The business impact of domestic violence and harassment

The business impact of domestic violence and harassment

Hey Anna. Oh, hi Tony, how’s it going? You’re looking really good after your holiday. Tony, you know full well
that I was on maternity leave. Sorry I thought it was the same thing! Just stop making jokes
and concentrate on being a better HR Manager. What’s with the attitude Ana? You know full well that staff absences and slack performance
are driving us towards bankruptcy. Some of these women are struggling
with real challenges here and at home. If you tried to address the causes
of the problems… How are you Mr Peters? Good morning Mr. Peters. Hi Patty. Hello Sara. Those glasses are slowing you down,
can you see? I can see fine… I have to finish
this backlog from the days I missed. Your husband again? It was my fault.
I’m lucky that he forgave me. You say that every time – hey watch your hand! Not on my first day back! Ohhh Patty, I’m really not feeling well Do you need some water or something? Sara are you alright? Shall I call a doctor? Mr. Peters, the productivity of our employees
is at an all time low – lots of them have serious domestic issues. Look, I know that many of our team
have personal problems, and that it can affect their work, but we have so many other problems to deal with. I understand Mr Peters,
but they have issues here as well. We really owe it to our staff to help – we could start by organising some workshops? I suppose that’s worth considering. What do you think? Organising workshops?
With what money Ana?! This company is heading for bankruptcy
because “the team” aren’t performing. Tony, that’s exactly why we should step in – to turn things around
we need everyone on board. No teamwork, no future.
We need co-op-er-a-tion. Calm down. We’ll have to discuss this later…. hello? What? Another accident? Please go and check that out. Sara, are you pregnant? Shh – keep your voice down –
I could lose my job. Well now we know
– it looks like it’s time to replace you. That’s enough Tony – please, go to lunch. That was insensitive and plain wrong. Why would you say that?! You’re unbelievable. I like it when you get angry! You’re hurting me, let me go! – I know you like me. You are making a huge mistake Tony! Don’t mess with me! Don’t mess with me. Sara – you need to fight this. Tony really doesn’t know
what he is saying or doing. Of course he doesn’t – anyone can see that just by looking
at the huge backlog we have! Is it that bad? Yeah – look! I had no idea how many orders there were! Does Ana know? If we can deliver all these it might
be enough to save the factory, and our jobs. You have to show Ana
so she can tell the boss what’s going on! Not me, Tony has made it clear
that I can’t work here and have my baby – you show her. It’s never been more important
to look after the welfare of our team – we have a huge backlog of orders
that could save the factory… Ana, not right now!
I have too many other problems. We can discuss this… Sorry Mr. Peters. Sorry, sorry. Ouch…. Patty, what happened? I tripped at home… See – how can anyone work properly
dealing with this? Please… let me help them
and we can save the company. Ok. Do what you think is right – there’s someone I need to talk to right now. Another one is pregnant, I kicked her out. Tony, consider this a verbal warning,
you’re in serious trouble. Why?? Here. You’ve really crossed the line – harassing female colleagues will NOT be tolerated. Things are going to change around here – with or without you. But Mr Peters… Get out. Ana – things have got really bad around here! Yes Patty, and
we’re going to do something about it. Firstly we’re going to run some workshops. We want to provide help and support
to anyone who is suffering violence at home. Because, we really need to create a safer,
happier working environment. Secondly we’ll give training
in productivity techniques – and with your co-operation,
we’ll work more efficiently, deliver the back orders and together we can save this company! Are you in? Well, I think that sounds great, let’s do it.

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