Technion 2012 Honorary Fellowships

it is now my great privilege to introduce our distinguished honorary fellowship recipients I ask them to please take their places on the stage as I call their names and remain standing until everyone has reached the stage thank you voila a visa from Israel Geoffrey Osceola from the USA Ruth Elaine flinkman Morandi from the USA Raphael mission from the USA professor GERD Volker Washington from Germany Senator Paul B Steinberg from the USA Maurice Mayo Joshua from Brazil I now ask the Technion leadership to join us on the rostrum and take their places as I call their names Lawrence Jackie our chairman of the board of governors professor Kenneth La Vie president of the Technion and your master chairman of the Technion Council we are honored to welcome the members of our Board of Governors friends of the Technion from Israel and abroad and all staff of the Technion the individuals whom we are privileged to recognize this evening with our honorary fellowship represents the highest level of dedication to the mission of the Technion all have shown outstanding personal examples of volunteer leadership whether this be expressed in support of our students helping to enlist new faculty supporting cutting-edge research or ensuring that we have the finest of facilities in which to teach and pursue our scientific work our honorees this year come from different parts of the globe reflecting the Technion position as one of the world’s most respected research universities for science and technology as a member of the Technion faculty I would like to thank our honorees on behalf of my colleagues for their dedication leadership and support ladies and gentlemen I now call upon the chairman of the board Lawrence yuckier to address this Thank You edye president parrots La Vie members of the Board of Governors and all members of the Technion family brahim Hawaii welcome I wish each of you could actually be up here with me at this moment to take in this incredible sight in front of me I look out from this stage and see so many people so beautifully framed by the Technion buildings it gives one a sense of pride and joy and a very good reason to call this the festive opening of the Board of Governors it is usual that this evening is coupled with the conferral of our honorary fellowships and this year that is no exception but this year it is an exceptional year as it is a celebration of the centennial of the cornerstone laying of the Technion in 1912 and so we are able to celebrate for three reasons and in Judaism the number three has a great deal of importance because we believe that the world stands on three things Torah Avada give me Luther Kassadin learning and education hard work and deeds of kindness those three things could not better describe the Technion and all of us here this evening it seems like in some way those were especially written for us we are a place of learning surrounded by the many faculties and units of Education making contributions to the world of academia and developing research beyond any limits of restraint and measured only by success and innovation the Technion is a powerhouse in which the greatest of minds come together for the purpose of Education it is in this environment that our devoted students learn our amazing faculty teachers and rewards are received in contributions made this is where humble beginnings become proud developments it is an environment in which you can meet three Nobel laureates lecturing at one in the same time as well as encountering those who are starting out on their academic endeavors the Nobel laureates of the future and I have no doubt that there will be future Nobel laureates from the Technion all this is possible because we are also a place of work joining us here tonight are all the various faculty and administrative staffs of the Technion those who day in and day out make the university buds alongside our students we owe them a debt of gratitude for their contribution to making this Institute the vibrant and exciting place that it is through their hard work we are at the cutting edge of technology and scientific and medical breakthroughs constantly through their hard work we are at the forefront of innovation and development creating a future of which we can all be very proud without all of you it would not be possible for the Technion to be a place of exceptional learning and so together we are a place of both learning and work to raw and abode ah that leads me to the third thing the reason for the conferring of our honorary fellowships this evening the third thing on the works and which the world stands give me ludicrous Adeem deeds of loving-kindness looking around tonight one can sense those deeds that prevail throughout this campus they are deeds of loving kindness which makes this campus more than just an edifice indeed we are so surrounded by those deeds of kindness that on this night we will be conferring honors and awards for those people sitting to my left who perform deeds of loving kindness in their support of the Technion tonight we honor such a group with our honorary fellowship