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  1. I don’t know why men’s clothing hasn’t had any variety like the womens clothing line. This is the year 2019 for god sake‘s and men are still wearing a shirt, tie and Jacket. It isn’t flattering. I’m glad I’m not a man that society has chosen for me to wear that idiotic outfit whenever I need to look nice or fancy.

  2. So glad I don't spend time wasted on "getting dressed" 5 days a week for work. I work 7 days a week in whatever, usually scrubs and a slingshot. Zootsuits LOL

  3. Men's warehouse is just a high pitch sales job, it's like going into a used car dealership. Nothing turns me off than those pressure tactics. Does anyone like those kind of people, does anyone trust them? They can't sell me a suit if I never walk in the door or go to their web site. There are many different great new clothing stores, online and otherwise.

  4. 04:22 – We make 108 decisions per minute?!??!….is where I stopped watching.
    Deciding to breathe, blink, or to allow your heartbeat are not decisions, FFS.
    I'll make many decisions today, maybe over a hundred….but not this minute.
    In fact, I just decided to take a bite of my sammich.

  5. 0:50
    Stop talking over the interview subject….it is not pleasant or interesting…..
    it's a garbled mess.
    Try being more formal.
    How much are you paid?….
    ….yet I have to state the obvious ?

  6. Both Homer Simpson and Donald Trump have signature looks using only the most meager of wardrobes….perhaps they even employ the same tailor.

  7. What's interesting to me is how this style of men's clothing with some variations, which probably started in England, has gone all over the world as a kind of standard for many men.

  8. I will never buy from mens warehouse ever again used them for my wedding we all looked terrible outdated and horrible what a waste of time an money they will never get my dime again

  9. Bahaha, i love who everything gets over analyzed. Do you know why those techies wear those ugly clothes? not because they do not care, it is because they have no clue what good wear is. They never will and they are in a sense not interested in it. For a man to attract the opposite site the ordinary man needs to have good looks, which is not for everyone, to have wealth, which is not for everyone, or dress a little bit better .. which is attainable for everyone. So yeah those techies get away with it .. why? BECAUSE THEY ARE FILTHY RICH ….. sight.

  10. the suit is the ultimate power adornment that can be worn virtually anywhere. I love wearing suits as women. There incredibly hard to find. well tailored, well fitting suit.

  11. I like to see men in suits,especially a suit with a great fit.It makes them look well put together,some men have a different walk when they wear a suit,lol

  12. The suit, and especially the tie (leash), are symbols of mindless submission and conformity. Of course it will never go away.

  13. i hope not a woman in a business suit, INCLUDING A TIE, is a hot look.—-as for men , would you trust a lawyer wearing a hoodie instead of a suit in your court case.

  14. What kind of clothing one wears is not important, but neat and detailed grooming and dressing is psychologically important in business as a "proof of diligence". It shows that you CAN perform some burdensome but necessary task with care and attention to detail. "This guy does not even shave, and seems too lazy to buy a suit, keep it clean, and put it on each morning. Why should I trust that he can take good care of my savings money, or deliver supplies to me in time?"


  16. The business suit changed the way we see and live in the world. The death of the business suit would be the end of the world. Careful what you wish for

  17. I think that when you wear a suit you feel more confident and gives you more credibility at the moment of business…

  18. When you realize, that who you are is more important than what you wear and what society thinks of it. That's when you are reborn and ready to use this world as toilet paper!

  19. Who wants to be uncomfortable and hot all day? My work production would go way down always having to adjust. And my attitude would suffer feeling so uncomfortable.

  20. Suits are the official clothing of unhonest people. Politicians, lawyers, car salesmen ect all wear them. They are made for such dishonesty, that it's even what is preferred to go to church in as you sit there and lie to your self and your God that you try to not sin and be a better person.

  21. Ahh, the ever famous clown suit.
    Man makes the suit. The suit doesn't make the man.
    When you're confident enough to perform in your best, even in shirt and jeans.
    People get hired wearing suits and people get fired wearing suits. What's your point???

  22. Those guys he said looked amazing, we're not wearing ties. He conveniently forgot to mention that. Ties are the main problem. Dry cleaned clothes also a problem, haughty.

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