The Best Way To Profit From Cryptocurrencies in 2018 with Nik Halik [CAPTIONS]

The Best Way To Profit From Cryptocurrencies in 2018 with Nik Halik [CAPTIONS]

– Alright guys, this is the
last day of the affiliate summit and I am here with my
friend, mentor, Nik Halik. – We are in the Paris casino. – We are in the Paris casino. He’s leaving in just a few minutes– – On a jet plane. – On a jet, of course. And Nik is the one person that I go to whenever I have questions
about investing, about finance, and one of the things that
we have been talking about a lot lately, not just
ourselves, everybody, is the whole crypto
bubble, crypto universe. – It’s become at critical mass now. – That’s right. – Like with any type of movement, there’s talk about, see
here’s the crazy thing, I share this story quite often. I first got into this scene,
it would have been about 2012, back then it was very fringe. Nobody knew about it. If I was talking about it
you’d think I had just joined a religious cult. And we were talking about
it earlier this year. And it’s amazing how in September, the month of September,
it just hit critical mass. All of a sudden your newsfeed, your social media on Facebook,
crypto, crypto, crypto. And then you had individuals who would buy one fraction of a fraction of Bitcoin, and then overnight,
they’re social media gurus. – Yes. – in Cryptocurrency. And they’ve got courses, and
they’ll tell you what to buy, and they start showing off, “Hey, “I made 100% in the last five weeks.” But right now, just so
everybody understands where Bitcoin is. There’s a lot of alternative coins. Bitcoin is where the web and
the internet was in 1996. So, we don’t know whether
Bitcoin is gonna be a good move, or if it’s gonna fade out like
AOL or MySpace for example. Is it gonna be a Facebook,
or is it gonna be a MySpace? So, we just don’t know because
the three top ones right now is Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash,
Ethereum, and Ripple. Now, Ripple is the Trojan Horse. Wall Street was very late to the party. They missed the boat. And they’re really pissed off. The regulatory bar is, the
SEC, they’re all pissed off. Ripple, now, is the only
crypto that is centralized. They’re working with all the banks. So now, that’s what we
call a Trojan horse. And now Ripple has the
second largest monetary cap after Bitcoin. It means that if Coinbase
accepts the trading of Ripple on exchange, potentially,
Ripple can take down Bitcoin. But Bitcoin has this as its advantage. It’s got first move advantage. If you want to buy Ethereum
or any other coins, you have to buy Bitcoin first. – That’s right. – Compare it to the
American dollar, right. You wanna buy gold, you buy
American dollars, you buy gold. If you want to buy oil,
you buy American dollars– – You buy the rest. – So it’s always up to the
people of the American economy, the American dollars, the
same thing with Bitcoin. Because people like to
pay and buy Bitcoin, just to secure the alternative coins. – Yes. – So, the coins that I
like are about 70% Bitcoin. I will say, always have
an even amount of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. Because right now there is a civil war between Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash. I was in St. Kitt’s with
Roger Ver of Bitcoin Cash, we had lunch together, and
he’s backing Bitcoin Cash. He is trying to destroy Bitcoin Corps, otherwise known as Bitcoin. There’s a battle between
Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. The Bitcoin Cash transaction
fees are really, really cheap. Cheaper than Bitcoin. The speed of implementation of a transaction, is far more, is faster than Bitcoin. For e-commerce consumer type product, I think Bitcoin Cash
has a lot going for it. And Bitcoin Cash wants
to take out Bitcoin. – I still don’t understand
where Bitcoin Cash came from. – It was a fork. So basically, Roger owns 300,000 Bitcoin. Now he’s a billionaire.
He owns 300,000 Bitcoin. It was a fork of disgruntled programmers that came from the Bitcoin ecosystem. They believe the purity of
Bitcoin has been skewed somewhat. So they wanted to create
the perfect Bitcoin. And Bitcoin forked, the miners forked, came up with Bitcoin Cash. So anybody who’s holding
Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash, if you’re holding 300,000 Bitcoin, you’re now holding 300,000 Bitcoin Cash. He created another coin, with
the equivalent in coins. Now here’s the battle right. I tell everybody right now. If you own three
Bitcoins, you actually own three Bitcoin Cash. – Where do you buy Bitcoin Cash? – You can buy it on Coin Base right now. You can buy it on Block Chain. You can buy it on Bittrex right now. Bitcoin Cash is about $2,800 right now. It gonna give Bitcoin, they’re
gonna fight it out this year. There’s a lot of things
happening right now in the whole scene. Things that are happening this year. There’s gonna be a lot of things. Amazon, more than likely, is gonna allow the trading of Bitcoin
to purchase products. Here’s what I personally believe. Now this is my opinion, my disclaimer. Facebook is gonna
release a Facebook token. They’ve got 1.6 billion
people on Facebook. If they release the right token, that’s literal product as in advertising. If you buy tokens, as
a coin, they can use, for advertising campaigns, for example. If you have 1.6 billion people, and you just kept 10% of the market, that means 160 million individuals will be buying the Facebook coin. – Yes. – Bitcoin. There’s probably
