The Extreme Job Hunter – Employ Me Now

The Extreme Job Hunter – Employ Me Now

I was made redundant. A wife and two kids to feed. Fed up of being unemployed. Something had to change. I started People laughed at me. They thought I was a joke. They thought I was stupid. But I showed them… I wasn’t. The Extreme Job Hunter went viral. My website had over 30,000 hits. My YouTube channel had 20,000 views. I was in every national newspaper. I was on national, and international radio. And ended up on national TV, being broadcast to 6 million viewers. I landed a job as a Digital Marketing Manager. A chance to prove myself. Now 2 years later after being made redundant, The Extreme Job Hunter is back! I’m ready to prove to the world again, that for the right company I can be a valuable asset. People may laugh again. But I won’t give in. For their sakes. Natalie Lucy Jack And Eleanor. Because life is about going forward, and not letting anything hold you back.

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