degree in Hebrew amath kavod a friend of honor our honorees come from various fields of expertise and dedication they bring to the Technion their particular energy innovation and support let me thank you our honorees this evening for being a friend of honor for the Technion and performing all of the beads of loving-kindness which you have on our behalf and which enable the Technion to exist and yes express its appreciation to you in such a wonderful manner ladies and gentlemen friends one and all members of the Technion family let me finish my remarks this evening by trying to convey an image and I would ask that you try and embrace it as well I imagine sitting in the audience tonight those founders of the Technion who laid the cornerstone in 1912 100 years ago they had a dream and a vision of establishing an Institute of Technology and as yet a state of Israel that had not garnered its independence as they look around tonight they cannot believe that their dream came to fruition beyond all expectations and hopes tonight is not a night in which to pronounce statistics or data and our founders would probably not even be able to understand what such statistics might mean in the modern world of 2012 they would admit however to being exceedingly proud of what the Technion has contributed to the State of Israel and to the Jewish people which has behind any possible scientific manner measurement but what I think would astound them is where the Technion now stands on the world stage and what it will take us to in the next hundred years we here tonight oh it to our founders to ensure that the next hundred years are as exceptionally great as the first hundred the theme of our board this year is it starts here that follows the theme of our board meeting last year how we do it well we have done it and we have done it well and it starts here and it goes from here and may it never finish the Alumni add forever and ever thank you thank you very much mr. Jackie for those inspiring words I now invite professor parrots levy president of the Technion to address us the president will deliver his greetings in Hebrew please yours your simultaneous translation devices today I chairman of the board Mallory Shakir chairman of the council my yoga miles tell the Honorable ambassador of Brazil Maria Elizabeth Wow you see reversed at Berlin yoke Steinberg which da ba Baba our honorary fellow members of the board which Baha the Technion if nimesh a name economy FS Blair Sadat blipping annum blima Courtney moon the Moscato letit blink of race a girl Kim at bloomin the same publicity valium in shame a shaman Hosanna um Vanessa become overridden ah Evan who shall even kill who calmly odd kill a banana historical epiphany on her little mem the even a Moulton Amin who named it visually impaired out of money the amnesty Vava Macomb Nicole my national orchid mama daughter Technion let me václav a light colicky llama comet Basava Maureen hello lon real talk hmm never Kim lilinette Mustafa at akashic Islamic Ummah battle pensioner it but who do I eat it the lady Mamiya spiritual Epiphany Oh Natasha a mock bill mr. Mohammed olam Wilma Vaught Leakey new national medinat Israel Mahad vedeo Mulino ha ha Muhammad Allah bacchu bhai Scottish animal ooh the back a Technion bajas Oh No you know the Schulman the same modern in a high tech team the ravine pollute Madhuri’s mahadesh LEP – ha biota Matrona Almudena Ezreal toma la no shoot Coulomb Maha 10k ohm nation M l’homme who a story Alamo Vadodara same Shara Carmel mission evacuated Shiva Rea Evaristo vermicompost souheïb agree maximum Jetta photo lego a built-in air a chocoholic honest locket odd la mama dot llamas redeem Buffalo legged rat appalled about a hole in my playlist really melaka people McCulloch Macondo flat realtor Co you can manage can buy McComas a dilemma campus canto low literacy instruction a lessee Rema Rema lab – a bidet a massive in iodine vermissa Hakim shot em cough a mitzvah cream a larva unibeam Adama chef the physical of the mathematical intact Shiva tell his moblins all support afraid we’ve ridden if novelty of it and lead van with mr. Kennedy the devotees of God Shara Shara animal maja el mensaje Michelle the mister Hadj embassy need kilo Emma national feed in Berlin Alice of Stalin special a car – a truly watts Allah hot namitha – oh please be measured by a will map in our hatch Allah – Allah P Nanak did the signal California human ahahaha Thomas Menino it’s odd al cottage board lucky totally moved opinion almond chanterelle it’s pot then a nine ball court Shannon thought bombers album art a a convinced Rama superhot illallah WA was to Denton menacing Lola meets valley floor called malayalam namitha odd navajo cadaver locket octonaut hotel shams quad quad student in national read the dynamo our team marshal detection and howl model and recycle shoe Oh bracelet nakooma TV chatter he awoke vicuna Hadassah automaton annum Kate atamora namely by Kobe Movado Temescal mama dada who smeared vomitus Pavel a professor of a student in shallow Montini Madrid kids at wa laqad social nice we Mukarram Suba shalt ethnonym shock do Podesta