The 2018 Code for Canada Fellowship – City of Toronto Transportation Services

The 2018 Code for Canada Fellowship – City of Toronto Transportation Services

♪♪♪ Transportation Services has a
mission statement, we actually
just developed our mission
statement, which is to build and maintain
a resilient transportation
network so that people can connect with the communities,
places and activities they
value, which I’m very excited about because I think it
puts people at the centre of our
practice. Our most significant challenge
right now is implementing our
Vision Zero road safety plan. It’s a plan that started in 2016
but we adopted it as a fully-
formed Vision Zero plan in 2017. And when I talk about Vision
Zero, I’m talking about an
international movement to try to get traffic-related
fatalities down to zero. We believe one death on the
roadways is one too many. We really need to be taking
innovative and proactive steps
to make sure our streets are safe, our people are
comfortable, our public spaces
are vibrant, and good data is at the core of that. And
that’s one of the reasons we’re
so excited to have the Code for Canada fellows
here to work with our team. The work that we would like the
Code for Canada fellows to do
is to really help us up our data game here at Transportn
Services. As you know, Vision Zero is a
data-driven program, and we have
programs that have been managing not only our traffic volumes but
also our crash data that were
developed in 1991 and they really need a refresh. We are really excited to have
fellows embedded in our team,
in addition to bringing our data system into the 21st
century, to really energize and
get our teams enthusiastic about this important work. As a Code for Canada fellow, I
think people will find that they
are at the centre of being able to implement our Vision
Zero program and actually help
save people’s lives. Beyond saving lives, these new
data sets will empower city
staff and the public to engage with data in ways
that were previously
impossible. ♪♪♪

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