The Active Office Worker Ep. 04: Wake up Dead Hips

The Active Office Worker Ep. 04: Wake up Dead Hips

if you sit at work all day then by the
end of the day your hip muscles are probably dead
follow this quick routine to wake them up to ensure you don’t lose mobility and
you don’t get stiff and tight yo what’s up coach E here from precision
movement and welcome to another episode of the active office worker this is
episode 4 where we’re gonna target the hips so with the hips were sitting in
this position all day because we’re sitting we’re supported the muscles shut
off they don’t need to be on for us to stay here so it’s user or lose it our
body’s gonna adapt to the path of least resistance and the path of least energy
output so if it shuts off the muscles and that saves us energy then that’s
what it’s gonna do because we don’t need to keep these muscles active to be
sitting here so in this video we’re gonna go through six different
techniques to wake up the six different muscle groups and these are just gross
groupings of muscles not getting into individual muscles like pectineus and
obturator internus but the six major muscle groups based on movement so we’ve
got the hip flexion the hip flexors that cause hip flexion I’ve got the abductors
that cause abduction we’ve got the adductors that cause
adduction bring it adding it toward the body bring it closer to the body hip
extensors okay gluts that caused the hip extension and they’ve got the internal
and the external rotators so we’re gonna activate all those muscles and whatever
I do activation exercise is it’s always a minimum of a five second hold and in
this video I’m gonna take you through one rep of each technique with a
ten-second old but you can do 5 10 15 20 it’s up to you when you’re doing this ok
so let’s start off first technique I like to do is to start off with hip
extension firing up the glutes so with this you’re gonna get into kind of a
split stance and sit on the side of your chair so
only only my left butt cheeks on the chair here and then I’m just gonna get
into hip extension on my right side and from here I’ve got the toe in the ground
maintaining good posture alignment all I’m gonna do is fire up the glutes and
drive the toe like I’m trying to push my body forward okay so I’m gonna fire it
up you can poke it a little bit make sure it’s on and then 10-second hold
keep it activated give it a good squeeze you’ve been sitting on your butt all day
and it’s getting sleepy give it a good hard squeeze make sure you’re breathing
as you do it and then when you let go just let it go gradually try to build
that control of contraction and relaxation okay so here’s the hip
extensors split stance get the toe in the ground good postural alignment and
then fire up the glutes and drive your body forward we’re getting into full hip
extension working the gluts at that end range of extension 10-second hold and
let it go under control gradually all right next up we’re gonna work the hip
flexors so sitting on the edge of your chair we’re gonna do the seated dead bug
hand on your opposite knee and you’re gonna bring the knee up to end range
abducts slightly and let the hip externally rotate a little bit that will
target the psoas a little bit better otherwise you get into TfL and it can
get a little pinchy so from here activate get a good strong contraction
make sure you’re breathing we’re also getting the ABS fired up and relaxed
gradually switch over end range of hip flexion push down activate gradually
increase the strength of the contraction hold it
good postural alignment keep breathing and let it down easy
there’s the hip flexors next up we’re gonna do internal and external rotators
so let’s start off with the external rotators if you can cross your foot
pretty comfortably while maintaining good seat alignment then sit on the edge
of your chair just like I am otherwise you can go back like so so we’re gonna
cross your foot you can do this at meetings when somebody’s yammering away
doesn’t know what they’re talking about and you’re just being polite
first we’re going to the external rotators so external rotation is the
femur so this bone the thigh the femur bone turning that way okay that way
so if across leg what’s gonna look like is this ankle rotating this way and the
knee staying where it is now if your range you don’t even have this range
just bring it down here and then work those muscles yeah we’re just firing it
up ten second hold and relax okay other side let’s bring it up and you can hold
it there or you can if you have the range you can get it right up there give
a little poke on the ankle the medial malleolus that’s what the ankle bone is
called activate breathe and let it down gradually now we’ll do the internal
rotators so internal rotators we’ll just take the same position and you can do
the opposite you’re gonna drive the ankle into your opposite thigh there
think of rotating so think of I’m trying to turn the femur that direction and
also put a little pressure there get a little adductor extra adductor firing
yeah and relax and then other side drive the ankle into the opposite thigh and
the knee into the hand activate gradually ramp it up get a nice strong
contraction and then down okay so we’ve done the external and internal hip
rotators next up we’ve got the abductors so bringing
opening up the hips we’re gonna do here just rotate stay nice and tall a nice
clean rotation aligned and all you’re gonna do is place your hand on your
opposite knee and then drive your knee against your hands ramp it up you’re
firing up the abductors also getting some oblique action here so getting a
good hip and core activation going on and then relax and then rotate good tall
alignment drive the knee into the hand and don’t move
breathe and relax so we’ve hit the abductors finally the
abductors slip out to the side of your chair there get the leg out make sure if
both feet are pointing straight ahead so we can target those a doctors and then
drive this foot into the floor that direction so we’re trying to fire this
area up again ramp it up we’re hold it for about 10 keep breathing keep your
postural alignment and let it down easy gradually ankle the other side we’re
there you can already feel the stretch most people already feel stretch here
and then ramp it up slow increase the contraction gradually once you’re at max
safest level hold it there breathe maintain alignment and let it go
gradually and there you have all the major muscle groups of the hips all six
flexion extension abduction adduction internal rotation external rotation all
those muscles are fired up that’s one circuit through you could do
one two three circuits through whatever you can do it’s better than nothing and
will ensure the muscles stay alive and get some blood flow there
get some activation there so that they don’t atrophy okay this will really help
especially if you’re going to the gym afterwards and it’ll contribute to your
warmup so those muscles are activated okay so they have episode 4 of the act
of office worker waking up those dead hips do this up whatever area is most
problematic for you focus on that or just cycle through all of them I’ve
already posted videos on the neck the wrists and the shoulders so add this one
in and we’re hitting that whole body thanks for checking out the video and if
you need extra love for the hips you’re an active person and your hips just
aren’t performing the way that you want them to you or you do have some chronic
nagging pain that has been around for a while that you haven’t been able to
resolve then check out my hip flexibility solution it’s a really
simple program and thousands of people have already gotten through it I’ve got
a lot of feedback about it working and I’m confident that I’ll work for you too
so you can check that out at the end of this video otherwise we’ll see you next
time peace

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  1. Is it just me but at the beginning of the video he looked like he was floating 😂.. Great exercises ⚡I will be using these @work tonight 👍

  2. I'm a life long martial artist, over the last couple years I've been based in my opposite stance. I've noticed the difference in each leg's abilities, left is a great stabilizer( toes are very active) and right has good power (everything is off the ball of the foot) . What exercises can get my left to catch up in power and form; and my right to have more active toes and stability?
    I know it's a wonky question, but you've helped me in the past.

    s/o from South Africa

  3. Great content Eric as always! I have one question for you, what if the psoas/hip flexors and adductors are really tight, should i still strengthen them or just stretch and then strength?Thanks

  4. hi thanks for channel . please update work for abs ! I'm sick and I can not put a lot of pressure on my body, so please update a video for abs with easy work ! i can do it 3 moth or more don't need fast time . thanks

  5. Excellent presentation. I am benefiting from you knowledge and I just would like to give you thanks for helping me and others.

  6. Hi Eric,
    This is a tough exercise for me. What would be a beginner adductor exercise?
    Many thanks for your excellent helpful content.

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