The Bright Future of Small Business in America

The Bright Future of Small Business in America

10 years ago, Ron Siegel
decided to start a bakery and wondered, what would
he call his new business? It was difficult and scary,
to break out of my daily work routine to pursue a dream
that had an unknown outcome, Ron said. The name When Pigs Fly
means, I doubt it’s possible. And that’s why it was the
perfect name for my bakery. Today, Ron tells his story
on the packages of millions of loaves of his bread. When Pigs Fly sells its
bread all over New England, from its operating
plant in York, Maine. The American spirit of
entrepreneurship has been a defining element since
the founding of our nation . Today, innovators have brought
new ideas and technology to the small-business
lending market. And, as we have
described in this book, a consequential
transformation has begun. The outlook for small
businesses is getting brighter, as these changes create
more opportunities for people like Ron to do
what often seems impossible– open and operate
a small business and successfully pursue
the American dream.

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