Ten Small Business Ideas For Electrical Engineers

Ten Small Business Ideas For Electrical Engineers

First visit all small companies nearer to your town. Or go to industrial area and check with small business owners. Just 50 people contact will help you. Come out of your home, town, city. Try to connect with experts. Though it is not easy, it will help for long term. Especially in low power regions, a voltage stabilizer manufacturing can work extremely well. Buying a voltage stabilizer becomes important as without it appliances like refrigerator, water heater and much more can’t work properly. This is a home business that you can do with a service toolkit. You can offer your services to small and medium scale businesses who really don’t have a service schedule for their equipment. Electrical engineers can work online on a freelance basis on some websites such as freelancer, or Upwork This offers flexible work schedules as well as negotiable service charges. There are several electrical design jobs available online. This is a great way to make money if you work on general home appliance needs like electronic mosquito killer, electronic healthcare gadgets etc. You can build your own Wireless Home Security gadgets with surveillance cameras. Provision and servicing of home security systems for individuals and small businesses are highly lucrative. The cooling solution market keeps growing on a yearly basis. Installation of cooling systems for corporate bodies is highly lucrative. Corporate bodies are seeking to make their environment more conducive to business and this makes them request cooling system installation. LED connotes light emitting diode. LED has become increasingly famous now. There are various colors of LED lights available now which range from 2700K to 6500K, and they may be yellow, dark, mild yellow as well as ultra white. Building a full scale LED light production business requires a large-scale factory business operation with a complex manufacturing process. Interestingly though, anyone can start an LED light assembling business on a small or medium scale. The electronic pump controller is a new upgraded product which is gaining attention now. It has the capacity to stop the pump automatically. It is used for both industrial and household purposes. It also has the ability to safeguard the pump from damage that results from dry-running. This business can also be initiated with little capital. Electronic fan regulator is made up of TRIAC, discs and potent isometric resistances to enhance step-less regulation of fan speed. This is an important household item. An electronic fan regulator simply regulates fan speed and it is one of the best lucrative ideas for an electrical engineer. Electronic toys are imported into various countries. Electronic remote controlled toys are very famous in countries like India. That means a readily acceptable market awaits you. These are consulting services that help businesses to be more eco-friendly. You can go into green business if you possess a combination of electrical engineering license and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification (LEED). Green consulting is targeted at helping both entrepreneurs and landlords secure a way to improve energy efficiency. The rate at which electronic waste pile up is quite alarming. New fax machines, computers, TVs, printers, mobile phones and several other electronic devices get manufactured everyday thereby relegating the old ones to the waste. It is surprising that majority of the personal computers in some countries are categorized as electronic waste. That is a huge market. But before you go into this business, ensure that you have some strategic plans in place.

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  1. No clue you got no clue India dont buy electronics they make electronics the only morons the buy electronics are Americans and most from china the rest of your ideas need lots and lots of ADVERTISING there is a good money making idea

  2. How can I advance my small business operating in the embedded engineering service? It is hard to find talented people who can help me grow this business.

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