The Engineering Fellows Program: A Blueprint for Success

The Engineering Fellows Program: A Blueprint for Success

There’s a tremendous
shortage of STEM talent in our nation, bottom line. [MUSIC PLAYING] To get a young person excited
and engaged early on really expands that pool. And it helps a young person
understand I can and I am. And we’re all engineers,
and we’re all scientists. The data in STEM on lack
of diversity in STEM is just stark. We would like all our
students, especially our under-represented students,
to see themselves as engineers. The Engineering
Fellows Program pairs teachers with college and
graduate engineering students, as well as industry
professionals over a sustained period of time. We consider having this support
as one way that we bring in that value of the
content expertise as well as additional
support for teachers throughout the year. Designing these challenges
with the students and the professionals
was absolutely amazing. Being an author of some
of these design challenges has given me confidence
to talk to my colleagues about the engineering
design challenges that we’ve been doing. And it led to some great
engineering challenges that happened school-wide
in my building this year. I want to be a part of
the Fellows Program, because I really wanted to
encourage a more diverse group of people to become engineers. And I thought what
a great opportunity to participate with
teachers and students who are setting the stage for the
next generation of engineers. Equity is not only important,
but it’s critical in the work that we do. Engineering Fellows
allows every student to have that opportunity of
being heard and being seen. And their talents are being
nurtured for the potential that they have to offer. I really hope that I can
keep doing engineering, because I think it’s really fun. And it’s really cool that
we’re learning all this. Engineering is all
about problem solving, so you need a diverse
set of problem solvers to be able to solve problems
for a diverse set of population. I think it’s really
allowing more students to feel successful
in the school, and with that could set them
up for more rigorous or more ambitious goals in the future. The kids started
to see that they can work through these problems,
move on, and make whatever they’re working on better. And that’s huge. It felt great to have
older students come in for engineering and
teach us about what they do. They taught us that mistakes
are an important part to the challenge, because
you learn from them. And they showed us that there’s
so much kinds of engineers that you can be. The engineer’s goal is to
try making the world a better place and fixing
problems that it has. I would like to do
engineering some day. This is mission critical work. It’s about awareness, and
engagement, and excitement. We’re going to build
a broader talent pool. And so, this is exciting. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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