mean the others in Herschel ahem Matt Haddad pavilion culo Shakira no laser Pagar vomit ara video Krrish my book at em Calvin was my name lead star F L AM la ilaha il-allah Hitomi Suey the pub ohonta the better student AHA – MZ learning in each channel share mullah Titan a microscope anak the faculty Landsat Himalayan region ovett Baja Dominican began a nano electronica al-sham little clueless it’s the toka microscope Rafaela meat pan in temperate and plasma bellringer professor mezcal vanished Shechtman Valley talk Rica GTO ketamine me fascism the negative him lick the Yeti Ramada eat to minuti team Sumitra Mahajan machete of a deadlock all in kid convoluted not third note of occulta lamas redeem the shot a tuba miss do not vapor Senate with of Cicero miss redeem tissue a testicular techne vertical Amina liamail in vomit omelet if good a Technion if you owe me owe me lots elaborate pathos Amerada Mizrahi Sheila Campos amel Casanova Kadam Academy Mayotte baccarat Bakugan theorem macabre miss demuccio Allah for student in botany on metal made Talmud a battle Sofia makeup limited GUI militia neem lick rotted stuff you Tom Lopez neon the odd commercial in burma radha madhava srila jiva the shot burn album the phenomenal mammals Angeloni – who leads the ref Lahav what Paul taught burger the whole shebang agronomist hakim al sham Jaime Koshien the charge imitation Yosh waterless a flawless among whom it cannot la me from the field bohemia’ pacify Omaha Oaxaca Alcatraz vote Deegan vulnerable a Holland bhatia hollom bah – kuala sham student in London before cultivar al-sham Rapoport Oh Symmetra demolition mhmm m16 defund a few beatable damaja lot Vanessa Gomez Obama’s exome intial mama been a very comical electrophysiological Oliver a few a degenerative it’ll chance Tony’s lonegan hey mommy taught Yakko pava so leo labogen received Oh Te’o chale chale Lolita ll Foreman Dukakis Lillooet Adele Otunga – massero operates diverse bill for though Viator’s of it Mehbooba toponym she’ll opinion Alpine estimates way Rajeshwari terminal call David era of Las Vegas and chemin Hal mandus in death named Nicole a hot very odd name yes relic Bartlett oh no television Elif Bagram million eminent man in student Amir Sam investor him Bellavia la mouche common on our saboteur noon nasty Fernandez is rota be a reasonable Haifa novel seven columns odd Neutron Hashim Vallejo Tim Haj Amin mimosa tree elbow great Ernie on various legal 0 0 not my abdomen algorithm cells evil emperatriz at Magda to Fatah Ozzie lecture professor Moussa you’d envisioned Feinberg via normal gene on ubiquitin Azrael apparel Bonham batalha Pinellas noble bohemia’ professor abramova von Schuch anvil piano hop Cephas Ameritech shellac vizima quasi Muslim leader professor Shechtman the odd odd odd VOT VOT am Shibuya Technion in sodium the minimal Guin benignity Bo Baku not BR in the gamble attack vision bomb is la femme de Rivera’s channel una caja passionate action in honey flower petal doto Technion asha regulation of commercial oil return plasma Belka – Ashley Shiba Technion talks a version in we not die Becca best option at album aha gyahh lozad drama teacher go Syria New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg Isaiah Thomson attorney on Bonneville Todd Cornell be Tahoe teok repeat Lara Madden el khazneh calendar see sue me by a New York lawyer hello Leah hell LaMotta not yo Keem Eric Schadt mamata not La Laguna Tamia call a Sega vamos lá em Sheila Technion loyal wife Sharon Lawrence ooh mr. Putin Omega butum led denobula Xavier alum of Israel a national Theodore French annuity i’ma lay me on a lady on a cot at all amid covered in dog mom off la la misma hitomi attorney on a possible Ahava on em by Michele Mariotti bait Nagar mania the Brazil de Bretagne Cola hot Rahad named Raul a grotto damu committed a know a lava tammana bhatia Shannon multi Hatami eatin a bikini on toda la Haine guava Jeffrey would Rafi GERD Morris por la creme of muharram avocado Behati Latino Lancia not an American ten eleven on a resume model ahem I’ll insult em la Technion Thank You professor lovey I now call upon yoga master chairman of the Technion Council to read the scroll in Hebrew and in English as will be presented to the awardees tonight by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Board of Governors and the Constitution of the Technion and pursuant to the decision at its meeting on the 10th day of Kislev 5770 to the sixth day of December 2011 the Council of the Technion hereby confer upon the lower Bissau Jeffrey Koziol would align flinkman Burundi Rafael mission professor GERD Volker Washington Maurice Miller Joshua Senator Paul be Steinberg the degree of honorary fellow of the Technion given in Haifa on the 70 days of Sivan 5770 to the tenth day of June 2012 in the 65th year of the Independence of the State of Israel signed by Laurent jhaquiel chairman of the board of governors professor paris la vie president yo Rommel spell chairman of the Council Thank You mr. Elster I will now say a few words about each of our distinguished recipients full biographies in Hebrew and English can be found in your program