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  1. Thank God that I was intelligent enough 20 years ago to move me and my family 2000 miles to live somewhere that has none of those kind of savages living here.

  2. WOW ….. This is so sad my god …….. Charge him as an adult . Gezzz this poor family they will never see their daughter again she so desperately tried to get help for herself ….. She had her whole life ahead of her …..i hope the person who did this thinks about this and if it was his sister mom cousin how would he feel oh wait he doesn't feel or think cause he did this to her . Rest in peace my Condolences to the family Im so sorry for your loss <3

  3. This is not fair. This girl did not deserve to die. She was only in her first year of college. She didn’t get to go back home for Christmas, which is only about a week away. RIP? Tessa Majors.

  4. In the age of Trump, all political correctness must be put aside and a spade must be called a spade. If these teen killers are black, as I hear they are, the black community must step up. Why only Al Sharpton shows up when a black person is killed by the white man? He and others must lead this fight to clean their community. Very sad that a kid with a promising life was murdered ….and to make things worse, just before Christmas!!!

  5. A court hearing on Friday. He was arrested Thursday so what was Friday's hearing? It takes more than 1 day to get any court hearing

  6. Why are colleges not responsible for this. You can pay this expensive tuition for a job you may not get. But not be protected. Women need to buddy up with someone, make friends that have the same routes. The schools needs mandatory buddy systems.

  7. Imagine a female black college student being targeted for robbery by a group of teen white males and then being stabbed to death by them, there would be riots and protest in West Harlem right now,there would be endless discussions on the news about white racism for days and days. I’m a traditional Democrat both parties have either gone extreme left or extreme right and political correctness has taken over. We need to stop thinking teens can’t distinguish right from wrong I understood at the age of 4 that killing a person was not an option.

  8. anyone related to the Tessa Majors killing should end theirs too!   They had options during the time of this fatal act, but refused to make it right!

  9. Look at her pics. She was a tiny, petite young girl. They could have robbed her without hurting her. These sick punks killed her for fun!


  11. Hopefully these children will receive the rehabilitation they obviously need. Punishment will only make things worse… they will have to be released at age 21.

  12. The more black people deny, deflect and defend this behavior among their offspring, the more chance they take of making Dylan Roof intoa white martyr who was just warning of what was to come from living around black people… Keep doing what you're doing, black folks; it's really working.

  13. I read that the 13 year old suspect waived his Miranda rights and I hate that. No kid should be questioned by police without an attorney. While I am saddened by the senseless murder, it also does not escape me that this case is getting way more media attention than any murder of a black or brown person ever will.

  14. The media profiles the suspects by and and gender, but not by race. Why is that? If three white kids murdered a black college girl, would the media mention the race of the suspects? Yep. I'm going to do a video on this. It should be up later today (12-14-2019)

  15. All 3 should be triad as adults and either executed or sent to jail for a very long time for what they did to that poor white girl, Purely disgusting all 3 of them are.

  16. They've had 24 violent attacks in the last year against people walking in or even close to the park. Groups of young black teens roam, attack and assault. There are no real consequences. It's a revolving prison door. deblazio is letting out 900 criminals from rikers into the streets of nyc Dec 2019. Crime and murder is already up they just arrest less to affect the numbers. Police commissioner Oneil retired because of criminal justice reform. Horrible!!! Not a safe place.

  17. Get rid of that d'm Racist Trump. He's such a "disgrace" to yalls country. So how can youz even say "Stop Hate" when yalls President IS HATE??. smdh

  18. Whoever did this, regardless of age, MUST be permanently removed from civilized society.
    Zero Tolerance for crimes like this!

  19. HAMMURABI's CODE. eye for an eye. stab this kid to death and then broadcast it so everyone knows not to do something like this. this is the ONLY way these animals will learn.

  20. I love how the media is hiding the race of her killers. Too bad Tessa wasn't a Black, Homosexual, TV actor. Hey Michelle Obama this is exactly why White people don't want to be around Blacks.

  21. White people are 27x more likely to be murdered by a Black perpetrator than vice versa according to FBI data. If that's not one-way racist slaughter, nothing is. And the media would rather talk about how blacks are under threat from "white supremacy" when all the data points the other way.

  22. Instead of saying an innocent victim was murdered that one man in this video equates both deaths as being the same because both lives are ruined yet he leaves out two important factors. 1. The victim is dead the perpetrators are alive. 2. The perpetrators committed a heinous violent crime on the victim while taking away her life. How do you possibly equate the victim to the perpetrators ? Could you imagine someone saying about Ted Bundy and one of his victims “ well both lives are ruined” ?

  23. The police power has to be equally distributed in NYC and US cities, or the center city of the world will be the second Detroit. I passed by that area in October and was also offended by teenagers when I was walking on the street.

  24. What has this world come to?!?!?! We really need to pay more attention to our youth…. It's crazy to think young kids are committing murder. There's been many school shootings and now this. This is so sad and we need to promote change.

  25. One of the teens, 13-year-old Zyairr Davis, confessed to involvement in the robbery, telling police that he and two middle school friends spotted Majors.

    "He said they tried to rob her. Then she was stabbed, and she died,’’ a source said. “They were trying to rob her, she resisted, and they stabbed her.’’

    The three set out to rob someone.
    They had a weapon.
    That is armed robbery.

    Then they decided to stab and cut the young woman to death.
    That is 1st degree murder.

    In the United States of America, in the past 154 years, the black population has created all their own problems. Their population boomed from about 4 million in 1865 to about 40 million in 2019.
    That was about a 900% increase.
    They overpopulated.

    Now, for the past 50 years, they have been causing problems for the whites.

    The only persons to blame for this robbery and murder, are the blacks that overpopulated, created their own ghetto culture, and those young men.

    They have to take responsibility for those crimes, that the young men commited.

    They should bring the other young men forward, so that they can admit to their crimes, and justice can be served.

  26. Vote Democrat this November lets not be too harsh on these young people just starting out in life, One mistake doesn't define who they are.

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