The Consular Fellows Program

The Consular Fellows Program

MR TONER: … [T[his being May, college graduation
season is upon us, and new graduates may want to check out a special public service opportunity
at the Department of State. It’s called our Consular Fellows Program. The Consular
Fellows Program offers candidates a unique opportunity to serve their country for up
to five years, utilize their foreign language skills, and develop valuable skills and experience.
They will gain exposure to the world of diplomacy, serve U.S. citizens abroad, and foster U.S.
border security and international travel and exchanges. Foreign Service Consular Fellows
serve at our U.S. embassies and consulates overseas and work side by side with career
diplomats and other members of our missions. Benefits include salary, housing, educational
allowances for eligible family members, and also they also qualify for recruitment incentive
and may qualify for a student loan program – repayment program.

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