The Boys In Black [FOREVER SERIES] Power Rangers | Super Sentai

The Boys In Black [FOREVER SERIES] Power Rangers | Super Sentai

The black ranger tribe will not
challenge today. What he said. Cross Changer! It’s morphin time! Mastodon! It’s morphin time! Mastodon! It’s morphin time! Ninja Ranger Power! It’s morphin time! Mastodon! Mastodon! Hail Lord Drakkon! Mastodon Sentry! Doron Changer! Hey hey hey!
That Gold Ranger doesn’t belong her!e Dude haven’t heard of Super Sentai? Um
Duh?! Where do you think I’m from?! Exactly, the fact that you’re here means
this isn’t just about Power Rangers. In fact there’s a handful of Rangers here
that aren’t in a single episode of Power Rangers. Did you know that in Super
Sentai, that Gold Ranger you’re referring to is a black ranger named KingRanger?
Where did you hear that nonsense? Dude it’s on Ranger Wiki. Oh you believe
everything you read on the internet huh? Well technically X1 Mask was a good guy
in Maskman, but you believe yourself to be the bad guy in this universe. So do
you believe everything you watch on YouTube? Well, uh… Look I don’t discriminate,
Power Rangers or Super Sentai. They may share the same suit, but they don’t share
the same person inside the suit. Now let’s get back into action! Let’s Rocket! Wild Access! Dino Thunder! Power Up! Ready! Boukenger start up! RPM get in gear! Unleash the power! Instincts awaken! The Champ is here!

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  1. You actually right about the whole gold ranger being black Ranger because I just noticed that that Ranger had a Morpher while in Power Rangers Zeo the gold ranger never had a Morpher

  2. Everyone forgets that he was a Black Ranger FIRST in Super Sentai, before he became the Gold Ranger in America. So he definitely deserves to be on this list of Power Rangers and Super Sentai Rangers. Look at the title, it says SUPER SENTAI as well. Pretty fed up with this debate, so anyone who contradicts this, it will be the last time you’ll be able to comment on this channel. Make your own video and debate on this on your own. 😉

  3. 0:22 Zoe gold…………..hahahahaahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂

  4. Hey Chris, glad to see you’re back in Black. BTW, I love the black ranger morphs it was awesome! BTW, I hope you could do the green ranger morphs to honor Saint Patrick’s Day 🍀. BTW, did you know that some girls were green rangers as well as the guys are?

  5. Can't wait for the Green Forever but idk if MMPR Green would count as you showed him in the 6th Rangers. But hey you included Zeo. But I'll count him as Black because you said that he wasn't from Power Rangers and he Is from Super Sentai.

  6. theirs quite a couple may have missed like Black Turbo of Turboranger and Black Psycho Ranger and in the comics theirs one called Omega Black Ranger I may make a Morpher called the Omega Morpher and the morphing phrase is with an element like Omega Earth Power and so on it’s with four elements of fire water and air

  7. I can never forget kingranger. I especially love how the dude was a kid. Anyway black rangers are my second favorites next to blues. I have been waiting for this video for so long

  8. Wait a frick fracking minute the guy in the intro. Wasn’t he the guy who played Zack in the 1993 Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers?

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