The 3 Basic Types of Employees – Systemize Your Business Ep. 6

The 3 Basic Types of Employees – Systemize Your Business Ep. 6

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  1. Discover secrets to know which types of employees you are hiring
    if you are an Entrepreneur or Business Leader.
    Share your insights below about this video.

  2. Thanks! Eye openers! But I think those techniques should be used when hiring secretaries not people for key positions! Actually if they were meant to be for key positions and they do what I asked “brining a section of newspaper”, I would think they’re too desperate to get the job!

  3. How you do anything is how you do everything. It’s also important to remember that you cannot change someone from one type of employee to another.

  4. I recently moved across the country and I definitely needed some words of advice and my interview yesterday went amazing and actually went from getting a seasonal position with a low pay, to a permanent better pay, full-time, manager position with benefits and paid vacation from the start by letting myself use alot of what you have taught me, building a better me. I'm a Patriot at heart , a hard worker. Thank you and keep up you channel and your books.

  5. Omg .. i cant even imagine this book is really free ..wowow.
    I just downloaded it and just skipping through pages. I just loved it.

  6. This was a mirror of how I have been all this while. Thanks for this. I will work on myself as, how I do something will define how I do everything.
    Thanks dan.
    I learnt from you. Truth can certainly be painful, but if you have it in you to accept it and change yourself , you will suck lesser than from where you started.
    Thanks for this.

  7. Great video. You can't turn a grunt or a mercenary into a patriot. But you can turn your patriots jnto grunts or mercenaries by having a lousy workplace culture.
    That said, some weird requests like the 5am thing feel like boundary crossing, and you don't want employees to either condone or participate in boundary crossing.

  8. I have been on both sides of this equation and your video accurately predicts the mentality and thus behaviors of candidates and future employees. Well said, Sifu.

  9. I fit the definition of a mercenary and grunt. I am hungry for money but only put minimal amount of effort into it.

  10. You made me laugh so hard … especially when you sat on the brochure. I have actually had similar experiences when interviewing – it is true that you cannot see how a person behaves on their resume, and those you call for a reference usually won't tell you – because they are happy they're no longer working at their company! I need someone I can trust, so this was a great reminder to think outside of the box and see what they say and do.

  11. Got the book, read the book, went to the webinar, working on getting the money together to join your HTC program

  12. If someone writes down they speak a different language, I ask them to tell me what they did before in that language. Another way to weed out because a lot of them will hesitate and say they can't.

  13. you only see 20% off the person you interview, so most wat your saying is not the person, stress, no experience, introvert are factors you dont talk about. Questions related to experiences is best.

  14. I use some of these methods while recruiting, what Dan said is 100% true, you can;'t teach people basic stuff it's mostly how they are raised. We had a lot "grunt" type employees and their performance is always mediocre to below average but they were hired by others because they were good at interviews and typing good resumes.

  15. Interesting and beautiful. What would tell you then an person who licks ass? Excuse the vulgar language but it's the best way to describe it from the top of my head.

  16. I don´t understand why would you give a best-selling book for free. Also the limited time is more than 8 months now. Has the book lost it´s value?

  17. Thats why freelancing jobs will explode in the future, people want to be entrepreneurs to avoid these kind of submission ,although its personal reasons. Entrepreneurship is becoming a trend due to that very factor, people hate being subordinate because of that . I identify myself with being a patriot.I feel like soon people will have more control of the type of people they want to work for and not the other way around.

    Great presentation Dan as usual. So much valuable information.

  18. Never thought about doing duffus test to qualify new employees, I'm going to have to start doing that to save me time and money interviewing potential employees. By the way I love all your videos. We stopped doing proposals after I saw your video and now we do project evaluations and charge for them.

  19. I'd ask why to try and identify where to set up processes that could perhaps streamline life at 5am. Lord knows I'm not very awake then, liable to wear top inside out lol but would make for great interview, I hate standard boring "sooooo… Tell me about yourself… A time you solved a problem…zzz zz zzz"

  20. Many stammer on Whats ur fav ice cream question..cuz there are a lot
    Flavours they like a lot and simply cant choose one …i mean how can you?

  21. Whats funny is a friend of mine retired from university career as system administrator was in charge of hiring IT professionals for his university. He claimed that his metric was to see if they have a university degree. He claimed that this showed that they can be dedicated an driven. Hmm i wonder how many duds did he hire in his 30 year career.

  22. Dan, i would like to thank you.
    I had all kind of half jobs workers because i did not make to much money.
    i did not understant why they were POS.
    finally, for the first time i hired a full time job.
    she have pass all the tests and she is only 21 years old (better then 10 years experince secriteries).
    She is not just a patriot she is the commando of the patriot.
    Without your video i couldn't find the gold.
    First i have use the early mornning interview in the phone form 200 only 6 accept and only 3 come (the other were sure that i am a mad man).
    I test them with the one of the task they need to do in the job and open a timer (that they can see), the test was not about the time just the if it is done correct.
    I was supprased that the only one that pass the test and never worked with it.
    Dan, one day i will be rich and i will come to your seminar.
    And i am sorry for my mistakes in English.

  23. Thanks Dan, I really love your video and this inspire me a lot.
    I really don't understand the part that you told the candidate to sit down the chair that you put a newspaper on.
    it means if she didn't take the newspaper away and sit on it directly , then she is the one you want to hire ?

  24. 3 Basic Types Of Employees

    When employing people and you ask them if they have any questions.

    Driven by money
    Driven by greed
    Asking money type questions they are mercenaries
    – great sales

    2. GRUNT
    Driven by comfort
    – how many hours
    – do i get holiday pay
    – i don’t want any extra

    3. PATRIOT
    Driven by mission
    – I’m interested in your culture, training, team
    – if i was to rise up in this company
    – they see your company is going places

    Mercenaries in sales

    Patriots run organisations



    Ask them to do something out of the ordinary out of the norm.

    Eg. Meet me at 5am, change time is a test.

    Bring the sport section from local paper.

    When they show up

    no sport section = lack of
    Attention to detail

    show up with sport section = only do what they asked

    show up with two sport actions = go extra distance

    – one show up with sport section with report on sport scores

    How you do anything people do everything

    People show me their habits

  25. People time is not the same, do different things and different jobs. Everything is different. Just a little bit the same

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