Thank you to donors: Fan Yang, Fellowship Recipient

Thank you to donors: Fan Yang, Fellowship Recipient

Hello, I’m Fan Yang and I’m a grad student
majoring in material science, and I received the Bill and Marcia Ball Fellowship. My
research mainly focuses on computational material science and that means we do
not solve for the properties of materials by experiments but instead we
solve the shared equations of the system from
the beginning without passing on any experimental data. I spend my time 70 percent on
reading and learning , and 30 percent on doing calculations. I like to see those
phenomena being solved in a well-organized and theoretical way. It seems like
everything on word can be predictable and understandable, and I think that’s
the magic of, well, doing theoretical work. Thank you, Bill and Marcia. Thank you for
your fellowship. Well, it really cut off my worries about financial problems and so
that I can focus on my courses and studies in my first year. [music]

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