The Atlantis Fellowship Experience

The Atlantis Fellowship Experience

Since 2012 Atlantis has facilitated over
a hundred and fifty thousand shadowing hours globally. Atlantis allows us to
actually get into the hospital, see these day-to-day lives of these of
these different physicians, different specialties. The overall hospital
experience has been amazing. What you see here makes you a better
doctor. They asked a lot of questions and they were quite involved
in the structure of the department. Atlantis Fellows are breath of fresh
air in our clinical practice. I often
recommend Atlantis as a program to get both an intensive shadowing experience
and an experience abroad. I really encourage students to try new things and
being out of the bubble. Madrid is wonderful, it’s beautiful. The food, the
people, I love it. I wanted to experience a different culture, I wanted to go out
and truly be a part of somewhere else and see what it’s like to be amongst
other people in their native place. To really immerse yourself in the culture
and to find the hidden locations, for me is what changed everything. Being a
tourist is always really great but to find where the Spaniards live and what
they do is going to really show you like the most beautiful aspects of the city.
My favorite excursion had to be the kayaking honestly. It was just beautiful,
like the atmosphere was amazing and it was cool to do it with everybody in the
program so it made it really fun. Making friends with other fellows was super
easy. Everyone was super open to meeting other people, they were really
nice. Not only do you get to learn more about medicine but you also get to learn
more about a different culture and you get to do it
in a foreign country, and that’s a lot of fun

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