The Engineering Fellows Program: The Engineer’s Role

The Engineering Fellows Program: The Engineer’s Role

[MUSIC PLAYING] My name is Jasmine James. I go to Yakima Valley College. I’m majoring in
software engineering. I feel that my involvement in
the Engineering Fellows program will help students better
understand what engineering is. So it’s a great
opportunity for them to gain access to the
knowledge and tools and better understand
a career path that they might have in the future. Having Jasmine in
our classroom– it is so beneficial
to those kids. Because they get to
see students who look like them and get to interact
with them one on one. Seeing what they
do helps to spark that interest in STEM careers. She gives us advice,
and she’ll help us learn of what our mistakes were. It’s really fun. I feel like it helps me
because she’s an engineer, and she’s learning it while
we’re learning it, too. When you’re a kid, it’s not like
you get to see, like, people that you don’t know
who are in college and are actually becoming
something professional. I’m in fifth grade. How many kids get to see
an engineer in fifth grade? To me, it’s very meaningful
to be a part of this program. As a woman of color
and a minority who is a first generation
college student, I would say that it’s very
important for students to see someone that cares
about their future, someone that encourages them to pursue
engineering and to not give up. When I saw Jasmine,
I figured out that not only boys
can be engineers. Women can be engineers,
too, if they study for it. It’s helped me by inspiring
me to keep trying. Like my teacher says, failure
is just another opportunity to try again. I believe in this program. And I’m so excited and
pleased to be a part of it, because I’m going to
be part of the change.

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