Teaching Fellows at UNC Charlotte

♪ Teaching Fellows is a loan forgiveness program
where North Carolina will pay for your school and in turn, you are promising to teach in
North Carolina public schools for a certain amount of years. It’s such a blessing to be a part of this. I’m currently going to UNCC pretty much
debt free. I mean the Teaching Fellow scholarship really
helped to me establish that financial security. Once you’re in the program, it’s really
more about enrichment and having access to resources and information that you won’t
normally be able to receive. That’s what I think Teaching Fellows offers. ♪ So, at UNC Charlotte in the CATO College of
Education, we have top-notch professors who are published in top-tier journals and who
are nationally recognized for being the best and the brightest teachers. I just think the campus at Charlotte is so
much better than any other campus I’ve toured. I just think that here it’s so much bigger
and there’s so many more opportunities and it’s such a college campus at heart and
we’re so close to everybody. ♪ If you make an impact on those children’s
lives, that is going to cause an impact on society at some point.. I hope that that’s what happens anyway. There’s nobody in any field ever, who isn’t
there because of the teachers they had. So, me I just see teaching as like the most
important profession in the world. ♪

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