The Ellen Staff’s ‘Bachelor’ Recap: Colton’s Fence Jump Revealed!

The Ellen Staff’s ‘Bachelor’ Recap: Colton’s Fence Jump Revealed!

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, guys! I’m Tracy. And I’m Andy. And this episode was an
emotional roller coaster. I cried. I laughed. No. We got it. I didn’t laugh. I just cried. We got it! We’ve been looking at it
all season in the teases. And it finally happened. The fence jump! We got the fence jump. It finally happened. And so we obviously have
a lot to talk about, mainly all about that. Yes. And so let’s bring
in the man who can jump a much smaller
fence, Corey Palent! Bring in the– Yay! We got our moment. What’d you think? Well, I thought about leaping
over the fence as my entrance today, and then realized that
I’m not nearly as athletic as Colton, so I skipped it. He’s a giant dude. The roll-in’s much
more my speed. You guys, I want to say
from the very beginning, I was not disappointed. Not at all. Like– First of all, this was the most
nuts episode of the season, and maybe one of the craziest– In “Bachelor” history? Well, because so much
happened in this episode that you’ve never seen happen. It was very
unconventional “Bachelor.” Oh, yeah. You’ve never seen– It started conventional. Yeah. Yeah. OK, so anyway, so they’re
in beautiful Portugal– they’re in Algarve, Portugal– they said it, like, 15 times. I tried to say it at
home, and it just– Algarve tourism must have
just paid a lot of money to get those hits. A lot of money. Beautiful. So the first date
goes to Tayshia. Yeah. And they go on this
helicopter ride. And they go to– Very “Bachelor.” Very “Bachelor.” They go to the– Beautiful coastline. They go to a lighthouse. Beautiful lighthouse. They have a– Did anyone else notice that
when they have a picnic, that he rolls out the
blanket for them to sit on and it is the
rockiest area ever? Oh. And they go to dinner. She brings up her
ex-husband, and we find out that he cheated on her. Yes. If you’re the
ex-husband right now– Bummer. Real big bummer. You probably were hoping
that that didn’t come out. But anyway, so they
have this talk. And then, really, we
just get right to it. They get the key to
the fantasy suite. So then they wake up,
and they’re in bed, and he’s got kind
of the messy hair. And so then you’re
wondering, is he, isn’t he? But then Colton really gets
that confusion out of the way by saying, we didn’t do it. Yeah. And then Tayshia also says it
wasn’t exactly what she was– Yeah, it wasn’t what she
was expecting– or hoping? Expecting, hoping for. We all saw it
coming, then, right? Yeah. Should we all just
take a deep breath? Because I just feel like
there’s a lot to talk about. Ready? Just breathe in. OK. OK. This is the Cassie date. So they go on this date
where they kind of go explore Portugal, and they go and they
drive, and they go to the cafe, and they’re dancing, and
they’re doing all this stuff. So then they get to
this cliff overlooking another beautiful water– More cliffs, yeah. Yeah. Insert Portugal shot here. And they open this
wine, and he’s like– and you could tell that– I feel like him saying this,
he did not realize the beast that it was about to unleash. Oh, no. As soon as he said
it, that was amazing. Oh, my god. So he– I’m so excited. He was all in, and he thought
she would be too, right? Right. So he said, I didn’t get
your dad’s permission. That throws Cassie for a loop. Well, I understand
that indecisiveness after only dating someone
for about five seconds. Everybody should. Yes. And being 23. Agreed. Agreed. Agreed. I get that. Yes. Two things stacked against her. Yes. That’s a real reaction. Right. Yeah, so anyway, she freaks out. We never usually see
this moment where they go back to their
respective hotels or whatever. Nope, yeah. On their break where they– To get ready for the next date. Usually, it’s like they go
from driving around to dinner. Yeah. And suddenly, dad
has flown all the way from Huntington
Beach, California. No bags either. So he comes in, and she’s
surprised to see him, but then also, kind of not. Kind of expecting. Yeah, so, and then
they sit on the couch, and they have this conversation. Yeah. She’s like, I’m worried, because
you knew with mom right away. Oh, right. Yeah. And he’s like, yeah, well,
this is a really big decision. That’s when you
knew it was over. So then Cassie has this
moment with her producer where she basically says, I am
going to go and I’m leaving. Right. I’m going to go tell
Colton I am leaving. OK, so then dinner comes,
and he can tell right away– Immediately. –that something’s going on. And it’s the thing he’s– Well, because the
whole time, she just looked like she was in
a full flop sweat of– And this is the thing he’s
been saying and teasing to the entire time. My biggest fear is that– Is that someone’s not ready. Yeah. OK– or no, that somebody
won’t feel the same way that I felt for someone. You guys, what was
so sad is that Colton realized what was happening. Ehh. Ehh. Yeah, so he basically says, OK– Nothing else matters. Because Cassie kept
saying, I’m not going to be ready in two
weeks for a proposal. She’s like, I’m not there yet. I’m not there yet. I’m not where you are. Right. But Colton says, forget about
the show, forget about– All of it. –how this is supposed to go. Yes. I am OK if, in two
weeks, we’re just dating. Which, by the way, was
a shocking response to me, because prior
to that, he was ready to be engaged
