The Dark Side Of Business Innovation | The Threat Report News

The Dark Side Of Business Innovation | The Threat Report News

Time is not a luxury available in any business
market. And while no business wants to or can afford to undervalue the importance of cybersecurity, it is sometimes overlooked in the push to
host an online application or some new feature for customers. There was a time when security was only added
on as an afterthought. Those days are long over, there are two forces
at work that make it tough to keep up: • Technology is everywhere. There is virtually no part of our lives that
doesn’t have some internet-based or app component to it. • Businesses are under incredible pressure. Once they bring product to market, they must
constantly outdo themselves, and the pace of change can by dizzying and financially
risky as well as expose them to cyber threats. No matter what innovation your company is
implementing, if it is at risk for cyber-attack you must work to secure. In the long-term the cost is worth it whether
it protects your businesses data or your customers.

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