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You know ventriloquism It’s an amazing thing and I love being able to do it because everything in everyday life now talks all over the world you have the talking elevator I like to go into an elevator that doesn’t talk and pretend it does and The busier the elevator the better in I go doors closing That was me Going up get out fatty you are too heavy And this is my favorite bit cable detaching You know being a ventriloquist you can also have a lot of fun if you get yourself a puppet Speak of the devil. Would you like to meet my friend then, please? Welcome back my friend Sam Well, we’re on America’s Got Talent We won America’s Got Talent. That’s right. And we’re back. What do you need a gun? Yes This is the champion step champions, yes. Oh you better have something special xerton I think I have you know how he always says you’ve gotta act your game. Yes. That’s right. So what are you gonna do? What are you gonna do? Well, I think I’ve got something very special. Yes. Yes. I’ve got a little ditty It’s it’s not what you think just watch your distance no That’s my face here we go to close it here we go That’s great they love that wait I’m not finished yet. Yeah know what I want you to do is to Hum the ditty. I don’t want you Just do it Wait what we do now, okay while you do that Yeah, I’m gonna do a beatbox Drumbeat, oh, what a beat box drumbeat. So I’m gonna go Okay, and we’re gonna do it at the same time, yeah Why’d you say that because it’s not possible I Believe it is you’re an idiot Okay, we’re gonna do this I’ll start you follow okay, here we go Is a day weird you In them Okay, you just Struction You know We’re small I want to talk to you But you don’t talk But I want to just say you are one of the most memorable Acts there has been and all the time that I have been here You actually got their own Vegas show didn’t you yes you have your own called the house of tape You are amazing I am so thrilled that you are back now, what did you think? You know, I love that you got everybody else to join in your acts and you’re just funny I could watch you all day long, and it’s always an absolute pleasure to see you. So thank you. Thank you Baby, you’re clever. You’re funny You’re totally original and I do have to tell you my kids are still talking about you great job And Simon that was so silly but it was so funny Look it’s all down to the 50 states now I would love to see you in the final because you bought so many happy memories back to me, and I absolutely love you so congratulations brilliant They’ll probably pursue that for you Melt becomes tape face the judge. Yeah Why don’t we just try was a safe assignment? Yes. This is meant eight You did the emot– I was so proud to be a part of this act man Listen, we want on a road together a face and the brothers. That’s how a yoga Hello everyone tonight I’m going to show you some sand with my two favorite things Magic and reading using my three favorite books. My first favorite book is Colin Davis mathemagical Mel B, please. Can you look through the book and check feature pages difference? Yeah My second favorite book is Enid Blyton the magical faraway tree Hi Dave, please. Can you look through the book and check each page is different. We’ll do My third favorite book is how to make a million Please can you look through the book and check for each page is different. It’s also my favorite books the first book you ever read signs Holly please. Can you pick up my box and put it on the floor for me please on the floor Yes, just behind you behind me. Yeah It’s smell be John’s go and help him. Yeah hurry, go palatable No it was Okay, please can you better sit back down for me for you? All right She’s a little bossy How’s that even possible Howie I’m going to show you a card trick Where’s the cash people I know is that as you can see all the cards are different. Yes I’m going to turn them facedown not like you just touch the back of any card Yeah, Asia, I am I’d like you to look at your card remember it and don’t show anyone else. Don’t show anybody else. Okay? Now Holly so our three books, please choose one book. I want to make a million How to make a million has around 674 pages, please. Can you choose a number between 1 and 674? 126 Simon please can you turn the book to page? 126 for me please. Now choose one word and laugh voice tell everybody. What is excellent excellent See this black board before the show. I wrote a word on it watch What Holly you chose a card Yeah for the first time Holly. What was the card you chose? It is the three of diamonds watch My turn I Get for your did You Since when your simple And wait for me wait for Hello hi, thank you. How is the house everybody? Very good, I love performing you know some people sometimes they find my standup to be a little little a little jarring because Because it cuz I stutter but I prefer to think that you’re getting the joke and and also that the remix So even if you hear a joke business best now for you you can be like Why didn’t I didn’t I didn’t like the lyrics to that one, but it but it but it had a good beat As if there is not enough wrong with with with my mouth I also wear an Invisalign the the invisible braces or as I like to call it a grill for fur for white people Just rapping on the hood of my Prius Picado toast, I don’t know What I realize is is when you lose your Invisalign at say like a restaurant and you go back You sound like a crazy person Like I went back to the restaurant and in a frenzy I said to the waitress I was like hi hiiii I just ate here and I think I lost my Invisalign She’s like I didn’t see you wearing a retainer and I was like, well you you can’t say it It’s invisible Have you have you seen it So glad you guys got that joke, but you know, even if you didn’t it it still had a good beat Thank you guys Standing ovation. Yeah, that’s a good sign for him. Not for us Angry at you. I’m really angry at you. That was too short I wanted More and