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  1. I read in one of the post that epacket is closing soon. What is the impact of this on drop Shipping business model?

  2. Back in 2007 marketing was harder BUT IT'S FREE. You have to go to different platforms like forums, yahoo groups and etc… find the category where to post it and that's it. All it takes are time and skill to find places which is not that hard. Now it's easier BUT you have to pay and bid to get the word out. I still choose the old way or marketing online rather than spend thousands of dollars thru FB ads and IG influencers.

  3. "opening a store is free"…thats a lie. no store online is ever free… not a website, not shopift not amazon. only partial exception is ebay, you can sell there but its not a official store until you pay.

  4. The hardest part about dropshipping is relying on 12-20 day epackets while competitors get items shipped in 5-8 days. Meanwhile, using DHL, FEDEX, UPS, or USPS jacks up the overall initial cost of the product.

  5. Thank you for being clear and honest on the investment side of things, that you need to have a certain amount of money to be able to start and sustain your business. Cause there are tones of videos out there saying : oh you don’t nee d money or oh you’ll need just. 50$!!!! No you need a lot more 200$ + is a minimum start up . I loved what the two guys said about some of their capital it was the “burnout money 💰 “

  6. I've watched a lot of videos on dropshipping but the proble of handling returns is never discussed.
    Also, are ther any US or Canadian dropshipped we can use? I realize that stuff out of China is cheap but surely we can use North American dropshippers…can't we?

  7. Please review our store:
    Hey, we just opened our FIRST dropshipping store. Our niche, weed/smoking accessories. We already made 3 (1cancelled) sells. We started out Last week (Monday 29 October) and we are still working on everything. Hope some of you could give some great feedback! If you read this hopefully you could give us some feedback as well 🙂

    We are still working on the. Descriptions, some of them (like 15 of ±60 products) already have one. Also, we're not sure if we have to do a lot of sales, just make some prices higher and "fake" some sales. We started our store with too low pricing so we made everything a little more expensive. We are already running some FB ads but we can't really promote a product because of the rules around weed. We know we got a difficult niche, so hopefully you have some other feedback 😉
    Really appreciate every tip!!

  8. I do have a question. if 100 customers buy from your store daily what information do you give AliExpress? Are you going to have to put 100 orders in with 100 different people names ,addresses , and my credit card number?? how do I get paid? direct deposit? check?

  9. dropshipping is basically scamming people into buying overpriced (set by the dropshipper) cheap generic products that they thought were high quality. shameful businness model. dont know how dropshippers could smile and sleep at night

  10. i dont get it. If you order from supplier, which you need to buy in bulk to get the wholesale price, so what do you with the rest of that bulk when your customer only ordered 1 pc?

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