The fellowship of free speech trash meme boi 2018

The fellowship of free speech trash meme boi 2018

okay my name is something cool as you
may know my mom just died and this is all that’s left
what are we waiting for as you may know free speech is under attack in Europe
and other countries we must do something before it’s too late before the limits
of free speech get strangles even further free speech is fundamental to
our societies and we must not be intimidated by them let’s debate free
speech I hate you all very much did anyone get hurt by my statement are
you agree that your right to speak is more important than my right not to get
offended by you real real voice this is my real voice my real voice is here
today and I speak but it’s still my voice every every day you’re hurting
people’s feelings by saying such nonsense
this is outrageous I really want to punch you right now with my axe violence is
inappropriate I’m speaking now speak speak speak
I hate Hillary clinton I hate elves too boy I really hate you you antifa soy boy you don’t understand what I say because wanna punch you I punch everyone I hate and I hate you Calm down everybody I’m tired of hearing all you tiny tiny voices I want to speak I want to speak I love you Why can’t you all be friends and give everyone the right to free speech yes boy you’re a good laddie and I should support you every opportunity I get to debate feminists I take I love speaking well
said I’m I’m sorry I doubted you I should have known better free speech
is the most important rights you ever will have and I say to you let’s fight
to the end *speaking norwegian* well that’s nice another
companion into this club I guess do you want to help us save free speech or not
we are coming too did I hear you gonna save free speech
save it please I love it I love speaking all the time I love speaking
what’s your name dude free speech is over
we need to fix it I can see you I can smell you but this a beautiful
place to be and I love to speak but is’nt free speech dead

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