Teach Yourself: ABI/INFORM Complete

Teach Yourself: ABI/INFORM Complete

ABI/INFORM Complete is a business database where you can access information on topics like accounting, management, and marketing. It is a great resource for both academic and business research where you can find scholarly articles, news, magazines, like the Wall Street Journal, and trade publications. To get to this database, start at the library’s homepage and click “Subjects” and scroll to click on “Business” which brings up a page featuring all the relevant business databases for your research. Let’s click on ABI/INFORM Complete. In business research, maybe you are wanting information about an industry, such as coffee. Scroll down to find “NAICS Codes”. In this way, you will search for the coffee industry. So, click on “Look up NAICS Codes”. In this new window, let’s type in “Coffee” and check the box that appears, “Coffee and tea manufacturing” and then click “Add to search”. Now you see the code for the industry has been added, and you are ready to search. Searching by NAICS Codes is one way to find information in ABI/INFORM Complete. But let’s do a general search in this database. Let’s type in coffee in the advanced search bar and click “Search.” In our results page, let’s look at a few tools available to you to help you find what you are looking for. Notice the “Related Searches” bar in gray above the results. If you click “View All,” you will get some ideas for terms and phrases that may help you in your search. Also, you can narrow the results by “Source Type” over on the left, such as “Reports,” or “Trade Journals,” or “Wire Feeds”. A report is a data-driven state, or condition, of a business or industry, a trade journal offers information used by people in that industry, and wire feeds give snippets of business news as it happens. Also, you can narrow by a certain publication date, and you can search by “Document Type” over on the left-hand side, such as searching only for “Company Profiles”. Maybe you are looking for information on a certain company. Let’s say Starbucks. In the results page on the left-hand side, one thing you can try is to click on “Company/Organization” and scroll to find and click on Starbucks. Under the titles in the results list, sometimes you will see the blue full-text button to read the article or the red “[email protected]” button. If you see the red “[email protected]” button, click it to see if the article is in another database. Let’s click on an article. When you click on an article, there are multiple tools you can use. Over on the right-hand side, you can cite, print, or email the article to yourself. See the “Related Items” button? If you click there, a short list of related articles will appear that may be relevant to your search. Thank you for watching this tutorial. If you have more questions, get in touch with the library. We are always here to help you.

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