The Biggest Vulnerability to Every Business | Inside 4Ds

The Biggest Vulnerability to Every Business | Inside 4Ds

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About the Author: Oren Garnes


    1:12 – How to organize content
    3:48 – Podcasts are triple/quadruple arbitrage
    7:40 – People are into “no culture”
    9:30 – Nobody is growing because they only care about themselves
    10:00 – Play the game you are good at
    11:40 – People actions should map to their ambition
    14:40 – How to ensure your employees are doing the best work?
    20:00 – The reason we have TeamGaryVee and GaryVee
    23:10 – How to tell the story of the business
    24:00 – I leave so much money in the table
    27:00 – How do you breakout and share personal stuff
    31:00 – Is your legacy going to be buying a sports team?
    36:00 – What awakened your self-awareness?
    39:00 – B2B vs B2C approaches
    42:00 – Why I don’t have a mastermind
    46:00 – Everyone moves too fast on technology
    51:00 – My stance on cannabis

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  2. Thanks you so much Gary VEEEEEE you’re the best because of you’re free advice and knowledge I started my own podcast on YouTube and it amazing 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  3. Thanks you so much Gary VEEEEEE you’re the best because of you’re free advice and knowledge I started my own podcast on YouTube and it amazing ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    57:19 – Gary bashes Rick once again for the millionth time

    Present – Roomer Rick laughs and shakes his head with a huge smile knowing that not all Ricks are losers

    Can't wait to meet ya Gary V so you can finally meet a nice, professional, hard working, and humble Rick.

  5. This is why so much comes down to who's in charge. The leader has to lead the team forward and that is why CEO of companies get so much money in return to their great work done for the company by leading.

  6. Gary is the reason why 2 weeks ago I quit my job, volunteer in the NFP sector to build up professional contacts, and starting my journey as an entrepreneur.

    I love you Gary. You're a TRUE inspiration!

  7. Haha, I like that $400k business 🙂 You and TheFuture pushed me to start my channel. Opening lots of other doors for me, thank you. My value best comes from post production tutorials and written posts, trying out a "talk through code" show as well to get better at the gary vee content model.

  8. Hi Gary. Im a photographer that is doing free photoshoots to businesses. Don't want money just photo credit to eventually be known. Thats literally it. So is that ok? Im willing to work another job and do this when Im not working and just wanted to know if not wanting money but instead trying to create brand is better. If you reply I'll be in your debt. Thank you in advance

  9. That’s so crazy I just started my small home services business on the side this year, hopefully go all in starting next season. But I want to build a $480,000 a year business.

  10. Gary Vee is the coolest media entrepreneur I’ve ever seen. He’s literally a mass media business consultant, but you are the business he is consulting. He is capable of doing this because of his unique understanding of trade and human psychology. This guy has sociopathic levels of empathy, and he is behaving in a really meta way that goes largely unnoticed.

  11. Hey Gary, will you reply to me? Hehe! Calling your shit out bro! But in all seriousness….LOVE LOVE your content. You inspire me, now I need to shutup and get off my ass and do something.

  12. Quick save with the inclusive list of names Gary. Lol. Im not an entrepreneur but I consume your content because I am in management and I find your advice ports over very well 9/10 times. Turns out you grow a strong department much the same way you build a strong business. I don't have as much freedom, but thanks to you, Marcus Aurelius, Robert Greenleaf, Simon Sinek, and a couple of good bosses I've had over the years I make the most out of the latitude I'm granted.

  13. You are absolutely brilliant. Talk so much sense. I’ve been vlogging for the last 2 years now and I’m now ready to push myself much further. Thanks for being so direct and helpful. 👌👏

  14. I disagree about using 'Anchor' for podcasting, I like Gary's content and attitude enormously, but…nothing beats owning your media assets, owning a media platform which you publish to firstly and THEN distribute to the itunes, the soundcloud e.t.c, just my observation, I fiercely believe in owning your own media.

  15. Some of these guys and gals in these 4ds paid A LOT of money to tell Gary V how great they think he is….I'm going to pay 10k so I can use words like hustle in front of gary then spend 10 minutes on how inspirational he is

  16. These small venues for Gary is like comedians working out their hour of content for the next special in small comedy shops. He continually works on his own philosophy and how he describes himself which then you see show up in his larger keynotes

  17. It’s crazy to see the impact Gary Vee has on so many people in this world and how he is able to influence people like me to do our own stuff and just try things while we’re young. I can’t thank him enough! 🙏🏾

  18. GVee posts all this good stuff, pushes all the wrong platforms… Check out GAB, MINDS, BITCHUTE, these are the fastest growing platforms in 2019

  19. “It doesn’t matter how many times you fail. It doesn’t matter how many times you almost get it right. No one is going to know or care about your failures, and neither should you. All you have to do is learn from them and those around you because all that matters in business is that you get it right once. Then everyone can tell you how lucky you are.” — Mark Cuban, entrepreneur, owner of Landmark Theaters and Chairman of AXS TV

  20. You are Awesome !men you are talking the reality and transparent! Thank you for a great advice, i learn from it and have a deep understand little by little applicable nowadays.