less than 10 million individuals in the world who own a fraction of, or some Bitcoin. Imagine that. 160 million. And Facebook is now gonna
become a very centralized network over here. Unless Mark Zuckerberg
says, you know what, to hell with it, fuck
it, let’s decentralize and disrupt the playing field. Then use your coin, as it
grows in appreciation, then you can use that to
basically fund your what? Your advertising. I think that’s really likely. – So this is an idea you have. You haven’t heard any comments? – I believe, I think Zuckerberg is definitely gonna make a move. – That would make sense I think. – Because, I’ll tell you why, because when your main
product is advertising, and you’re getting five,
six billion dollars a year, why would you not create
an advertising token? 1.6 billion individuals
that you can market to. Of those, even if you
kept just 10%, or even 5%, that’s 80 million individuals. So I reckon this year
Amazon, that being the case, expecting 15%-20% bounce
in the price of Bitcoin. I believe a lot more marketers will start accepting Bitcoin. The reason being is no charge backs. – That’s right. Oh yeah. – If you’re running a
recurring subscription, no charge backs, right? But it just means that
you’re now marketing to a very niche, because
not everybody has Bitcoin, and has enough Bitcoin to basically, hadn’t got a recurring or
whatever kind of thing. I’d buy it now, utilize Block Chain, utilize that bit merchants. – So where is this going,
and if somebody still hasn’t jumped into the bandwagon, what do you recommend to them? – I tell everybody, 70% of
what I do is Bitcoin mining. Invest in the golden goose
that lays the golden eggs. Because if you just buy one Bitcoin. If you save all your
pennies and buy one Bitcoin, congratulations. In five years, you’ve
still got one Bitcoin. The only difference is the price. If you invest in a mining
asset or mining hardware, like I have, like you
have, that’s the goose that’s gonna continue laying golden eggs each and every day. It’s like buying investment property. You don’t really care if
inflation is up or down, you’ll still rent it out. It’s income. When you have money hardware, you’re generating what? Income. If you’re buying Bitcoin, you know, the price can go up, down, or sideways. If the price goes down,
we’re still Bitcoin mining. We’re making money. If the price is stabilized,
we’re still making money. And if it goes up, fine. Everything that’s being
mined also goes up in value. Solidify your foundation. Work on your foundation, and then on top of that, use your Bitcoin you’ve now mined to now buy and invest in some of the alternative coins. Whether its Tron or Kaldana
or Ethereum or Ripple or Dash. – So the ones that you recommend
from the alternative ones, there are hundreds. – And I’ll tell you
right now, the Russians are fearful of one particular coin. It’s called Monero. Why? Because it’s encrypted. It’s ridiculously encrypted,
and they can’t crack the code. The thing about 2018 is
that people want privacy. In a decentralized arena, for example, you’re gonna be in
search of what? Privacy. The coins that you have. Anonymity. Because that has intrinsic value. Especially today. Your anonymity, as opposed to basically broadcasting yourself to the world. You want your investments to be anonymous. Anonymity, whether it’s
our tax information, or whether it’s just privacy, because you basically don’t want to tell the rest of the world
what you’re investing in. But I would invest in
coins that give that degree of privacy. Monero. M-O-N-E-R-O. – Check it out. – So that’s 2018 thus far. Things are gonna change. The Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash battle. We’ve got the Ripple,
which is the Trojan horse, decentralized. And all the real purists
on the crypto scene despise Ripple. Because Ripple sold with the principles of decentralized market. But it did work in
hand-in-hand with the banks. The banks are gonna use
Ripple to underpin their coin. And to basically, to
potentially knock off Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash from the throne. So there’s a battle out there. It’s happening everyday. And this scene is rapidly changing each and every day. You’ve gotta go all in. If you’re gonna start,
lay your foundation, seek Carolina, get started with mining. – Mining. – Mining hardware. Invest
in the golden goose that lays the golden eggs. That goose is the best
mechanical slave, 24/7, it doesn’t get paid by the hour. It doesn’t take breaks,
doesn’t take vacations. It doesn’t join a union. It’ll just work its ass off 24/7. 24/7, 365 days a year. So that’s what you’re
currently investing in, and that’s what I’m
actually investing in too. – That’s right. So below this video there’s
going to be more information for you if you’re ready to
get into the mining industry. – And then the next level is, investing in the alternative coins. But lay your foundation. Solidify your foundations,
and then erect a skyscraper. – Excellent. – Done. – Alright. Thank you so much. – Thank you. – That was incredibly valuable. Thank you for watching and
check the information below. Click the button below
to learn more about this and get involved. See you soon.

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