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  1. Thanks for posting this Dan and walking through the benefits and drawbacks of each one. Interesting use of the subscription model as both a sampler for customers and a filterer of customers. Never thought about it directly in that sense before.

  2. Question: Hi Dan, there are many top-level economists saying that we're due for a recession once again. Does a recession affect the way you approach business? And, do you take any steps to preserve your wealth? I think this would make for a great future video. Thanks for all you do.
    -Miguel Wallingford

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  4. Your the man Dan I'm currently working on coaching myself I'm in the John Maxwell team and will be certified in August I'm also looking forward to working with you soon thanks for the content keep them coming

  5. Dan, your knowledge is excellent, but [what I most appreciated] was your great ability to share and communicate that knowledge into something relevant what I was looking for. Thanks Dan😊

  6. Hey Dan, how's it going? I'll go straight to the point. In several videos you have named some old books.
    I would like to know how appropriate they are today. What can be used today from a book like Napoleon Hill's one or the well-known finance gurus? What worked yesterday and what works today?
    I dont mean books, but the knowledge to be applied in practice. What do you think about it? Thanks!

  7. Hello Dan, Being a Starter a new entrepreneur is that they have to work in 1 model in which they have to excel it and then starting multiple models! or starting multiple models in starting stage of business would be good!

  8. QUESTION : Hey sir can you please make a video on students how they can get started or what should they need to do or any advice.

  9. If most of these people have specific objectives, it would help increase your conversion rate by offering a "guarantee" to the client/customer

  10. What I like most about this training is not only do you lay out multiple business modules, you share the pros and cons of each based on their current skills and desired results.

  11. I learned that building my Business Mastermind Group in Krakow, Poland will require a LOOT more effort. But I'm still 100% committed 🙂

  12. Another awesome video from Dan Lok! loving all that I've been learning from your videos Thnx so much!

  13. Thank you Dan! Very good content! This video turned the lights on for me, and gave me a strategic plan of action for my future endeavors!

  14. Thanks for the excellent videos and experience from your life. Do you have any advise for those who are still an employee but want to increase their wealth and transit in to being an entrepreneur?

  15. Dan, if you read this please tell me your opinion. I'm starting a consulting business, my speciality is a form of management. What model(s) would you use to start with if you were in my position?

  16. Great video Dan! I am currently building my membership site that will include a higher level consulting component.

  17. Join HTC Straight away 🙂
    Such a great decision! Enjoying every minute of the time spent on your platform
    Dan Thanks!

  18. This is thorough and thoughtful, thank you. I have heard some credible, master consultants emphasize that every consultant must evolve through each model of distribution. That is, that you must first offer done-with-you proof of concepts before you can move to 1on1 coaching. And it is only then can one move to offering group coaching, and then online program as the next steps. Still other credible, master consultants teach that you can choose to do group coaching or offer online programs from the get-go and be successful so long as you have your sales funnel dialed in, provided you are outstanding at what you do. In this video, you mention lifestyle, skills, and preferences as considerations when choosing a business model. What are your thoughts on the evolution of a consultant? Would you agree that it is a step-wise sequence to reaching the group coaching/online program models?

  19. Question:
    Hi Dan,
    I really appreciate your videos, I treat them like bible lessons for my business.
    With the equity income model, what is the percentage of revenue share you request from that business?
    Thanks Dan so much

  20. Courses for model 3
    1/Matt Astifan- Dan's mentee course teaches people how to be a social media director. 5 week program, $2500
    2/ Dan & Keyvon High ticket closer sale program: 7 week program with 7 modules, calls featuring, Q&A and role plays. $5000/person

    Courses for model 4:
    1/Strategic Coaching of Dan Sullivan, Signature program, meet once every quarter, gather, brainstorm, set goals for your business
    2/ Procoach Success System- Andrew: meet once every quarter for a day, 9am-5pm, about 25 people in the room

    Courses for model 5
    1/ Brian Tracy- professional speaker program: his office for 3 days, with a small group like a dozen people and he takes you through a curriculum
    2/ Jay Abraham- a marketing genius: 2-3 day intensives in Los Angeles at his beach house, $25,000/person with only 4-5 people
    3/ Date with Destiny- Tony Robbins: 6 days coaching intensives, $5000- $8000/person, 4000 people

    Course for model 6:
    1/ Speaking Empire: its a speech – sale presentation makeover $10,000, a whole team will work through your script, presentation
    2/ One day with Dan:

    Courses for model 7
    1/ Key money mastery
    2/ Men' styling

    Courses for model 8
    1/Titans Mastermind Charter group $20,000/year. 2-3 days live event a year, hotseat, different speakers. there are 3 live events a year, for direct response marketer.
    2/ Dan Lok Inner Circle

  21. Hi Dan,
    I think you made a minor mistake.
    You presented 8 models, not 7
    1/One-on-one model
    2/Equity income model
    3/Group telecoaching program model
    4/Live coaching model
    5/Coaching intensives/retreats model
    6/VIP days model
    7/Continuity membership model
    8/Mastermind group model
    Please correct and forgive me if I'm wrong.
    Thanks Dan