  21. Man I really needed to here this. I'm going through a mental shift to get to the point where I'm comfortable executing at scale, and my fear of the macro what ifs can be crippling at times if I don't keep my head down. Practicing perspective, and refocusing on execution, while being aware of my patience levels or lack thereof have been a real eye opener. Change is not easy, often painful, but I am sure will be worth it. Thanks for all you and your team do Gary! You guys are an inspiration!

  22. One of my take away thoughts from this (and maybe it will help others) : Gary talks a lot about sharing the journey, the failures, concerns, wins and struggles. That has been hard for me to wrap my head around how to do that. I think I'm just going to put out a weekly video directed towards Gary and let him know how things are going stuff I'm working on and overcoming. I'm not worried about whether he will or won't see it. It just kinda helps to know what kind of audience to create for. (This is where I paused to think about whether I should post this, worried about people thinking I was needy, and then promptly said "f" it, and posted it) lol

  23. I love how these people come into 4Ds looking like professionals with their suits and shit and their little cute notebooks, then get slammed in their faces with the real shit, I'm not saying that to hate on anyone I really believe they walk out of that room different

  24. “You love it when you’re a young lion and want to change it when you’re an old lion.” Loved Gary’s comment re: Steven Spielberg on NetFlix

  25. Amazing that he posts his own content. I just found out about him and that statement was a great wow moment. He values the trenches not the ivory tower. Kudos and drop the mic!

  26. Gary is not a marketer he is a philosopher. He is Socrates or Plato of our time. His ideas and perspectives will become norm of future generations.

  27. 36:30 Gary that's the opposite of meditation, the "always thinking." That's why folks meditate, its to create a space in the mind, and that allows you to see with amazing clarity not just the thoughts but deeper aspects of the mind that we can't usually see. I know you tried meditation once, I think you invested in a drop in meditation center in NYC in one video. But you'd be amazed if you made it a regular practice (I love that you've said friends tell you to do it and you're like not feeling you need it/ or I think you said you're afraid it will change how your mind functions…you don't want to mess with what works lol.) But it really is amazing and won't change you from being "you." Anyhoo. I teach meditation, my audience on Youtube is midlife women, but I love sharing meditation with all. I learn a lot from your content.

  28. @gary in the context of what you said about the internet allowing for small business what would you describe as being a small business in the context

  29. I totally get it…not being interested in money. But it matters if you're stuck in a regular crappy job and striving to grow your brand so that it covers your expenses. Once that's accomplished, then yeah, I could care less about money (as long as we can live decent and take some trips here and there)

  30. Shalom Gary V & Guys
    Blessings to you All !!! This was an Absolutely Great Video !!! You spoke on so many Great points and their questions were great. Thanks guys much 💓💓😄😄💪💪🙏🙏💯✌

  31. If I could build a onethousand dollar business I would be ecstatic. Although I do not know what I need to do, or even where to start.

  32. WOW. This is the best G.Vee summation of the theme of Judgment. Such clear and powerful thinking. "They don't have the context to be able to judge you… The reason people are so vulnerable to judgement is because they thirst accolades… they put feedback on a pedestal." FIRE! Thank you Gary, ill keep that in my pocket for life.

  33. Hi Gary V i saw alot of your videos, i think no one ( and i saw alot !) asks you the really important questions ! and that leads to you repeating yourself all the time ! i am interested in many more of your parties … i think if i interview you it would look and sound completely different , you can contribute far beyond ! but its not my job … keep going . Ef from Paris

  34. Did anyone see the uncomfortable shift of both people at 2:20? Right when Gary says "I have no idea how my posts are going to do" they both shift to back away from that statement… Maybe it's just me, but I love how uncomfortable Gary's comments make others and me as well!

  35. I wrote a short-read about the student loan crisis called “College Debt Slavery”. It’s on Amazon ♥️.

  36. Gary I have this feeling that, for some reason, I'm scared of being a fan of you, or being scared for look at you as a mentor… I know you understand, what should I do? 🤯

  37. 39:10 sums up what Gary always says that family matters to him first and the most. He respectfully apologises to his guest as he reads a text that his wife sent to him and it must have been important. This little detail in itself really makes him a respectable human being.

