Tesla Cybertruck event in 5 minutes

Tesla Cybertruck event in 5 minutes

– Welcome to the Cybertruck unveil. (crowd cheering) We’ve created an exoskeleton. (bangs) (laughs) (cheering) Nice. Now, hit the Cybertruck. (bangs) (crowd cheering) Yeah, what else can we do with this truck, let’s shoot it? That’s a nine millimeter
bullet shot at the door. So, it’s ultra hard, cold rolled, stainless steel alloy
that we’ve developed. We’re gonna be using the same alloy in the star ship rocket
and in the Cybertruck. Let’s show the glass demo. So, first this is regular glass, this is like normal glass, car glass. We’re going to show you what happens with normal car glass. (thuds) Now, I’ll show you Tesla Armor Glass. (crowd cheers) Yeah. (thuds) (mumbles) Alright France, could you try
to break this glass, please? (crowd cheers for France) Yeah. – You sure? – [Elon] Yeah. (glass shatters)
Oh, my fucking God. Well, maybe that was a little too hard. – Yeah. (laughing) – Dam, should we try the rear? – Let’s try.
– Yeah. (crowd commenting) – It didn’t go through.
– That’s true. – So, that’s a plus side. – Let’s try the rear. – Try that one, really, okay, sure. (glass shatters) (laughter) – Aww man! – It didn’t go through. (laughing) All right. (crowd commenting) Ah, not bad. (laughing) A little room for improvement. (laughing) Anyway, in addition the car
has an adaptive air suspension. The rear is a 100 cubic feet,
six and a half foot length, bed length, up to 3500 pounds of pay load. (cheering) So, let’s see on-road performance. (crowd commenting and exclaiming) In terms of off-road performance, it’s gonna have the best
angular, approach angle, best clearance heights,
best departure angle. For people that are really going off road this is going to be
great, you could basically do the Baja Rally in this thing. We have three ranges. (clapping and cheering) So, obviously they’ll have
access to all the super chargers. Be capable of more than 250 kilowatts, we’ll reveal the actual number later. And, it has onboard outlets
for 110 and 220 volts. And, as a little plus, because
it’s got an air suspension, we can tap off the air suspension so you have a pneumatic
source, so you have a, yeah. (crowd cheering and clapping) Onboard air compressor. Of course, it’ll come
with autopilot standard. (crowd cheering) Yeah. And, but it’s gonna– (crowd roars, whistles) So, that’s the price
without any incentives. That’s just like the price
without any incentives. Yup, so you can order
now if you would like? (crowd cheers) Alright, thank you! Oh wait! We have, (crowd shouting) we also made an ATV, so. (crowd cheering) (dramatic music) (crowd cheers and comments) (cheering) So, after the air suspension,
you can drop real low and you go high on the other
side, which pull as load mode. So, you got it load mode,
you’ve got a built-in ramp, so, you can take an ATV or
dirt bike, whatever you want and load it on the back. (slides) (clicks) Yes. Oh, (crowd cheering) and it’s currently
plugged in and charging. Alright. (crowd cheers) Oh, I should say also, we’re going to be offering rides in
this the whole night. (crowd cheering and whistling) Yeah, don’t mind the glass. (crowd laughs)

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  1. ⭐⭐??????????????⚾???? Bůh prokázal svou lásku k nám tím, že pošle svého Syna Ježíše Krista, který zemřel a vstal z mrtvých, aby nám život věčný.

    Slíbil také léčit své tělo.

     (podívejte se a zeptejte se)

  2. He would of done great at the 1963 worlds fair! But u can do all this to my 1967 impala and get the same results!! Nothing special here!

  3. Tesla still the best elon he brings many of new tech for the future small problem glass can change the bulletproof next otherwise this is the great truck for the next last generation of human

  4. He hit that door very hard 0:10
    He did not hit it the same as previous 0:18
    “Now i show u tesla armor glass” ( Amazing the glass didnt break 0:55
    Guess what happen next
    Yea u guess it right 1:19
    Click here > 5:07
    Thank me with one like for not wasting ur time
    Now go watch other videos instead of this one

  5. the breaking of the glass is a bad publicity stunt , there is no such thing as bad publicity , the whole world is looking at these videos , over 8 million views on this alone , great sales pitch….

  6. "We're gonna be using the same alloy in the starship rocket and in the Cybertruck"

    Not a line from a movie, but a press launch for a new truck.

    The future has arrived!

  7. Elon: it broke but it didn't go through

    Me in my mind: some kid will break my glass and I will be like no problem it didn't go through

  8. Inspired by tin dustbin ??? Shane MC man should jump from rope n land by kicking it. Let's say "MAKE WWE REAL AGAIN"???

  9. So Elon musk is interested in space so he can sell the technology from his space colonization research, like the cyber truck?

  10. sorry, but this is old-school, there used to be a time when cars in Europe were built that hard, until they figured out that there is physics: there is a reason why cars in Europe have a softer/more flexible outer shell. The so called curmble zone protects people on the street when there is a crash.

  11. I'm buying this truck just for the memes. it has nice specs and very practical. But who cares about that? It's all about the memes.

  12. Elon’s new book:
    “How to stay focus and calm at the beginning of your presentation when you know it’s pointless to continue “

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