  22. I thank you again for this video. I have not gone full force because I am working with a mentor and literally gleaning from one career to transfer to build another one, but figuring out the most efficient path ,strategically , instead of starting ten different small businesses to generate cash, which is easy to get sucked in to, I am honing in on who I am and what I am amazing at, my HTS. All of the models that you descirbed are what so many coaching and consulting firms are saturated with. And lets face it, if that was all it took we would all be wealthy and making 6 figures! These models require a lot of time and require me to be physically present. It is not logical. I am seeking, not the easiest , but the most efficient path to do what I love, but also be a mother and sole provider for my family and increase revenue ,the reality is my "why" are for my children two of whom are autistic and my own health, I dont have time to waste. Which is why I love your HTS model and content. I am cutting through the BS and getting to how. Alot of my peers are amazing, but the majority are frustrated at slow growth. They are doing one or all of these models and it's like a snail pace at builidng mometum. The one model that I have seen to date that has lasting power and is efficient is the membership model. I love two things: apps and memberships! They save time , money and are consistent for me,s a provider and consumer. Both are somewhat easy to maintain as well and the revenue can be used to fund the HT skill as a business over time. I do think Masterminds are great ,but doing them with trusted peers and mentors , not paying for them, I mean "never say never", Dan, if you invite me to your mastermind, I am going! I love your honesty and feedback Dan. I hope you and your family are doing well , Alot of times we listeners we take and don't even ask how are you on these comments! You are a human with a real life! So thankyou for giving us so much! I have skills I am willing to share, to offer value and not just take , you give away so much value for free, I am amazed! I am working with a solid mentor now and I agree with something you said in another video ,that when you connected with the right mentor you made more progress then you did in past attempts at growth and success. My gifts are, visioning, making vision become reality, forecasting, driven to number one status and building something from nothing. I am not here just for me, I have lived my entire life in service to others!I love what you said "don't chase the money, do what you love!" para. D.L. I do what I do and am who I am because that's my DNA , I was born to create and instigate change. I walk the talk. I had my first business when I was 8 and many , many fails since! I never quit , I never give up.I do not usually write this much on a public post. People need to listen to your guidance. you are putting it out there is a very tangiuble platform and it would be stupid for anyone to not pay attention. The content you are saying is spot on and I hope people listen up because the world we live in is moving fast and we have to be ahead of that, what worked a year ago doesn't today. We need to think more strategically about how we live our lives and run our businesses or function whether at work or in our health or whatever it may be. even in non profit life or social services which is part of my field , hacking your life is for everyone! Not just an entrepreneur or employee or someone who is wealthy or poor, but for everyone and what kills me is it's all online! Even the homeless have smart phones! Google is everywhere! Everything you need to know to solve a problem is free and online , right there for the taking! You listen then apply , listen then apply. Stpe one , step two and yeah its hard work and takles time there is no magic spell for success ,but the answers are here. I tell people this every day! I say dont come back to my office without action, you or I can do the same thing we are both human. I focus on results. That's what I teach my kids too. they complain about picking up the house or doing laundry and sometimes I am like "listen, we can complain after the fact, but right now I want to see X,Y, nd Z because that's what going to get you through this, not using your mouth to complain" and then after we sit in our living room and I say "look at what you did! doesn't this feel good to be able to sit and relax ?" And guess what? They don't even remember complaining, they smile and feel good! That is a super simple example of what I am doing in my life and for my family and my clients. It is internet mentors like you Dan and the greats, and we all know who they are from way back when to Naploean Hill to Jesus , philosophers, to John Rohn etc. I am in social services part time and I have circumstances that are unimaginable come throgh the door, stories, there are many to seeand little time, finally I started saying "listen we all have one, a story, the details are different , but we all have one, what we have to do is organize , compartmentalize and start using our brain to solve problems" Cry at night if you have to but before the sun comes up have a plan that day and do soemthign dont just lie down and take it! Most problems come down to people needing more money, thats simplified, but that's not enough, people can learn, they are amazing, anyone can learn! I teach people and say "I get this I am hacking my own life too" Nothing happens without action so I made two rules: no one leaves without hope and no one leaves without action to take, they come back with results, fail or win, action required! We cannot just sit back and take all this in we have to figure this stuff out and maximize what we have to offer , like you say and do something, there is not more time, the time is now for Gods sake! I cannot thank you enough Dan, you and your organization. Esther Laiacona CEO Dream Believe Become

  23. 1. a) Traditional One-on-One transactional Model per hour b) One-on-One but participating in a long term agreement relationship.
    2.Group telecoaching Program. 10 to 15 people. Could be from 1 week to a year program. To solve one particular program. Very precise.
    3. Live Group Coaching. Like this video. Requires more skill than model 2.
    4.Coaching Intensives / Retreats. Like Tony Robbins. 2-3 days.
    5. VIP Days. One day focus with one client. Very expensive with alot of value.
    6. Membership Program. If specialized information, you can charge a higher fee.
    7.Master Mind Groups. Application process. What Dan does with his inner circle.

  24. I've been under estimating the need to dive deep deep into knowing the competition. This was a valuable ahha moment. Thanks

  25. Wow, as a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach, I didn't think that I'd get much out of this presentation, but it has opened my eyes as to which niche to focus on and which model to choose from! Thanks, Dan great info!

  26. Excellent video and very, very helpful. I have come across some of these, but this video puts it all nicely together with all the essential details, plus some new ideas and also allows someone doing or planning to do consulting / training / mentoring to evaluate which model could be best suited and give the highest financial returns. Thank you very much Dan.

  27. 1 one on one coaching and consulting
    2 group telecoahing program
    3 live group coaching
    4 coaching intensive and retreats
    5 vip days
    6 continuity or membership program
    7 master mind group

  28. Wow Dan. I had been searching for content like this since i became a trainer years ago. I am glad that I had found the right person to be my sifu. Thanks Sifu @Dan. Love it

  29. I am not interested in coaching/teaching anymore..I did try it for years. 1:10 rule. 1 great person 10 a****holes. I prefer investing/brokering now. Only dealing with HNW/UHNW. Forget everyone else.

  30. Love this, Dan. Thanks so much for your great input. Sent you an invite on LinkedInn – just btw (:

  31. As someone with no formal background in business, I found these very simple and helpful to understand.Thank you for explaining these business models.

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