Telephone Etiquette for better business calls – Telephone skills at work ( Business English Lesson)

Telephone Etiquette for better business calls – Telephone skills at work ( Business English Lesson)

Hi thanks for watching. My name is Tash and
I welcome you to a new lesson. So friends the other day, I wanted to eat a pizza and
I happened to call a call centre and wanted to order a pizza. The person, who answered
the phone, just put me on hold, without even saying anything, without a greeting, without
a hello. He just put me on hold. I waited; I was on hold for almost a minute and a half.
Could you guess what I was going through at that time? Exactly I was irritated, I was
furious and I was cursing myself for calling the call centre. However what happened over
there, because I was furious the way the guy behaved with me over the phone. I have decided
that I will never ever call them again. Yes friends, it so happens that many a times,
we don’t understand or we are not doing it deliberately, but maybe it just happens.
We sometimes don’t know how to talk over the phone, especially at work. So, yes today
I’m gonna help you with a few tips, how to improvise on telephone etiquette manners
at work. So let’s get started. The first point here says, answering the phone, yes
very very important. The moment you answer the phone, what do you say? Do you just say
hi, hello. No you either greet a person with a Good morning, Good afternoon or a Good evening.
So every time you answer a phone, it is necessary that you greet so greetings. “Good morning,
Thank you for calling ABC Company. How may I help you?” It’s not necessary that these
words have to be spoken by the front desk or a receptionist. Even if you have got a
call directly, you can always say, “Good morning. Thank you for calling. How may I
help you”? The next point says, “Thank you for calling Petersons marketing department.
How may I help you”? Sometimes the call gets directly directed to a department. It
so happens that it’s a random call, somebody has by mistake directed the call there, you
are that person, whose answering that call. Don’t forget to mention your department
or say, “Thank you for calling Petersons marketing department. How may I help you”?
It’s not necessary that you could be the person that person is looking for, but it
is better to give a nice greeting and to make the person feel nice. So that is about answering
the phone, greetings. Always greet and always begin your call in a nice way. So telephone
etiquette that is answering a phone with a greeting. Well, let us have a look at the
next telephone etiquette. So friends the next etiquette is, let’s say somebody is calling
for somebody else, the person is not available and you are the one, who answers the call.
Person or caller wants to talk to someone, who’s not available. Let’s say the front
desk has directed a call to your department and the person, who wants to talk to somebody
in your department and that person is not available. Mr. Berg is not taking a call right
now, Can I take a message? Let’s say a colleague of yours is not at the desk and you are trying
to transfer the call, but its again getting directed to you, so you have to tell the person
very politely, Mr. Berg or whatever the person’s name is, is not taking calls right now. Can
I take a message? Of course, if the person is ready, he’s definitely going to leave
a message or if it’s urgent and he’s not at all able to trace Mr. Berg, he’s definitely
going to give you the message. So very politely talk to the person, take the message and be
helpful. The next one says, Jonathan is out today, Can I forward you to his voicemail?
Let’s see your colleague, let’s say you are in a sales department and your colleague
is out on a call and you know his whereabouts. Obviously you can’t tell this to the person,
whose on the phone right now, because you really don’t know, who the person is? Who
you are talking to? That is also very important, you have to. You cannot just give out information
over the phone. You have to be a little discrete. So you could always say, Jonathan is out today,
Can I forward you to his voicemail? Of course being a friend or being a colleague, you can
always do that much for your friend. So that was about person, caller wants to talk to
somebody, who’s not available and instead you are the one, whose taking the message
for him. So friends these phrases are really gonna help you. So always when you talk on
the phone, on behalf of somebody else, always understand what you’re talking, because
you really don’t know, who the person on the other line could be? So now let’s have
a look at the next telephone etiquette. So friends the next etiquette is transferring
or the next etiquette that you have to follow is while transferring or connecting he caller
to another person. With this we could actually relate to the front desk executives or of
course, we all need to understand how to talk over the phone at all times. However precisely
I am now going to talk to you about, how to answer the phone at the front desk. Please
hold while I connect you to him. Let’s say I have called and the person who’s answered
the phone, I want to talk to Mr. Sehgal And the person says, “Mam please hold the line,
while I connect you to him”. I understand that every job tends to get a little monotonous
over a period of time. However friends, we have to remember that every job needs precision
at all times. So you cannot just take your job very casually and you just can’t say,
Oh! My god this is the only thing that I have to do the entire day, so I’m just fed up,
I’m so irritated answering these calls. You just can’t pick up these calls and say,
yes hold on, I’ll connect. No you cannot do that, so whenever you are transferring
a call to another person, remember to use words like, please hold while I connect you
to him. Also when you talk on the phone, don’t sound like a robot, please hold, I’ll connect
you call. No, have some kind of, you know there has to be some kind of, when you talk
there has to be a voice modulation, there has to be intonation when you talk. So please
hold, while I connect you to him. Be soft, be gentle, be polite. The next one says, “I’ll
put you through Mr. Sivangs phone. If you get disconnected for some reason, his direct
extension is 4562”. Now here, can you tell me what’s happening in this phrase? Here
the person whose answering the call is going out of his or her way and being very polite
and helpful. She’s definitely telling him that she is putting him through Mr. Sivangs