more you are so funny Love you, I love everything about you Well, there’s only a few comedians that I really really love and you are definitely One of them. I really really love you. I mean, that was hilarious. Thank you What did you think for me It wasn’t the best performance we’ve seen you do But you have inspired so many people and you’re a great guy. You’re really funny and I really respect you so well done Groo I can’t tell you how proud I am of you you are not only a great entertainer But a great spokesperson and a great example And I got to tell you something you have grown by leaps and bounds and you are truly a professional truly a champion I hope that all the 50 states are looking at you because you surely deserve to be in the finals. I love you Yeah, that makes me a bit I’d like to see him in the final wait drew we will see you later on My name is Cassie, I’m 28 years old. I live in Houston, Texas and I am the singer when I was 16 years old, I was in a plane crash that took the lives of 107 of 109 people aboard I Was the only Kid who survived out of 60 kids from my school. It was one of the most painful moments of my life Knowing that all those kids had lost their lives. I Suffered third-degree burns over 65% of my body the doctors gave me a 30% chance of survival in those moments, all I had was the next day and then the next day and the next day and I remember hear my mom singing to me while I was in recovery and Music became my ultimate distraction from what was going on with me. I just had no idea that one day I would be standing on the stage of America’s Got Talent and Sadie You deserved your place here tonight not just based on your story but actually all new talent Karynda’s words from Simon changed my life for the longest time I’ve been Recognized as a survivor, but being in America’s Got Talent Was the first time that I was recognized as a singer America’s Got Talent showed me there is life after burns. I Feel like I owe it to the kids that lost their lives in the accident to live in exemplary ways that would make those Who we lost proud if they were here? That’s why I’m here when America’s Got Talent champions, this is my chance to follow my dream and I know what it means To actually be here right now. I didn’t win last time and I feel like I have found my voice This is my chance to prove that I am a champion How are you I’m good. Thank you How’s life been since you’ve been on the show? Tell me I’m sure you remember the first time I came up on this stage in front of y’all I was so shy about my voice I had zero confidence, but since the show I have become an advocate for other burn survivors with Shriners Hospital Now I’m excited to hear what you’re gonna say. Thank you Thank you Looking forward to this she’s so fantastic You are the reason Nicely please come back now There goes my mind a reason if you are the reason Then I’m still breathing I’m Hopeless now I’ll climb every mouth Just to be and You You other I’m every mountain and swim a real ocean And fix what I every You You are the reason They say that 99% of success is just showing up you do so much more than just show up There’s so much more than your songs and your sound More than a champion of singing and of talent you’re a champion of life I could see how hard that you’ve been working There’s a huge difference and I just love you and I adore you you are a survivor. I love Catch I have to tell you I’m so excited that I get the chance to see you again to hear you again You look beautiful. You sounded beautiful and it’s always a joy seeing you on the stage It’s very theater that we met you for the first time and you I remember you being very shy But based on what I’ve seen tonight I’m gonna be honest with you. I Didn’t really like it that much Oh you so deserve it this is what You are so emotional right now, please talk to us My one regret is I never got the chance to give her the golden buzzer you want to know what a champion is This is a champion I Love her so much beautiful. It was beautiful. She does that Wow, yeah fifty states in a boat, that’s right get you Oh my god, oh my god the Family’s at home Hello Back again. This is so cool. Just to help me back. It’s such a privilege Anyway, let’s begin the show What I have here right is a very small screw and a bolt Right as you see even to try it with your hands is pretty hard to turn on what I’m going to do First of all, I’m going to swallow the tiny little fault hmm Then I will pop in the school Now I’m going to put that little screw on to the bolt, but I’m going to make it harder Do you want to on at the beginning? Would you like it on it the middle or would you like it on at the end? Tell me? In the middle, okay, we will do that for you in the middle Now that’ll take a few seconds to do once you get it on it’ll move quick It’s just a getting on so let me do this for you. Now. I Actually have the bolt pushed on to the screw and all I got to do now is just turn the little bolt It’s working. So open my tummy and you’ll see it better Right, I want to try and get on as close to the center as possible And we have it Oh I Have here a small Plum tomato. Now, what I’m going to do is use this very sharp Stanley blade I’m going to swallow first of all the filter mat Okay, this is very very sharp, I will let you see I’m going to place this inside beside the tomato and I’m going to slice the tomato in half I Carlos It’s how it’s coming back up there is a standard late And this one’s for you This is your song it may be quite Now that it’s done I Hope you don’t mind. I hope you don’t mind that I put it down Wonderful life is now you’re No Excuse me These things I do see I forgotten Yours are the sweetest eyes I hope you don’t mind. Hope you don’t mind that I put down Hey pip demented dragon and mr. Pickles from season 10 of America’s Got Talent Thanks for watching gun town and global. Remember subscribe subscribe subscribe subscribe subscribe

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