as I complete my words about each recipient each mount will approach the podium to receive their scroll from the president the recipient will then return to his or her seat we will start with mr. Maurice Mayer schewe who will receive his scroll and return to his seat in the audience malece mayor Joshua a graduate of London University was born in your luck his plans to study engineering at the Technion were interrupted by World War two after which he arrived in Brazil he is the first Brazilian member of the Board of Governors he established the Shah schewe family scholarship fund to enable students to complete their Technion studies in recognition of your active leadership as president of the Brazilian Technion Society and your active membership in the Brazilian Jewish community in gratitude for your longtime friendship devotion and persistent support of the Technion and in appreciation of your voluntary role as a goodwill ambassador for the Technion and through it for the State of Israel Thank You mr. Joshua I asked the other recipients to please stay on the stage after receiving their scroll do-over a visa please rise guava a visa Alda pathetic Tikvah vemma verve a pollutant vegetarian vez al año tell Melba in China – who matar a Botticelli Michelle Dwolla La Dolce Italian base rail Varitek me on how Atacama tell Cole Nevada Vinnie on a project drove a visa wha the Tim zoom appear in Reno at MIT polluter began la receta Mancha Halle would beat Madrid the proactive mission him please approach the podium broker ultimate air will settle down friend attack me on the message cinema bought but he’ll at villa Ko Vanita gutte Oceanian betrayal Oaxaca criminality Gouda domitius snare saw him a Leo tells Emmet uma lava selecting the limbus even the Technion allah comet – titra hava the Mishima shall talk meme Vuitton cream ultimate aflateen to m’appelle in bageno who motto at wash with hoodie sheet verily auteur Dogma uma fait l’amor would Lamesa hood will hacia la logbullet with Jeffrey Koziol please rise Jeffrey Koziol is a leading expert in complex engineering projects and a relative of Technion graduates a Technion Guardian he has focused his gifts on graduate fellowships in biotechnology recently retired as managing principal at clink an integrated architectural engineering an interior design firm he used as his management skills as an innovative leader in the American Technion Society please approach the podium in recognition of your passion for Israel and the Technion based on your belief in the centrality of science and technology to Israel’s future in gratitude for your support especially for Technion graduate students and in appreciation of your effective leadership at the local and national levels of the American Technion Society with Ruth Elaine flinkman Miranda please rise Ruth Elaine flinkman morandi a philanthropist active in the Beverly Hills area is a Technium Guardian and member of the Technion International Board of Governors who has also served on the boards of several other Israeli universities and medical organizations she established the Ruth and Stan flinkman genetic network’s laboratory and is a president of flinkman management incorporated please approach the podium in acknowledgement of your devotion to Israel and to the Technion your deep understanding of the importance of medical science to the people of Israel and the world and your service on the local and national levels of the American Technion Society would Raphael mission please rise Raphael mission is a technocrat Technion graduate who did postgraduate studies at Columbia University and New York University an avid supporter of civic and religious causes in both Israel and the United States he is a Technium Guardian and a member of the Technion International Board of Governors he has established scholarship and fellowship funds and an fMRI research laboratory please approach the podium in sincere appreciation for your profound love of Israel and dedication to the Technion in thanks for your support of Technion research and caring for our students and with gratitude for your understanding of the Technion vital role in Israel’s future and for being a role model for Technion alumni would professor GERD Volker Roshan thaller please rise professor Gard volcko Rosenthal a professor of chemistry at Jacobs University Bremen earned his degrees at the University of Solomon saw bookin and attained his ability at the Technical University of browse big Germany a member of the Technion Board of Governors he has been a frequent guest lecturer at the Technion and has demonstrated a very strong commitment to Israel please approach the podium in acknowledgement of your active leadership role in the German Technion Society in tribute to your continuing devoted engagement as a bridge builder between Israel and Germany and in recognition of your active volunteer efforts on behalf of the Technion as well as Jewish and Israeli causes in the German society with Senator Paul B Steinberg please rise Florida Senator Paul B Steinberg is a Miami lawyer he is a member of the American Technion Society National Board