
tell you how to pick your idea. It’s a I and I came up with
this like 10-step exercise. It’s sort of like a 10-step game and if
few really know which idea is going to be the one that you want to do, you’re
going to stop at step one, okay? But if you really are having
trouble picking between two ideas, go through the entire 10
steps. Go back to episode 63, listen to it with a pen and paper,
with your computer and a notepad. Like go through each one of those steps
and figure out which idea is going to win and start with that one. I want to also tell you something that
I heard and I don’t remember where I heard it, but it was super impactful. Which was how do you know that
you’re on the right track? How do you know that you
picked the right idea? Okay. If you feel like you did
not pick the right idea, there’s two different
ways to feel that, okay? Way number one to feel it is, Holy crap, I made the wrong choice. This is actually not what I wanna
do with my life. This is not it. This thing that I’m focusing
on is not what I want to do. Even if I succeed, I don’t want
this. That’s one way to feel it. The other way to feel like you’re on the
wrong path is when you feel like this is what you want to do for your
life, but it’s not working, right? Things are not working. Things are not
jelling, people are not responding, okay? And I’m gonna tell you which
side I would rather be on. I would rather be on the side where
things are not working, that the, I’ve chosen my passion,
but it’s not working. That just means you need
a little bit more help. Go back to step one of this podcast,
right? Get yourself a coach. You need a little bit more
help to identify your audience, to validate your idea, to really have a bigger vision to identify
who else has been down that path and follow their steps, right?
It means that you need, you just need to pivot your strategy, but you did find your passion
and that’s the hardest part, so stick with it and try something else. I would hate to be on the side of
someone who picked the wrong idea, but guess what? If you
pick the wrong idea, stop what you’re doing and run through
those exercises on episode 63, okay? And pick the right idea and start
over. But don’t give up, okay? That’s how you pick your idea. And
those are the steps to pick your idea. But pick just one and focus
all of your limited time, energy, and resources
on making that one work. You don’t have much time.
Focus it right. So step three. Validate your idea. A business is not a
business until it starts to make money. Okay? So Sunny Lenarduzzi said that. A business is not a business
until it starts to make money. So how do you validate your idea? As
soon as somebody pays you for something, you validated that people are
willing to pay for that thing. You’re on the right track. So
how do you validate your idea? I have an entire method, an entire process
that you can run through by yourself. And that is back in episode
one of this podcast. So listen to the first five episodes
of this podcast for the idea validation challenge that I ran back in July, 2018. Is still relevant and is
still going to help you, okay? Validating your idea is the first
thing you should be doing, okay? If somebody has already paid you
for it, great! Idea validated. But your work is not done. Part of idea validation is to go
out and talk to your audience, go out and talk to potential clients. You need to really know what
your ideal client is like, what they’re going through,
what their demographic, is what their intentions are, what their
goals are, what their dreams are, what, how they see themselves. You need to really understand all of
this to create content that is going to attract them. Otherwise, you’re going to skip to the next step in
this list and you’re going to start to create content that resonates with no one. You want content that resonates
with your ideal client, with people who are gonna
pay you to work with you. That’s who you’re trying to
attract. You’re not trying
to save the entire world. You’re trying to attract people that you
can specifically help and who are in a position to pay for your
services. This is a business, so you gotta think of your audience
as potential clients. Okay? For me, I’m going to tell you right now, every single person who’s listening to
this episode is a potential ideal client for me, and I want you to notice that the content
in this episode is directly targeted at people who want to start a business
on the side, right? How do I know that? Because in the beginning I told you,
Hey, if you’re starting this on the side, go check out episode 33, right? Somebody
who’s not doing this on the side, they may listen to my stuff
and they may follow me. I may be able to help them still, okay? But my message is going to be targeted
at people who want to start their businesses on the side. Okay? So I want you and your message to
be targeted at a specific someone. Who is that specific someone?
If you’ve said, well, is everybody who wants to quit smoking,
for example, that is way too broad. Are you really going to work with every
single person who wants to quit smoking? Probably not. There’s a whole mindset
piece that goes into it, right? You want to catch people where they’re at. You don’t want to try to convert
people to not smoking when they have no intention of quitting smoking.
Alright? They’re not your ideal client. Your ideal client is someone
who is thinking to themselves, I really want to do this,
but I don’t know how. So how do you attract
that person? By going out, interviewing some of these people and
finding out how they’re thinking about their smoking habits. Where
are they in life? All right? You gotta find out all of these things,
and that’s all part of idea validation. So go through those steps. Go back to episode one of this
podcast and listen to all five, the first five episodes. That’s my Idea
Validation Challenge. Do that. Okay? Stop everything and do that. Let’s go to step number four.
Building an audience. Okay, so congratulations.
You’ve picked your idea, you’ve created your business, right?
