The Bronfman Fellowship: Apply Today!

The Bronfman Fellowship: Apply Today!

Bronfman is about understanding Judaism,
understanding our own identities Bronfman, it’s unlike anything on the face of this earth it’s just, it really is… My mom suggested to me that I apply to
Bronfman. I said, wow there’s no way this is an experience I want to miss out on. I wrote
all these essays and spent a really long time working on them thinking about my
Judaism and then I got an interview. The interview is just a small taste of the
fellowship so to spend five weeks doing it would be superb it is literally a trip to Israel but the
purpose of the fellowship is not to see Israel and the purpose of the fellowship
is to explore Judaism in all of its forms through conversations with fellows
through conversations faculty and in a dialogue with Israel Your day always starts with a text study,
discussion-based period where a faculty member will introduce some kind of
text on the subject that they’ve taught The combination of the brilliance of the
faculty, the diversity of the fellows and the really wide range of texts that were
brought was really an entirely new mode of study. You learn to wrestle with all
these different new ideas and with people who completely disagree with your
viewpoints and you learn to really understand what they’re getting at. Nothing is one-sided on Bronfman. No tour is with one narrative. When we were looking at the Western Wall we did this typical tour activity and then we got
out a text and we discussed the historical significance of the place but
also the issues that are provoked by this place …From a Jewish perspective, from a
Christian perspective, from an Islamic perspective, the status of Jerusalem said
something about the status of God They always wanted the tension to be present
so if you were going to engage any idea no one in the room would agree. In my
room, I was a secular Jew from Brooklyn there was a conservative Jew from
California and there was a modern Orthodox Jew from Montreal. The way that
California kids would read text versus how me and my fellow Georgian would read text is very different So the diversity of viewpoints have really affected the way
I relate to Judaism and other Jews because I’m a little less sure I’m right
and that’s been positive Bronfman is not simply five weeks in the
summer nor is it two other seminars one in the fall in one of the spring. It is a
vast alumni network that continues to connect for the rest of your life
whenever you need to. I not only want to remain close to the Bronfman people but I
want to seek out people who are zealous and passionate. I’m going to be going to
college with four or five of the other fellows from my cohort which I’m really
really excited about When you have Bronfman on your CV it’s a statement. As
soon as they see that you’re a Bronfman fellow they immediately know what type
of person you are they immediately know that you’re that you care about learning
that you care about opening yourself up to to new ideas. And something that Bronfman really just lodged for me that I love Jewish learning. and I’ve been going to
day school all these years for a reason it’s such an experience and such a thing
to remember. Apply, it’s the best thing you’ll ever do in your life

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