Tesla Cybertruck first ride: inside the electric pickup

Tesla Cybertruck first ride: inside the electric pickup

(electronic music) – Hey everybody, this
is Sean from The Verge. And I’m here at Tesla’s Design Studio in Los Angeles, California, where the company just unveiled it’s first electric pickup truck, the CyberTruck. – Welcome to the CyberTruck Unveil. – Now we know Tesla has been
working on a pickup truck for a long time. But in the years running up to this event, Elon Musk had said that
this truck was gonna look straight out of “Blade Runner”. It was gonna have a cyberpunk aesthetic. And that he didn’t really even care if people didn’t like the design. Well, he unveiled a very cyberpunk, very “Blade Runner” truck tonight. The design is super polarizing. It really does look exactly
how he said it was gonna look. It really does look like
some kind of movie prop. One thing that could
help Tesla move a truck that is as out there as the CyberTruck is the fact that the specs and the price actually sound pretty good. The CyberTruck starts at $39,900. That starting price is also lower than the price of a lot of the
most popular pickup trucks on the market right now, like the Ford F150 or the Dodge Ram. That version of the truck will get about 250 miles of range and be able to go from
zero to 60 miles an hour in about six seconds or so. Now above the base model, there’s a dual-motor version of this truck that’s supposed to get about
300 or more miles of range, has a 10,000 pound towing capacity and can go from zero to 60 miles an hour in about four and a half seconds. The top-tier CyberTruck
costs nearly $70,000. But Elon Musk promised it’ll have at least 500 miles of range which is outrageous. That’s more than any other
car Tesla makes right now. And almost as much as the
second generation Roadster which is supposed to be coming
in the next couple of years. The whole event was really sort of a tease at the big automakers who make a lot of money from pickups. One of the things that he focused on was the fact that this truck is going to be made out
of cold-rolled steel. Basically the same material that SpaceX has been using to build its Mars rocket prototypes. To show off how durable he thinks this is he had Tesla’s lead
designer come out on stage with a sledgehammer, and not only take it to the
door of a typical pickup truck but also to the side of the CyberTruck. And it didn’t seem to make any dent. But a problem seemed to arise when they also tried to show off the strength of the windows on the truck which are made out of
a special metal glass. But when they took a
big metal ball bearing to the windows, they broke. So obviously, there’s a
little bit more to be done to make sure that this lives up to the rugged standards that Elon Musk was promising tonight. But he took it in stride, and kept poking at the
part of the auto industry that he really wants to
disrupt with this product. Now all of the versions of the truck will come with Autopilot standard, the option to pay for the forthcoming full self-driving feature that Tesla’s been promising for years. They’ll all have 100 cubic feet of storage which is a massive amount of storage. And largely thanks to the
really big bed in this truck. They have up to 16 inches
of ground clearance with four inches of travel on either end. But Tesla didn’t take much time to talk about the crash
worthiness of this truck. Especially considering
it’s made out of this supposedly super durable,
super strong steel. I’d like to see a little bit more about what’s going to happen to
other cars or pedestrians if and when this thing gets into a crash. I actually got a chance to
ride in this thing tonight. I was in the front passenger seat, one of six seats inside the truck. And one of the first things that struck me was just how big it is inside. Musk talked on stage about how by taking basically the
structure of the car and moving to the very outside, not worrying about paint or anything on the outside of the steel, he was able to open up more
space inside the truck. And it certainly felt that way. It’s hard to get a sense of exactly how big this thing is in person. But on the inside, it’s clear that Tesla’s
making the most out of the room that they have available. There was a 17-inch touchscreen tablet, similar to the Model 3s
but a little bit bigger, in the center of the dashboard that was actually running a new version of Tesla’s in-car software, that we only got a brief glimpse of. I like the design of it. I’m very excited to see more about that new version of the software, and hear what Tesla has
planned for it in the future. Honestly the most striking thing about it is just how massive it
feels underneath you. We don’t know the spec
on the battery in this. But the battery pack must be massive. You could feel how heavy
it was underneath you as we were moving down the street. It certainly feels just about as fast as some of Tesla’s other cars. We were in the dual-motor spec so the mid-range one that starts at about $49,000. And I can only imagine
that the top-tier version would feel a little bit more ludicrous than the ride that we had tonight. I will say that if
you’re wondering at home whether this looks more or
less polarizing in person, I’d say it’s about dead on the money. It maybe even looks a little
bit better in the renders. In person it just feels very brutalist. It was honestly cold to the touch when I was getting in
and out of the truck. And there is really nothing
else like it on the market, which is exactly what Elon
Musk says he was going for. Elon Musk is well know for not meeting deadlines on time or not living up to lofty
promises that he makes. And I think a lot of people
coming into tonight’s event were trying to basically
call him on the bluff. If the CyberTruck proved anything it’s that every once in a while what Elon Musk promises is
exactly what you’ll get. Hey everybody, thanks
so much for watching. If you love electric vehicles, especially ones that are
a little bit polarizing, we just got to see Ford’s
Mustang Mach-E electric SUV, a couple of days ago. Go check it out on our YouTube
channel if you haven’t yet. Thanks for watching.

