The Fake Counterfeit Money Scam

The Fake Counterfeit Money Scam

Counterfeit money is an imitation of the real
thing in order to deceive people, and of course it’s used to rip people off. Then there’s fake counterfeit money. The person running the scheme knows it’s
real, but the clients believe it’s fake. This type of scam might not be as common as
counterfeit money, but under the right circumstances, it can be far more successful. In one of the scams, a con artist approaches
the victim. They offer to sell the victim a machine that
can print one-hundred-dollar bills using only paper. There would be a few real hundred-dollar bills
to demonstrate but when the victim buys the machine for thousands of dollars, they quickly
realize that the rest is worthless paper and by the time they’ve realized this, the con
artist is long gone. The second scam is where scammers would offer
to sell people realistic-looking high quality counterfeit currency. When the victim meets the scammer at the place
of the scammer’s choosing, they get to see the bag full of money. The victim thinks it’s counterfeit, but
in reality, it’s real since counterfeit money would require unnecessary additional
effort. While they are negotiating the price or the
victim is otherwise distracted, an accomplice switches the bag of money for a bag of sawdust
or other worthless items. Before the victim realizes what’s happened,
the swindlers are gone. This is called the green goods scam. Basically, they believe they’re paying for
one thing, when in reality, they’re getting another. This originates from the pig in the poke scam
from the middle ages. People thought they were buying a pig in a
bag, when in reality, they were buying a cat, which was much less valuable as meat. This might be where the expression “letting
the cat out of the bag” comes from. The worst part about these scams, or best
part if you are the crook behind it, is that the victims can’t report the incident to
the police without facing charges themselves, since they were knowingly trying to buy counterfeit
currency, which is a serious crime. The good news is that with things like the
internet, it’s easier to stop these people from getting away with it or even stopping
it from happening altogether. And until next time, thanks for watching.

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  1. Another very interesting scam is where the scammer has a bunch of black paper and some actual money, they use some techniques (not really sure exactly how) to remove some black stuff from actual bills, convincing the buyer that they have a bag of real money, when in reality it's a bag of black paper

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