The Best Tongue-Twisters From BoJack Horseman | Netflix

The Best Tongue-Twisters From BoJack Horseman | Netflix

– What is guten bourbon? – It’s an urban German bourbon. – Am I just hungover or are
you talking like a Muppet? – Are you saying the Van Sant camp wants to recant on Van Camp? Because they can’t! – There is nothing to least bit funny about stealing a meal from
Neal McBeal the Navy Seal. (trumpets) – I’m determined to get the jargon of this German bourbon blurbin! – I used to watch Hank
Hippopopalous’ dance pop cosmopolis every day after school. I even bought his novelty rap album, the Hank Hippopopalous Hip Hop Hypothesis. – I would love to take
take down Hippopolaous and finally topple the acropolis of monstrous hypocrisy that ensconces us. – Caroline, you are my
gritty witty city kitty, I want you wit’ me fitty fitty! – Slap my salami, they guy’s a commie. – This is turning into a real caper, a real Jill Pill jail
fail killer whale caper! – Ooh, a job like that? You want a fully present
presenter to present, and I don’t know if I’ve
got the pep in my step to take that show where
it needs to go, you know? I’ve got a real pep-less step, Shep. – Piper Perabo and Pauley Perrette need to push back the pitch on the Princess and the Pauper Project. – Not if you were the
last albino rhino gyno on the planet. – Well, I’m the only
albino rhino gyno I know. Shall we get some wine? – Oh great, you’re also a wine addict. You know the actress Courtney Portnoy? – I think so. She portrayed the formerly portly consort in the seaport resort? – Courtly roles like the
formerly portly consort are Courtney Portnoy’s forte. But she’s got a new action movie that’s supposed to change her image. Ms Taken, you know Mr Taken
from the Taken movies? This is his niece!
– Nice! – This was supposed to be
Courtney’s crossover coronation, but that’s sort of bee
thwarted unfortunately, ’cause Courtney’s
purportedly falling short of shoring up four-quadrant support. – Makes perfect sense so far. – Portnoy finds joy in hoi-polloi boy toy. Courtney Portnoy cast in
Corpse Me if you Can-Can, the 1940s Cannes France-set
story of a can-can dancer who contracts cancer
but continues to can-can as a canny cadaver who plays the accordion with Kevin Corrigan,
Kevin Kline, Chris Klein, Chris Pine and Chris Kattan.
– Got it. – McGee, are you still looking for a star for your transgender Teddy Roosevelt Planes, Trains and Automobiles reboot, Plans, Trans, a Man, a Canal, Panama? Because someone just became available! – Courtney, more importantly
audiences are going to adore your tour de force performance as the forceful denim-clad court reporter in The Court Reporter Sported Jorts, the jet-setting jort-sporting
court reporter story! You know Courtney Portnoy, you probably recall when she soared as a thorny hoarder culturist and and sordid fortnight with
a short-skirted sorceress. – Uh… – How would you enjoy joining Portnoy for a scorched soy porterhouse pork four-coursers at Koi?
– Wait, what? – Glorify your sauce, but don’t make it feel forced, of course. And try the borscht. – So, a brief recapitulation, this is not a room for
repudiation or condemnation over string cheese
appropriation accusations. Mediation is an invitation
for open conversation. Frustration, de-escalation
and exchange of information, which in summation,
removes any justification for litigation involved
in this corporation. – I am gross. I feel, all the time, like a garbage fire, and not a cozy dumpster in a quaint alley, but a barge floating out
to sea with no rudder, I am a rudderless burning
large garbage barge. – And it suddenly dawned on me. Hot cock on a rock, she
never even picked up the little noise and snot factory. – But that bounce has lost its pounce, and if we wanna keep
this name in the news, we’re going to need a full court press. – Tommy schlamme schmommy schlamme. – Those kids’ll be holding
out their hands for Franz, why grip a Twix when you can Sip-o-wicz? – Blackery Flack, let’s talk frack. – I gotta live my life! I deserve to be adored by a man, yet here my dreams lie dormant. I don’t mean to get mordantly morbid, but did I get all adorably adorned to get bored manning doors? No more!

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