The 2019 Code for Canada Fellowship – Public Health Agency of Canada

♪♪♪ The Public Health of Agency of Canada
works with Canadians to empower them to
make better decisions. We provide evidence, information and
programs to help them move more, sit less, eat better and just make better
lifestyle choices. Each year, the Public Health Agency of
Canada invests more than 180 million
dollars to develop, test and scale up interventions and
programs that improve the overall health
of Canadians. Every day, we work with our partners from
a range of sectors, including digital
startups, major sports organizations and nonprofits
to find, fund and design interventions
that improve the health of Canadians. The current process for applying for our
funding is outdated. Our partners tell us that there’s too
much paper and too many steps involved.
We want to change that. We want our partners focused on designing
impactful public health interventions
rather than filling out forms. It’s time to modernize our granting
process. We want to use human-centred design and
the latest digital methods so that the
process to request funding is easier, faster and more intuitive for
organizations. As a Code for Canada fellow at the Public
Health Agency of Canada, your technology
and design skills will make a real impact. Together, we’ll make it easier for our
community partners to access funding enabling them to design and deliver
innovative interventions that improve
the health of Canadians. You can help us in so many ways, whether
it’s by integrating user research and
design sprints into our operational DNA, or by advancing
our commitment to open government. We want Code for Canada fellows to come
and join us on our innovation journey. So please, come join the Public Health
Agency of Canada in supporting a happier
Canada and healthier Canadians.

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