The Bronfman Fellowship: Encounter with Israeli Peers

The Bronfman Fellowship: Encounter with Israeli Peers

There’s a week in Israel Called the mifgash and mifgash means encounter. And that program is just really unique because it’s 20 Israelis from across the Israeli Jewish spectrum who have the same sort of qualities, the same curiosity, the same drive. One of the benefits of the mifgash is that our American fellows start to understand that for every thing that they think they understand about Israel when they’re visitors, they don’t know a thing until they get to know real Israelis. And at the end of the mifgash you have a homestay where you get to go and live with one of the Israeli fellows and That to me was the most important experience of both mifgashim. I was paired up with this Modern Orthodox girl in Jerusalem named Nuri and I spent five days living at her house among her family It’s pretty easy to think that oh, like of course they’re all just Jewish all the time. To see Jewish societal cultural practice is it’s It’s astounding still to me. Our North Americans get to host the Israeli fellows during a two-week trip to understand American Jewry. I hosted two Amitim (Israeli fellows) I took them to the Berkshires to have Thanksgiving in my grandparents’ bed-and-breakfast. By meeting the Amitim We begin to understand Israel as a place that doesn’t just exist to be a foil for our Bronfman experience or be a foil for our American identity

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