You’re in compliance with people at work. You know exactly what you want to do, and now it’s time to start
building your audience. I’m going to tell you right now. You’re going to see a lot of people
on a lot of mediums. I personally, I am on YouTube. I’m on Facebook in three different
ways. My first Facebook, Facebook, personal profile, my Facebook group,
and my Facebook business page. I also have different parts of
my business for lead generation. Like I founded So I teach podcasting as a way to
attract leads, right? I have a podcast. I am on Instagram and
Instastories and IG TV. So you may be thinking, do I have
to do all of that for this to work? And the answer is no. Businesses only need a couple
clients to get started, okay? You do not need a thousand
followers on day one. So I’m going to tell you what
you absolutely need to start. And that is a Facebook page. I’m not
even gonna tell you a website. You guys, I am a WordPress expert.
I am a website expert. I’ve been building websites forever. I know what a good website
can do for your business. But I’m gonna tell you right now, having a website doesn’t
do magic all by itself. You’ve got to use your
website correctly, all right? There’s a right way and a
wrong way to have a website. And I don’t want you to go down the path
of creating your website by yourself and then doing everything
wrong. I’m sorry, but doing everything wrong and
then saying to yourself, Oh, I created a website and
is not working. Right? I want you to be ready to have a
website so you can do it right, so don’t start there. Start with a Facebook business page where
you can create posts and you can start to boost them. Alright? Turning
posts into ads essentially. So you can start attracting new audiences
and growing your audience that way. Alright? And you can have a place that you call
home that people can Google you and find you. A Facebook page is the cheapest,
most efficient way to do this. So you start with your Facebook
business page and that’s it. You just start there.
That’s basically your, the equivalent of your website until
you educate yourself enough to know why you, why you need a website in the first
place, and how to use it efficiently. For Google search engine
optimization. For capturing leads. For attracting traffic. For keeping the traffic that you
get and not let it go into oblivion. How do you keep a blog and
why is a blog important? Do you really need to be
blogging? Do you need a podcast? Don’t worry about any of that
stuff when you’re starting out. Get yourself a business page. Educate yourself on how to boost posts
to generate an audience and you’re off to the races. Okay? Google a lot. I’m not
going to cover all the details here, but do a lot of Googling on how to
create a great Facebook page. Okay? So that’s the next thing you’re going
to do to start building an audience. Here’s the thing. I’m not going to move
on from this spot until I tell you this. I want you to come up with the social
media outlet that is your sweet spot, okay? If you’re the kind of person
who loves to talk, alright? Maybe a podcast is a really
great medium for you. If you’re the kind of person
who loves to be on video, who looks great on camera, who has that, that director of photography eye
to make something look amazing, or you know about video editing,
maybe video is your medium, right? You want to find a place in the
online world that you really Excel at. For me, that’s video. I mean, every
single podcast episode that I record, I record on video. This one didn’t make it on video
because I’m in Israel and the internet connection in my hotel is not awesome.
This is not representative of Israel, just this hotel wifi. Just, it’s just awful and we
would have just broken up. It’s just not efficient for me. But I am going to record a little video
to put on LinkedIn and to give to my group. But I record most of my podcast
episodes on video in my Facebook group. I love video. I feel like I
thrive on it. It’s my place. That’s why I have a YouTube channel. Okay? So find your place in the world
and then use it consistently. Is it your Facebook page? Is it your
Facebook group? Is it Instagram? What’s your sweet spot? Stick with
it and do it really, really well. Post consistently. And then once you start to get more
bandwidth or you start to get the hang of it, you can start the repurpose your content
and post it in different social media outlets. So do you have to start everywhere? No. Get yourself a business page and find
your sweet spot social media presence, where you’re going to be showing up
consistently at least once a week to give people something they
absolutely need. Okay? Let’s go to the final
step. Step number five. Coming up with great, irresistible offers and
continuing to test them. Okay? So an irresistible offer. What is it? So if you are listening to this, it means that you want to
start a business on the side. It means that you are really
wondering where to start. Alright? So I would recommend to you that you
come to one of my workshops, right? It’s two hours. It’s an intimate
group setting where we do hot seats. Where you get a spot, a time slot or I give you specific
advice and answer all of your specific questions about your business and it
will be stuff that you have not heard me say before, because it’s going
to be so tailored to you, that you walk out with something
you have not seen anywhere else. So I recommend that that would
be a great next step for you. And that way you see what my coaching
style is like and you may decide like many people have done to just work with
me one-on-one to get more out of your experience, to actually get
this done in three months, to get your full social media
presence, to get your website done. Everything with me in three months. Right? So how do you come up with
irresistible offers? Just like that. So how are you going to come
up with your resistible offer? I just came up with mine and
I just showed you what it is. What is your irresistible offer? What is something that is an immediate
leap from your content to something that people can pay for to get more out
of you? What is that going to be? Perhaps it would be too
big a leap to say, Hey, anyone who’s listening to this podcast
wants to set up a call with me to work with me one on one. That