of Directors he co-chairs the Planned Giving Committee is a member of the Leadership Development Committee and a member of the Technion International Board of Governors he and his wife Sandy have established endowed masters and doctoral fellowships please approach the podium in acknowledgement of your devotion to the Technion and the State of Israel in appreciation for your sincere commitment to Israel’s future through your support of the Technion and in admiration for your many accomplishments on behalf of the American Jewish community and the state of Florida I would now like to invite Senator Paul B Steinberg to respond on behalf of the awardees good evening chairman Larry John Kerr Technion president professor Peretz la vie my fellow award recipients faculty members students and guests I have been awarded the great privilege to speak this evening on behalf of my fellow honorees and convey to you the pleasure and pride we all feel on this occasion my colleagues are from Israel Dora Alva steer from Germany professor Gerard Volker Russian thelr from Brazil Maurice Joshua and from the United States Geoffrey Cassell Ruth Finkelman morandi and Rafael mission I cannot believe that it was over 35 years ago when I wandered into the offices of the American Technion Society on Miami Beach in a bank building that a group and I had just purchased and wondered why this organization was occupying space and not paying any rent so I went up to investigate I learned that the former owner of the bank was a supporter of Technion and he gave the space to the organization free of charge well of course since I was there they invited me in to a board meeting I liked what I heard I liked what I saw and the rest is history 35 years ago that happened and Here I am today a few years ago my wife Sandy and I accompanied a group from our chapter on a mission to the Technion in Israel during which we were able to experience the pride of meeting the students and the faculty and the people associated with this great institution and of course we learned that by being here it really exceeded our expectations a number of years later I had the pleasure of again visiting the Technion on behalf of the American Technion Society and their plan giving professionals and had the privilege today of seeing what has happened over these many many years words and pictures that we see in the United States does not do this organization justice all I can say is Wow look around you this is amazing and just recently being here now I had the pleasure of seeing a dormitory that I and a group from South Florida helped build and dedicate which I had not seen before meets some of the students graduate students who received fellowships that I helped them with sandy helped fund and you learned that it is a continuing growing family around the world it further gives me a tremendous joy to think about the season that Technion has just had extraordinary for any university particularly one the size of this organization risk receipt of awards on a global stage when Technion professor Dan Shechtman was awarded the Nobel Prize in October after a career spent defending his work we felt a similar pride after all it was the Technion third Nobel Prize and the second in a year eight-second and eight years but equally important to the American technicon Society with the events that followed a few weeks later events that simply had no precedent when New York City announced its selection of Technion and Cornell University to build a cutting-edge engineering school on Roosevelt Island I am certain everyone felt nachus from Miami to New York to Jerusalem to Haifa around the world living in the United States I personally look forward on my visits to New York to visit that Technion campus as often as I can and I would hope anyone that comes to New York visits this campus as president of the South Florida region and a member of the National Board these monumental achievements I am certain will help the American Technion society’s ability to generate gifts for the Technion in the United States and around the world and provide each and every member of our organization with the additional motivation to increase their efforts to support our University I am grateful for having been offered the opportunity to be part of the American Technion society and Technion and to contribute to Israel’s progress and earn the worthy honor that has been bestowed on me and the other recipients today I feel especially fortunate to share the honor with friends and colleagues from the American Technion society and around the world who have done not only as much but considerably more for the Technion over the decades than I have done and I speak for all of us all of my colleagues to say we are continued to be committed devoted and energized for the ongoing work of the Technion and for the State of Israel thank you very much ladies and gentlemen this concludes the formal part of the evening we will now sing Hatikva now this concludes our ceremony to those of you driving please drive safely like a telegram you

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