The Benefits of Franchising – Low Investment High Profit Business

The Benefits of Franchising – Low Investment High Profit Business

The Benefits of Franchising Low Investment,
High Profit  Business The Benefits of Franchising Low Investment,
High Profit  Business  I think franchising is a fantastic business. It’s fantastic for
the franchisor who can expand his brand using other people’s money and fantastic for the
franchisee who can reduce these risks when deciding to run his own business by investing
in an enterprise that’s already a proven success. In effect you are copying a method of marketing
a product or service that works. A franchise is far less risky than starting up a business
on your own. An interesting fact: if you and I set up any
form of business together, our chances of still being in business together in two years
time is about fifty-five percent. Why? There are many reasons. For example we may choose
the wrong location or the wrong product or service or if we’ve never run a business before
we might run out of money before we learn how.
However if we buy a franchise together, statistically we’ve more than a ninety percent chance of
surviving. If it works for others in the franchise network, why wouldn’t it work for you?
This is the main benefit of franchising. Remember, the franchisor doesn’t make any money until
you make money so it’s in his interest to keep you firing on all cylinders. All you
need is lots of energy and enthusiasm and not be afraid of hard work. A strong desire
to achieve financial success is also important. Don’t worry, the franchisor will give you
everything you need to get your new business off the ground and keep it running successfully.
This includes full training, customer leads, equipment, a start-up pack of marketing materials
and advice on preparing your business plan. With a franchise, you are also part of a team
who are there to help each other, exchange ideas and share experiences under the franchisor
and with ongoing support. Well today we have a completely brand new
type of franchise – one that is completely online. Many online businesses claim to be
franchises but they aren’t – they are just businesses that allow you as an affiliate
to sell their products on their behalf and give you a percentage of the profits. A few
well known examples are Avon, Herbalife, ACN and the grandaddy of them all, Amway.
Let me introduce you to a true Franchise that is a proven business model, earning it’s owner
Paul Lynch millions of dollars. It’s a business model called My Dot Com Business Franchise
that Paul has built through trial and error over many years. Here he is recently training
his newest Platinum Franchise members. He has set up an amazing business with four
levels to suit every budget and skill level. This franchise is completely set up as a done-for-you
system and contains all the products Paul has used to make millions completely online.
This is truly a low investment high profit business. With My Dot Com Business Franchise,
one main differences to your traditional bricks and mortar franchise is that you can use your
own business name and brand your own site. Plus all your products are digital and serve
a dual purpose. They are lead magnets that can be sold for
$1 or even given away free to attract buyers. Plus they are all proven traffic generating
courses that owners can use to generate more leads into their business.
You can enjoy the benefits of franchising from your own home or anywhere with a laptop
and wifi. You also have the ability to set your own prices on some of the courses and
software – for example Easy Sketch Pro and Facebook Traffic Hack.
Here is a current list of most of the traffic generating products inside each franchise
– Facebook Traffic Hack, Own the Traffic, One Penny per Visitor, Video Views Tsunami,
YouTube Robot Tsunami, Pay Per Click Tsunami and Local Marketing Hack.
These Lead Magnets are being added to regularly. Also included are all the done for you sales
funnels for every product – squeeze pages, sales pages, sales videos, sales letters and
follow up emails. Plus all the tracking. Plus training in marketing online.
The most exciting part of this 3 step system is the invaluable one on one training you
get from experts to help you set your system up, then all you have to do is use the products
to drive traffic and Paul and his team then do all the selling for you.
You need never worry about generating leads and traffic ever again. ALL Paul’s products
are proven before being added to each Franchise. To try this system for free, and see what
value you get, just click on the link below the video. My name is Sue Tamani and my Dot
Com Franchise is called Easy Steps to Success. Go now to easysteps dot work, e a s y s t
e p s dot w o r k

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