probably would be a big leap, because I actually don’t know what
stage in their business or what stage in their mindset people who are
listening to this are, right? But I have a fair idea. I feel like you know, we will
work together at some point. What do you feel like is your leap from
the content that you’re providing or that you want to provide and an
offer that people cannot resist? An irresistible offer. What can you
give them right now that they need? What is an immediate next step from the
content that you’re providing to buying something? It doesn’t have to be your
premium service. It doesn’t have to be, Hey, come work with me
one-on-one. It could just be, Hey, let me give you this guide. Right? Come up with a guide created on Come up with a guide
that is really useful, that synthesizes a lot of things that
people would find in many different places online and tell them, Hey, I’ll give
you this guide for seven bucks, right? And it’s going to tell you
exactly what you need to know. So there are ways for you to
offer something very small, but it starts to get people
in the right mindset, right? Get people in the right direction and
that helps you validate that there’s a market for this. Alright? So start thinking of things that YOU
would have bought if it was presented to you out there at a reasonable price. Okay? Start coming up with these
irresistible offers and create tiers. Is almost like a ladder, right? Create
a ladder up to your premium services. You start with something that is small
and irresistible and you keep moving up in offer sizes, until people are willing and open
and excited to work with you. But it doesn’t stop there. It’s not like you put one out there and
if it doesn’t work, then you’re done. You keep testing it, you keep coming
up with new offers and that’s the fun, the fun part of business. This is the place where I wish I
could live 100% of the time is content creation. Is thinking of new
ways to attract an audience. Is thinking of new materials to put out
there for people to like and enjoy and to move the needle in their businesses
and to move the needle in their lives. Like I wish I could spend 100% of my time
doing that. Just the content creation. So have fun with it, have fun with it. If it doesn’t feel like it’s fun,
if it feels like it’s a drag, then ask yourself if you’re, if you picked the right idea and go back
to step two, right? Picking your idea. Okay? But when you have a coach, your
coach will help you navigate all of this. So that covers it, guys. Those are the five next steps that you
need to follow in order to start your business. So if you’ve ever
felt I want to start a business, I just don’t know where to start.
This is what you needed to do. But like I said before in the beginning, the hard part of business is the mindset. Is the believing that you can
do it and holding that goal, holding that vision for
yourself so alive in your mind, that there’s nothing
that can stop you. Okay? I can give you strategy all day long and
it’s gonna do absolutely nothing if you don’t believe this is possible. Okay? So watch out for the dog
whistle that I gave you. Watch out for those red alerts, right? Watch out for those alarms that would
go off in your head if things are not going right and continue to pivot, and continue to evolve and
keep moving the needle forward. Okay? That’s where my coach
helped me. When I started out, I wanted to teach moms how to create
websites. You look where I am right now. It’s like 18 months later and I’m
teaching professionals how to start side businesses, not moms
how to create websites. So it’s not about sticking
with it if it doesn’t work, is to continue to have the self awareness
to know that you’re in the right place, doing the right things and
to keep moving the needle forward. So if you have any questions about this, you can always go to the Facebook group, go to and
it will take you straight there. Remember to spell Coveney
right, it ends in ey. You can also follow me on
Instagram at @inacoveney. I’m the only Ina Coveney in the world. You can also subscribe to this podcast
and if you like what you heard, if you enjoy this, please go on to Apple Podcast and give
me a five star review and leave an honest review. Okay? I like five star reviews,
but it doesn’t have to be five stars. If you go there and you tell
me exactly what you thought, you would help others pick
up this podcast, too. Okay? So if you leave a review, tell me
about it. Don’t do it in secret. Send me a message. I’m very easy to find. I’m the one who responds to all
of my Facebook Messenger messages, all of my DMs on Instagram. Send
me a message and tell me, Hey, I just left you a review. I loved
your stuff and I’m going to be like, Oh my God, this actually works. Right? It’s just exactly how you would feel
if somebody came and told you that. So I would love to hear from
you. Let me know that you did, so that I can shout it from the rooftops
and if you have a business to promote, I can tell everybody to
go and follow you as well. So don’t miss out on that
opportunity. I will do that for you. So this is where it ends. I
actually have to go upstairs, it’s our last day in Israel and I have
to go upstairs and get my bag out in the hallway, so that they can take it
away. I need to go have breakfast. Enjoy my last day here and yeah, I really hope to hear from you
soon through Facebook Messenger, through Instagram. Tell me what
you thought of this podcast. And if you’re listening
to this on your phone, you can also take a screenshot and
post it on Instagram and tag me on it, so that I can thank you. I really
hope that you got a lot out of this. I love doing this for you.
This is my sweet spot, is the content creation part and
I will talk to you guys soon. Thank you guys. Bye. Thank you for listening to
Trailblazing Out Of Corporate Life. If you feel like you need a little
bit more help, more information, I give free trainings and free challenges
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you have to spell Coveney right, it ends in ey. All of the content for this podcast was
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I will see you on the next episode. Bye! Yay! Thank you so much for
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