and start a family. But she basically just
said I don’t think I’ll– I don’t know if I’ll
ever get there with you. Yes. Yeah. Which he was just like– Which that is an
awful thing to hear. I mean, that is– no, that’s
the worst thing to hear. That’s the worst thing. By the way– No, no, you’re cute
and I like you– –off-camera, that’s a
terrible thing to hear. I love you. Well, here’s the thing– Uh-huh. Oh, my heart just broke for him. So then Cassie says,
no, I’m leaving. She gets in the car,
cries, whatever. He goes back up to his room. Where he thought everything
was going to happen. Yep. We don’t see what happens
in there, but he says– Garbly garble, muffle muffle. No, but then he says
something like, I’m done, I’m done with this. Yeah. Opens the door– I can see why he would be
done with it, after all that. Goes down the stairs,
bumps the camera. I don’t know that he
slammed the camera. I think it was a– I think it was between
a bump and a hit. I mean, he was a
football player, so I think it was
a little, like– So then Colton’s
like, gotta get out of here, but he can’t,
because there’s this huge fence in the way. Yeah. But doesn’t matter for Superman. Boing. I still– well, that
goes to show, one, his athletic ability,
but also how tall he is. Yes. He’s, like, nine feet tall. Everything about this– I’m for the guy that’s
like, can you open the gate? Everything was superhuman. That’s what Chris Harrison did. Can you imagine if
there was a moment where he was like, [GRUNTS]. You guys, I will say,
“The Bachelor”– no, yeah. But he didn’t. Half of me expected it. It was smoothest,
most amazing thing. Meanwhile, where does
Colton think he’s going? He just wanted to get away. Yeah, but I love
that he’s just– Right. Like [INAUDIBLE]. He’s disappearing into Portugal
for the rest of his life. And it’s dark, and they’re
all like, Colton, come back. Meanwhile, he’s probably
10 feet ahead of them. Oh, for sure. I know. We’re going to see next week. Just outside of the light. He’s just filing
his nails somewhere. Well, no, they
eventually find him. His producer finds him,
who I think it was Caitlyn. The point is, doesn’t
matter, finds him, and they’re walking, and he– I don’t even remember
what he says. It was just so dramatic,
and that’s when we get our– Just a lot more of the, I’m
done, I’m done, I’m over it. The most dramatic To Be
Continued of all time. Yes, it was a really
good To Be Continued. Oh, for sure. I cannot wait. My heart is pounding right now. Yeah. Wow. [MUSIC PLAYING] Now would be the time in
the normal cube of events– Yeah. OK. –where we would
cross Cassie off. Right. I don’t think we can. However, we have pre-decided
kind of as a group– Yeah, we can’t. There’s something
else coming her. What do we think the ending is? I don’t know what the ending is. I think she still wins. But early in the season, they
teased him out with a box. Now, you said early on,
there’s no ring in that box, but what’s going on there? OK, so here’s my– OK– A promise to Cassie. Oh, wait! I just came up
with a prediction. Here we go. Oh. No, this is what I’ve
been looking for. Actually, based on
you saying that. OK. You’re welcome. OK. Well, so we see a
little bit in the tease that he goes to a door,
which, again, gave me like Ari Becca Kufrin vibes. Ooh. Knocking on that holding house. And I think Cassie’s there. I think he goes to try
to reconnect with her. Maybe she’s had some time
to think about what happened and separate herself
from her family. Yeah. I think he says,
please just date me. I think she gives in,
and I think she says, OK, I will date you. And then maybe–
I either to think two things about that shot. One, that was a shot that they
took at the very beginning of the season as just a– Promo? –promo in the cliffs of LA
where we never actually see it. Right. Or they go to the finale
spot, he has the ring, he opens it, and says, I’m not
proposing right now, because I just want to date you. Yeah, well, I think
it’s almost a joke. I agree with you. I think he shows
up and he’s like– They’re both in on it? –ready? Yes. They’re both in on it. Nothing. And then he’s like, don’t
worry, let’s just date, get to know each other, yay. Champagne! Psh. Mm! And then that’s it. And “After the Final Rose.” I literally
specifically asked him– and multiple people have– Yeah. –how do you feel
about the outcome. And he’s like, I am
happy with the outcome. Everyone [INAUDIBLE]
says he’s happy. If this is not– after
seeing what has happened, there is no way that he would
be happy with any other outcome besides Cassie coming
around in some way. Ellen asked if he was engaged,
and he said, I’m happy. Mm-hm. [MUSIC PLAYING] You guys, this has been
a fantastic season. This is a good one. It has, and it’s not done yet. Like I said, I
really think Colton could be my favorite Bachelor. More to come. I agree. And he’s good-looking. OK, you guys. Go. A big thanks to
y’all for watching. And tune in Wednesday, because
Miss North Carolina herself, Caelynn, is going to
join us in the cube. Yay! Yes. And comment below to
tell us what you think. I’m going to take this. I don’t know what
that voice was. [INAUDIBLE] See you later. Woo. Oh, my god. My heart is still pounding. I know. My heart’s pounding for you.

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  4. I think the box doesn’t have a ring in it, but it has the butterfly he saved from the first night

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