T-Mobile Nationwide 5G Coverage: It’s On!

T-Mobile Nationwide 5G Coverage: It’s On!

We’re ready. Hell, yeah. Been looking forward to this. Modulating frequencies now. It’s time. Let’s light it up. Are you ready, Neville? Pre-check Check – Check. Okay, Neville. In T-Minus, three, two, one… Ready to launch. Hit the button. Here we go. It’s working, it’s working! Nationwide 5G is live. Yeah! And we’re just getting started. Wait until they see what’s next. Soon my friend, very soon.

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  1. @T- Mobile…
    If the network hits around 300mbps to 400mbps on the 600mhz spectrum, this will be a huge success for tmobile…

  2. They talk a lot about the United States, talk about Puerto Rico here too they are behind. Since in San Juan in ATT they have 5GE ??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️?????

  3. This is great! Can't wait for other carriers to expand their offerings and catch up! (epic video as well – someone deserves a bonus!)

  4. My question is. This is the 600mhz signal? So will any other phone that isn't 5G like the google pixel 4 be able to connect to this signal with LTE? I would love to see the benefits of this signal without having to get a 5G phone.

  5. T-Mobile has the best and most upbeat adverts. Can’t even call them adverts I guess. I can’t wait for my 5G Phone. Thanks T-Mobile!

  6. Love the T-Mobile adverts with John Legere and Neville Ray and April Fools' jokes are our favourite too ?. Keep them coming!

  7. In your face AT&T and Verizon. Im from Puerto Rico and i apreciated that you include my island in the comercial and in the launch of the 5G network ?

  8. Excellent. I hope it's going to work just fine. Now we need devices for home-Internet. Rural areas need this, as we have no options for Broadband, just some horrible, slow data capped nonsense. Can we get a few T-Mobile towers in our little town and it's surrounding area?

  9. T-Mobile December 6 ready 5G just phone are One plus 5G $900 Samsung Galaxy 5G $1300 T-Mobile took over in US Att&T and Verizon not yet Christmas beginning from T-Mobile 2019 gift for all costumes 5G is turn on !!!!

  10. What's up with FL not really having 5G It's booming down here! Was this meant to hit low coverage areas first? And will we get 5G coverage soon??

  11. Love the tease at the end with the "New Tmobile 5G launch" button with the yellow ring around it. The production level on these adverts are awesome. Congratulations to Tmobile for being the first network to have TRUE broad 5G coverage. Love being a Tmobile customer.

  12. give software update control to the flagship devices companies that they were from or directly to google for at least flagships google os device mobiles so the new devices wont eventually get lost in the dust like how the system is currently setup

  13. State of the nation:
    Other countries: We've enabled 5G in 5 cities, parts of them.
    T-Mobile US: We cover 40% of the population nationwide!
    People across the world: Wow, that's impressive! | People in the US: You call that nationwide!?

    Sorry guys, this goes to you in the US of A: That's just facepalm!

  14. Faster is not better….for your health. Is there any research? https://childrenshealthdefense.org/news/the-dangers-of-5g-to-childrens-health/

  15. Nice job covering it up with a light humor about how 5g is a weapons platform being launched. Since it is after all.


  17. I have Metro by T-Mobile can’t wait for Dec 6 Thank you T-Mobile can’t believe this will be the first prepaid carrier to get 5G

  18. I switched to Verizon in 2014 when I started driving a truck cross country because I kept getting dropped calls constantly with AT& T what I want to know is how reliable is T-Mobile's 5G going to be compared to Verizon's 4G in rural areas?

  19. Ok. So I have it here in my area in Wisconsin and it seems the speed of 5G is about the same as 4G. Uh…30 mbs is not great for 5G. I get that now on my old phone with 4G.

  20. In a time of universal deceit telling the truth is revolutionary- 1984 this is what it is we are living a 1984 Orwellian nightmare prepare for the Genocide

  21. The current 5g is built for consistant speeds inside dense buildings. Example 4g LTE speeds drop significantly inside many buildings while 5g will maintain the same speeds, 20-30 is what most tests show inside dense buildings while 4g LTE drops from 30 to about 10. T Mobile is currently working on mid band 5g where users should see speeds of 100-600 mbs inside small buildings and outdoors. T Mobile is doing everything backwards compared to other providers because what is the point of having speeds of 1gb for 1-3 square blocks when you can have 100-600mbs throughout a city and speeds of 30 inside highly dense buildings and rural areas? Im currently averaging 36mbs and I live about 75 miles from the Canada border in the Midwest which you can consider Rural America

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