The Active Office Worker Ep. 03: Shoulder Mobility & Posture

The Active Office Worker Ep. 03: Shoulder Mobility & Posture

if you find your shoulders or feeling
stiff and tight from sitting at your job or your posture is starting to make you
look like a neanderthal then check out this video to learn three techniques to
help to reverse those effects and have you leaving the office feeling open and
more mobile yo what’s up this is coach e from precision movement and today is
another episode of the active office worker where we’re going to talk about
the shoulders so the biggest issue with the shoulders and sitting at your job
all day well there’s two big issues one is because you’re just in this position
all day your shoulders are gonna adapt to being in this position that’s problem
if you’re going to the gym afterwards you want to do some overhead squats if
you want to throw if you wanna shoot hoops whatever it is that you like to do
you need your shoulders to be mobile for you to do those things secondly because
you’re sitting looking at the screen and it’s a long workday and your boss is
just being a big idiot you end up like this dressed up your neck is hiked up
your shoulders are hiked to your neck and your rounded forward get thoracic
kyphosis these are two things that we’re gonna address with the three techniques
that you’ll learn today okay so the first technique we’re going to go
through is some active self myofascial release and that’s just like Active
Release techniques if you go to physio or chiro except you do it to yourself
case you save some time save some money we’re gonna work on the pecs here so
when we do an ASMR technique you want to start with the muscle relaxed in the
shortened range so if we’re working the pecs that’s my arm over here and then
resting on my opposite thigh I’m kind of bent over so to make sure that these
muscles are relaxed that allows me to dig my fingers in so I’m going to use
index middle finger get the the ring finger in there a little bit as well
want to find just in the shoulder on the collarbone and then just below the
collarbone so that’s where I’m going to start
so I’m hunched over here and then from here I’m gonna lift the arm up get up
tall and I externally rotate and I’m sliding my fingers kind of down in this
direction across my pectoralis fibers okay so we can do this for one to two
minutes or three to six repetitions and each time find just a different area
okay now if you can go skin-on-skin much better but if that would be weird
don’t do that don’t risk your job find that area start position hanging out and
then open up externally rotate the shoulders get tall and reach back behind
you that’s gonna release any scar tissue adhesions fibrosis in the muscle do one
more rep here then I’ll do three on the other side so chill out internally
rotate the shoulder rest the hand on the opposite thigh or the arm and then
activate open up nice and tall slide the fingers down right to your sternum you
can go that far okay and just work different areas let’s go the other side
palm down slow chit over a little bit get up tall lift the arm go into
horizontal extension and external rotation of the shoulder while you’re
sliding the finger down every time you reset go to the start position find a
spot to start change it up you’re working different areas and open up
sliding the finger towards the sternum now obviously females I don’t have
breasts like you so I don’t know what this how you’re gonna manage this one
but do your best okay you get the principle let’s do one more over here slumped rounded horizontally extend
externally rotate and extend the spine okay that frees up some structural
limitations next we’re gonna go through two simple techniques and I’m in this
chair because you’re likely in a chair when you’re working and this way you can
see how to apply it in a sports specific environment first up is hands behind the
head lift off and we’re gonna do three do at least three repetitions for a
10-second hold so sit back on your chair and that helps you to find a nice extend
position then come off so that you’re supporting yourself okay so your spines
gonna be in full extension here hands behind your bed head and try to keep
your chin that way so not like this what up tall from here you’re just gonna
lift your hands off your head and drive your elbows back straight back behind
you when you’re there hold slow 360 breaths so expand the ribcage in all
directions and then relax and if you have to sit back just to totally relax
then go ahead and do that let’s do another rep so I like to sit back get
the hands up behind my head and then come up lift the hands off the head
drive the elbows back behind you pinch those shoulder blades together keep the
chin tucked and a slow 360 breath and relax and then you could do at least
one more rep but up to five or six repetitions would be good so that’s
gonna help to get the arms working back overhead because a lot of times if all
we’re doing all day is having our arms down by your sides we’re gonna lose our
ability to work with them when our hands are overhead it’s changer
a light bulb or a light fixture for my wife the other day and I was feeling
that because I don’t work it enough we’re not up there enough yeah let’s do
one more technique behind the back lift off so same idea same principle let’s
keep it simple three repetitions 10 second holds we’re gonna go hands behind
your back let me show you different angle here see you make sure you know
what I’m talking about hands behind your back and if you want
to do a little passive stretching go ahead so sit back with your hands behind
your back and when you’re here well it’s not fully passive think of pinching
retracting my scapula let’s picture my shoulder blades back together and that’s
gonna allow you to stretch out the internal rotators open the chest oh you
could do some passive work here but always always always you need the active
work if you’re after mobility which is your ability to enter and exit and move
within your range okay so hands behind the back go up as high as you can
without totally rounding your flexing your spine so let’s say I’m vote here
and then it’s the exact same thing lift the hands off elbows back
keep those muscles on and breathe slow 360 breath and then you relax down for a moment and
then you repeat up to six repetitions but at least three and that’ll help to
activate those muscles that get sleepy and atrophy when you’re at your desk job
all day with these techniques it’s really important that you stay tall okay
really tall and avoid the forward head that’s another area that obviously gets
beat up when you’re working sitting at a desk all day so make sure you check out
the neck care video in the active office worker series if that’s an area that you
want to work on or that’s a problem for you as I recommend in previous episodes
anchor this to some kind of activity well there you’re the bathroom at 10:43
every morning or you’re getting up for lunch or before at the very least the
warning bell should go off before you get up and leave for the day to do
something some area of your body work on it try to reverse the effects or
compensate for the effects of your job so that you’re not going to end up stiff
old and frail that’s all we got for you today make sure you check out the rest
of the videos in this series because my plan is to you cover the whole body so
that you could do something there’s a little short little something that you
can do in your work day it doesn’t take a lot of doesn’t take any equipment but
just takes a little bit of effort and you can keep your body moving okay
so check that out also check out the website precision movement coach for
lots of resources and good stuff to keep you active and fit thanks again for
watching I will see you next time peace

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  1. Thanks my friend I'm fixing to watch via the TV this damn phone is a sad sad joke plus it's more like a gumbo thron

  2. I wish this helps me coz i've suffered for close to two years with shoulder and neck pain plus constant headaches. I work as a data clerk

  3. Eric … with hands behind the head, are we supposed to clasp our fingers together or keep the hands apart?

  4. Thank you for this – great exercises loving the activation in number 2!!! Q: Technique 3 I mostly (only) get a stretch feeling in the anterior shoulder (delt), is that correct?

  5. Thank you! I’m battling rounded shoulders and had a massage last week and learned my pec majors are completely locked/frozen. I’m going to try these techniques.

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