The Consortium for Older Adult Wellness (COAW)

The Consortium for Older Adult Wellness (COAW)

[Kaiser Permanente
Our Community Stories] (easy acoustic guitar music) [Claudia Wagner, Lakewood, CO resident]
– When we first came here to Colorado my dad was still in pretty good shape mentally and physically. But as we lived here for a while his dementia started kicking in. A typical visit with Daddy might include going to a park or we do
some personal hygiene. I clip his fingernails, I cut his hair. I’m a writer and I didn’t get to actually
start paying attention to my writing until I retired. But of course with Daddy, I
have to manage back and forth, a time for me to do my work and time for me to do work with Daddy. I felt like I needed more help. And luckily somebody recommended
Healthier Living Colorado. My first experience beginning the class was meeting with a man named Paul. I was explaining to him about
Daddy’s chronic conditions, and he kept asking me questions about me, but that’s not why I was there. When the class started at first, it was very interesting
and they were talking about us dealing with our problems. And somewhere along the line it clicked that I also have chronic conditions. One of the things that they recommended for our goal setting was to set a goal to do something that we liked to do. And I actually like to walk. So it was nice to find out
that there is a walking group easily available to me. I think it’s really important for people to be aware of the consortium for older adult wellness. The one thing that I bring from this class is that I’m worth it. My well-being is the most
important thing to me, because without it I can’t do anything for myself or anybody else. [Kaiser Permanente
Consortium for Older Adult Wellness]

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