The BES Fellowship

The BES Fellowship

When you talk about taking something
from nothing and creating it that’s what building excellent schools prepare you to do. In the fellowship you learn the core foundations of what makes an excellent school. You learn about data you learn about time you learn about rigor you learn about
culture and you learn about talent we put those five things together at
democracy prep to build excellent schools. You’re getting exposed to all
different components of the charter school world including finance, real
estate, marketing, that are going to be
necessary in building your charter school before I started the Fellowship I only
had the privilege of visiting two or three high performing schools in the fellowship I got to visit
probably forty. You go through practical training by going and visiting high performing schools by doing a residency in high-performing school, and actively taking those specific tangible skills into your leadership portfolio so that you
can implement them in a school setting. Big portion of the fellowship is going in and interacting with different charter schools and seeing what makes high performing charter school stay then about three to four hours of the school see the classroom sit down talk with the school leader and then go back to the Building Excellent School’s offices and talk about what we saw part of it is
also helping you to write and think through the thoughts of your charter application and the petition that you put in front of your potential authorizer while our new achievement prep exist and achievement prep could be a good school because I had the Fellowship I had very real concrete models of what that could look like and how to execute upon it immediately.

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