  38. lately my wife stay glued to her phone, she doesn't give me attentions like she used to, I kept thinking if I've became ugly already, but the answer was and still NO. During my search, i found a post when a lady was showering praises on a man called TONY who helped her out, quickly I jumped on the way to contact him and it was through his gmail [email protected] OR WhatsApp +1 330-271-6380. I was shook and overwhelmed that I could read her texts, see pictures, emails and all that after he completed my job. I am pleased to tell you people about him

  39. lately my wife stay glued to her phone, she doesn't give me attentions like she used to, I kept thinking if I've became ugly already, but the answer was and still NO. During my search, i found a post when a lady was showering praises on a man called TONY who helped her out, quickly I jumped on the way to contact him and it was through his gmail [email protected] OR WhatsApp +1 330-271-6380. I was shook and overwhelmed that I could read her texts, see pictures, emails and all that after he completed my job. I am pleased to tell you people about him

    Don’t Fight Against TECHNOLOGY — IT’S UNDEFEATED


  41. Hey Gary vaynerchuk. I'm a certified personal trainer and university student from Jamaica. I will be completing my studies this December. I would love to train you for free and help Jordan or Mike in whatever way I can to help you reach your goals. I would love to work as best as possible for free. I hope you see this. I'm from Jamaica where there are very limited opportunities and I've been using the internet as a platform to push my brand thanks to your inspiration. God bless you and I hope you see this.

  42. 32:00 that is looking for validation GV . You are extreamly insecure with a extreamly big and self-esteem thinking. Uncle G, let your followers know how to re-frame things. And the fact that you when make a decision look at all the perspectives in a situation.

  43. So happy you led with the fact that you know nothing about science before you praised cannibas curing anything. Nutrition feeds cells and keeps us healthy and I believe can even heal – but I still don’t make claims it cures. That’s a HUGE stretch you proclaimed.

  44. Sometimes I get caught up into an issue that I feel might be something can feel intuitive for you in something you plan on doing : aren't you concerned that you being a fan of the sport team you wanna buy could conflict with your objectivity when you will run it ? Like are those thoughts come through your mind when you think about such things or its not even an issue ?

  45. Who’s the guy who seriously has to ask what a podcast is? And how is he sitting in the room with Gary? C’mon, people need to pay more attention and get up to speed so that don’t ask stupid questions like this.

  46. ~C.I.P. #Nip📿🕊👑💎 #TheMarathonContinue🏁🏁🏁❤💙 💪💰🦍🦈 ~Shxt we building can't be fathomed."-Corporate ~SpitYoRachet! •€£¥• •Bag_Talk:101🤑BLING💎⚖️ #WeWorking👷‍♂️ #HoodHard🎧🎼 #Radiopusherstv📺🔌 #BET⭐️

  47. 56:18 "The people I combat on a daily basis are saying, 'Go for the money, get the car. This is what you get if you cut corners. Hot chicks and private planes and fun. And it's easy and it's passive.; Haha"

  48. @41:10 – This is so painful to watch. Gary just asks a simple question… and it is like watching a cat avoid being pushed in to water.

  49. Hi Gary, I love this video and watch all of your videos and listen to your podcast. Thank you! ❤️
    You said several things in this video such as "I don't think focus is a challenge for small businesses, I think people not mapping their execution to their ambition", this sounds great but in reality people don't succeed because of 2 things: 1.Negative Self Image, and 2. Negative Belief in Their Abilities, and their abilities to learn. One must practice daily rituals and habits to improve on these two fundamental things for any chance of future success.Your negative believe in your ability at that time stoped you. It is not enough to say I didn't do a blog in 2002 or 2004 because I am not a good writer. Most people suffer from the same self limiting belief; I am not good at this, that or the other. Whatever one is not good at can be leaned with practice. One can become much better at anything with daily practice. Practice makes (not perfect) Improvements. Also in this video and many other videos you say don't worry about what other people think, just put out the content. But fundamental issue the every human has on this planet is Negative Set Image. Could be one or several negative self images. I am not Enough for example is the one that 99% of humans on this planet suffer from. It is all good and well giving business and marketing advice to people but without teaching them to work on these two fundamental and most essential things; 1. Self Image, 2 Belief in your ability to learn it is like teaching them to put this beautiful and easy icing on the burned cake. What would you say to teaching people how to make new cake before they put the new icing on. What would you say to tach them how to work on these two most fundamental things and develop positive daily habits and rituals as well work on this business and marketing that you do teach., Much Love and Respect ❤️❤️❤️ Looking forward to hearing from you. God Bless you! Eldin

  50. I wish I've met someone named 'Jookie' ..there's still hope. For real though Gary, I've seen so much of your content and there's always a gem in each piece of content. 🖐️💚

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