Taking Care of Business: Bearcat Card

Taking Care of Business: Bearcat Card

Hey Bearcats! It’s time to activate and add money to your bearcat card. Let’s activate your card to get started. Visit http://www.uc.edu/mainstreet/tcob.html and select “Bearcat Card.” That is the first button in the left hand column. Enter your username and password and press the red “Log In” button. Select the check box next to “Students, Faculty/Staff.” Next, check the box agreeing to the terms and conditions. Enter your first and last name into the yellow box and ten press the “Submit” button. Now it’s time to add money to your account! Head to http://www.uc.edu/bearcatcard.html and click on the red “Deposit to Your Bearcat Card.” button. Click “Sign in” Login with username or password. Click “Add Money” in the Bearcat Dollars box in the upper left corner. Fill the form out with the appropriate information and then click next. Enter your credit card information and click the blue terms and conditions box, then press submit. Review the deposit confirmation. If everything looks correct, click “Make Deposit”. Enter your email and click “Send Receipt”. Make sure to sign out once finished. That’s it! Congratulations Bearcat!
Don’t forget to visit http://www.uc.edu/barcatcard.html to see where you can use your new bearcat card.

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