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  1. Won't it be a hazard to have shatterproof windows? What about situations where you need to break the window to get in or out like in an emergency?

  2. I particularly don’t like the design only because it feels too simple. It feels like there was only minimal thought put into it

  3. Whoa, wait a minute, having a so strong outside ,that means that anyone inside the car in an accident will be destroyed!

  4. FAIL : How much & how often does Tesla need to fail before people see through this sham & the PT Barnum of the 21 Century>>> Musk?!  Tesla has 1/3 the range of a petrol car, takes 1/2 day or more to recharge at home, "Auto-pilot" has KILLED PEOPLE, "Bullet-proof" glass shatters…..anyone who buys into this fraud either via products or stock is a lunatic.

  5. at the beginning the first impression of the hummer military versión was horrible….but later was a civilian sale success

  6. Dont call it a truck! It is not a work truck. More like a big toy for cyber kids. Make an industrial service cargo hauler with the performance & durability of this one and he will have a winner.

  7. If your idea of futuristic is a bad 2019 design from 1983, then this is your rig. Go watch Arnie's 'Total Recall' and then try convince someone the vehicles in that film look futuristic, good luck!

  8. Now after seeing this disaster, everybody can be 100% sure that Ford will keep making millions selling F-150 for another 35 years!!

  9. I’m Canadian from a small town, a lot of trucks are around where I live. No one would buy this but it’s prob not the market there trying to reach I’m guessing. Interesting.

  10. It's like they made this design for me. It is a very rational vehicle. Probably it has low cost of production, its design has nothing superfluous, it has amazing specs and a good provable price.

  11. YEAH lots of Telsa's charging stations in the country.. and it has a dragster wheel. that's how you know its for yuppies.

  12. Awful design, I am all for cyberpunk design and wish more cars would push the edge of design but this isn't it.

  13. We're going full circle now, We started with metal body vehicles with the model A; and went with carbon fiber body. Why? Because it's cheaper and lighter, so cars can go faster (also, cars get turned into shreds…when in car crashes). Now, will just get dents.

  14. Polarizing design for sure for me its hideous but i am sure alot will love it its like the truck version of the delorean dmc

  15. I would be really satisfied if I live to see the time that vehicles like this on become the standard. Honestly don’t care if it’s not as colorful or fancy looking as other cars out there. At the end of the day pick up trucks are loved for their utility and I can see this being an amazing standard to set for other brands. Especially with Ford wanting to unveil their first electric F-150 in 2021. They have a lot to chase after. Elon is bringing us closer to the time we’re we have cars that might as well be space shuttles although I doubt we’ll effectively have flying cars before the end of the century (I know they exist I mean as a norm for all people to drive and replace grounded cars), I do believe I can see a future like this one. Think about how much cars have changed in the 50 years to the last century. From a top speed of 30 to a top speed of 270+ miles per hour. Those are take off speeds for a jet. I can definitely see amazing things in the horizon. After all it’s be projected that the more tech we make the faster our civilization advances. This is just a new phase and it’s not slowing down from here.

  16. Stop calling it a pickup lol
    I love musk and have looked at all the positives of this tank rather than the negatives but it's not a truck lol

  17. So how many miles of extension cord can it carry? In the case where you take it off-road and get stuck. A gas-powered can pull it out but you'll need a generator to get it back to the future.

  18. I think you're forgetting one important thing regarding crashes. There should be a crumple zone for safety, you don't want the car to be superstrong/stiff. The stronger/stiffer the car is the harder the impact is when you crash into something that's stronger than the car. The crumple zone is there to reduce the impact for the passengers…

  19. Where is the bed? I want an E-pickup that looks sorta like a vintage Ford Ranger. Sorry Elon, this just doesn't do it for me. I'll wait and see what Ford comes up with.

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