phone, however she’s even helping him with his extension, because there are so many times
when the person connects the call and the call returns back to the front desk or it
is not really get connected. So, what happens the person who has called is very irritated
to again speak to the same person and give her the details again. So this lady here or
this person here is telling him that, of course I’m gonna connect your phone, however for
your help or your assistance, I’m giving you the extension number, so in case you do
not get connected, you can dial him through the extension. So friends this is the telephone
etiquette. This you have to keep in mind, when you are transferring or connecting a
caller to another person. If he’s not gonna talk to the person who he wants to, this he’s
gonna remember that he had spoken to somebody very polite and helpful. So now let’s have
a look at the next telephone etiquette. So friends let’s have a look at the last two
telephone etiquette or manners that we have to follow at work. This one says problems.
Yes we are talking about a telephone. The mechanism could fail, telephone could anytime
give up. So you have to be very very clear and precise, when you are taking a message
or when you are calling somebody, there could be many reasons or problems. Why there could
be a disconnection in the line, there could be a lot of disturbance in the line. “I’m
sorry, I can’t hear you. Tell me how much time does it take to say, Sorry could you
repeat? It doesn’t. So remember whenever you are taking messages over the phone, if
there’s a disturbance in the line, please do not hesitate in saying, I am sorry. I can’t
hear you. Could you please repeat yourself? So always ask, do not hesitate. It’s better
to ask rather than taking down wrong information and passing it over in the same way. The next
one says, Could you please spell hat for me? Yes many times we do take important names
and phone numbers over the phone or maybe the person wants to call somebody or wants
to talk to somebody and that person is not available and he gives you his name. My name
is Mr. Salvador. That sounds like a big name. A big spelling, so if you think that you are
not going to remember the person’s name or if you think it’s difficult to remember
that name, please don’t hesitate, just tell him to give you his name with the spelling
and write it down somewhere. If the spelling is difficult, like I just mentioned, always
ask them to spell it and of course, you know how to use them? How to ask them to spell
it for you, A as an apple, B as in bat, so use, you know use proper spellings to write
down the names. The next says, I’m sorry, you have the wrong number. Many a times, it
so happens that, we get a wrong number and you’ve been just getting that wrong number
over a period of time. However the person, who’s calling you is not the same person
again, you definitely know that. But you are so irritated that you don’t want to talk
to another person on the wrong number, so you say, I’ve just told you thousand times,
don’t call this number again, we tend to snap back, so try not to do that, because
you’re at work. Try and avoid that and you could say, I’m sorry you have the wrong
number. Trust me friends these are manners that we have been learning from our childhood
or since we were a kid. So try and use these manners, try and use words like, Please, Sorry,
Thank you. Wherever required and wherever necessary. At work, you should always remember
that you definitely need to use these words. Now the very very important part. Ending a
call, let’s say you had an entire conversation with a person, you’ve been very helpful,
very polite, but do you think, if you do not end that call properly, is the person going
to remember you well? No he’s definitely going to remember the way you have helped
him, the way you have helped him to sort out his problems. But if you are also going to
end the call properly or nicely or in a nice way, he’s gonna remember you, even more
better. “Thank you for calling North Star roofing. Have a great day.” You always try
to be polite, sound helpful, so next time the person picks up and the call and want
to call you, he should be happy about it. So, thank you, pause for a while. Thank you
for calling North Star roofing, again a pause. Have a great day. Don’t just go, Thank you
for calling North Star roofing. Have a great day. The person has not even understood, what
you have said, so pause where it’s necessary and end the call politely. The next one and
the last one says, Thanks for calling, pause, okay look here, this is where you are suppose
to pause. Thanks for calling Mr. Fernandez. The person you were talking to. Mr. Fernandez,
is there anything else I can assist you with? Friends there could be times where, you’re
really bored of a call or you just waiting, when you are gonna hang up. There are certain
calls, where it happens you know, the person probably doesn’t understand your language,
he’s not ready to comprehend of what you are talking to and you get little irated.
However friends, do not let that show, because all that he can see right now or hear is your
tone. He cannot see your facial expressions and you are the company for him or her right
now. So, Thanks for calling Mr. Fernandez. Is there anything else I can assist you with?
If he says, yes, yes, no whatever is his answer and also you can mention that, please don’t
hesitate to call again. So these are things or these are the manners, which actually make
us sound like a good person or a good company. Remember friends when we are on the phone
at our work place, you are the company over there, you are the person who he or she is
talking to and he is only looking at you or he is only talking to you. So whatever impression,
you leave on that person is the impression that person makes of your company. So friends,
we have had a look at telephone etiquette manners at work. I’m sure you all follow
a lot of etiquette at work. These few points are gonna help you improvise the way you talk
on the phone. So next time when you pick up a call, don’t forget to greet, and don’t
forget to say, Good morning, Good afternoon, Good evening. It’s really gonna help you
and on the other hand, if suppose your colleague, who usually very rudely answers the phone,
if he has to look at you doing that, he’s gonna be impressed and follow you doing that.
Thanks for watching and keep learning and keep watching. I’ll be back next time with
a new lesson. Till then take care. Bye.

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