The 1-Thing | New Google My Business Heatmap Feature

The 1-Thing | New Google My Business Heatmap Feature

The biggest piece of news in digital
marketing that you need to know this week is the new feature in Google my
Business which allows you to see where people are located when they search for
your business in Google Maps. So you can find this feature in the insights
reports in Google My Business and it’ll look something like this and you can
really use this in a number of different ways even in your offline marketing so
if you’re a restaurant and you’re handing out flyers you can use this heat
map to know exactly how far you should be handing them out and moving back into
the online world if you have online ads in social media or AdWords you can use
the heat map to give you an idea of how far your ad should be reaching and then
lastly if you’re an agency and your game is brand awareness, you can show your
client a snapshot of their reach in 2017 for example and then show them this
is where it is in 2018 so you’re doing your job. If you can think of any
other cool ways that you can use this feature then pop us a comment below
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