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  1. After you destroy that, you can destroy cigarettes, cigars, liquor, liberals, rich elites, California governor, mayors, Kamala Harris, and destroy the homeless problem in California!

  2. Stop buying from these elite freaks getting rich it's all a game they saw how much street dealers were making and took it over

  3. Now that it is legal. white boys figure out how to monopolize that $#!T take it from the drug dealers and sell it. I love that idea.

  4. Man I use to go to that dispensary..great bud n prices..won't be paying 50$ for an 8th GTFO..I'll start growing my shit instead..just cuz a white boy says so

  5. Weed is going Corporate. We are all gonna be paying wayyy too much. It's already $60+ an 1/8th in L.A. at these so-called legal dispensaries… plus tax!

  6. Unless a state allows a person to grow their own cannabis for personal use they are all setting them selves up for lawsuits…. Just look at e-cigs many have gotten sick and some have died all because proper testing was not done… Any state that says you have to go buy from dispensaries are taking full responsibility that what you are getting won't make you sick.
    (In most state's the health department is in charge of medical cannabis)

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