The Consortium at Simon

The Consortium at Simon

So when I think about diversity
inclusion and knowing that it’s pivotal to the mission of Consortium, and I think
about how that then translates to my experience at Simon, Simon is a very
diverse community. And when I say that I mean it’s really outside of gender,
race, ethnicity— things like that—it’s a really diversity
of thought. And because Simon does a really great job of sourcing students
from all different backgrounds, whether that’s professional, whether that’s
personal, from all over the world, diversity is just really at the fabric
of who we are in this University, so it makes it very very easy to then support
the mission of Consortium. One way that I stayed true to the Consortium values and
how they interact with Simon is that I’m actually a first-year liaison for the
Consortium. And so it’s been really great to keep the momentum going for my
classmates and learn new ways about how we can keep that momentum going for
future classes. I’m on the team of first years and second years that are leading
up the next class of Consortium students. So as we prepare for the next incoming
class and getting them prepared for OP this summer, and really just paying it
forward the coaching and preparation that was invested into me to get me
prepared for the conference. So the Orientation Program, also affectionately
known as OP, is a pre-MBA activity even before you begin business school, which
is great because it definitely gives you a leg up on the internship search. It’s a
five-day conference that’s being held every year and it’s typically in various
cities throughout the US. If I could choose a few words to
describe OP it would definitely be unique, transformative, life-changing,
exhilarating, inspiring, it was totally unforgettable, and it was
extremely energetic. From an OP standpoint, the connection I think is
definitely life changing and lifelong. I’ve met students from all over the US
in so many different types of programs. So building my network through OP
was a great experience. I’m really big on building relationships, so I made it a
point to connect with as many other students as possible so we really keep
each other up to speed on what we’ve got going on, and if there are opportunities
to even help one another, that’s something we freely do at will because
we’re part of that same network. I think OP is very challenging from the
standpoint of you have this sort of five-day experience to really seek out
what you’re interested in post MBA, sort of thinking about your short term
internship opportunities as well as sort of your future state opportunities, and
it’s a really good opportunity for you consider “what am I actually interested
in?” You’re doing a lot of networking, there’s constant panels and breakout
sessions, but the connections and the relationships that you build at OP are
the relationships and the connections that you will have for a lifetime.

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